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I Could Do this Forever

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June 8, 2014

 What an awesome week!  And now it’s on to the last full week. I’m just saying that because I don’t know really what else to say here. It doesn’t feel different at all.  Not one tiny bit.  I could do this forever…and probably will.  This is just the best thing to be doing.  Ever.  This week I really did find myself just thinking, studying, and just having my mind wrapped around the concept of the importance of teaching. What a great responsibility it is!  The best leaders in the world are the ones who teach others how to be better than them and to be more like the Savior (I mean teaching in the church anyway.)  It is just an awesome responsibility that I really do in cherish in my heart.  It is just so fun seeing an investigator walk up to meet you, then go sit down for a lesson.  There is just no feeling like it.  It really gets me excited! The only thing is just keeping that excitement for the whole time!  I can’t wait to get back out to work!


This has been a pretty eventful week.  I went to Mission Leadership Council and had to get everything ready for zone training meeting after that!  So it was just a go, go, go type of week.  Both meetings were excellent!  I think everyone enjoyed zone training meeting and everyone, especially myself, had a new resolve to go out there and work a little harder and be a little more efficient. The mission encouraged us to make line charts to see how the different zones are doing in key indicators from month to month, starting last December.  It’s really quite amazing and I’m glad we did it!  Often times we think our progress is slow and has many setbacks, but over the last 6 months the numbers have gotten better!  A lot too! The whole mission is just steadily increasing right now and it’s amazing!   No other word to describe it.  At some point between February and March, when the mission was really focusing on unity towards achieving tremendously high goals for the future, is when the missionaries just exploded!  It is so awesome to be even a small part of it. Anyway, I’ve talked too long on a thing that probably doesn’t even make sense!  Oh well….


We had an awesome week.  I truly think the things going on here are awesome. We had a less active become fully activated again so that was awesome!  This ward is just the best at fellowshipping, especially less actives.  It starts with Brother Chan, the Ward Mission Leader. As soon as a less active comes in, he has someone ready to wave to them or even get up from where they are sitting and move to sit with the person that came.  It is just awesome.  Going to church on Sunday and not having to really worry about how the people who are going to come “fit in” with the ward is a big relief for me.  I am a stressful person so when; a) you don’t know who is going to come and b) you don’t know how they are going to feel when they come, it stresses me out!  But Sha Tin is on top of it!  Along with Chan Lim Kuk (the fully returned to activity member) we also had Ava come!  We have been really trying to work hard on getting Ava to come and she finally mustered up the courage to ask her boss for Sundays off!  I think the change came through the simple acts of service and the willingness to go and help her out when she needs it (even though her house is not in a convenient location and that’s saying something if it’s in Hong Kong.)  Well anyway, she asked her boss and miracles followed!  She got yesterday off, next week off, and 3 Sundays in July off! The ward members (especially the Bishop who is her home teacher) were very excited to see her.  She hadn’t been to church in like 1.5 months.  We have another really great week planned.  Ava will bring Bonnie (she was supposed to come this week but “was too tired”) and we already have some less actives planning to come!  It’s going to be another great week!  Brother Ko, the “recently-returned-to-activity” member taught Gospel Essentials class for the second time straight!  We visited them last week and his wife is doing better!  Her interest is growing!  It’s just that Christianity is so new to her, but he will do good things for them!  We invited them to start reading the Book of Mormon together.


We got to church yesterday and to our surprise, an investigator who we hadn’t seen in well over a month was there with his son!  We thought they were long gone from meeting with us again!  We even ran into his son while finding this week.  He was with his friends and didn’t even acknowledge that he knew us, and then all of the sudden the family is back in the ball game!  It was a crazy miracle!  As soon as sacrament meeting ended he went up to all the members he knows and started talking to them.  It was super crazy!  It could be nothing but the power of the Holy Ghost that is leading him back to church!  We have been trying to call him but after like a month of him not answering we stopped trying.  And then a couple of weeks later Michael Yau is back!  I can’t wait to start meeting with him again!  He is great!  Awesome miracle.


After getting confirmed last week Karen is doing super!  There was only one problem – the whole week she wasn’t answering the phone! We knew she was busy with testing this week but she has never not answered Tiffany’s phone calls or ours.  We were admittedly a little worried and then Sacrament Meeting started and she wasn’t there. But then about 10 minutes after the meeting started she came and to our surprise again, she brought her friend that came to her baptism!  She is just like a portable miracle machine!  Everywhere around her there are miracles!  After talking with her she actually did talk to Tiffany (the member) and everything was normal!  Missionaries I guess are just not in the loop!  Oh well!  Her friend has super good interest!  She will definitely get baptized in the near future.  Her name is Cherry and the lesson I think helped Karen a lot.  Karen always was comfortable at the surface, but Cherry was asking her pretty deep questions about her conversion and why she did it.  It really made Karen think harder and the outcome was just awesome!  Both were strengthened!  They are going to do great things together!  The ward really likes Karen.  They already asked her to speak in Sacrament Meeting…next month!  On July 20th!  Not even 2 months after being baptized and she is speaking!  It’s like jury duty or something! You get baptized and right away you are doing things!  I like it…



Elder Brown, Elder Allen, Karen and her friend Cherry after finding out Karen had to speak in church! 

Have a great week everyone.  The gospel is happiness.  That is it.  I am happy.  Happier than ever before and it just grows.  I don’t know why but it is.  I love you all and have a great week! 


Elder Au Yeung




Elder Allen and his good friend Elder Howell from “down the road.”


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