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Am I Doing Enough?

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May 26, 2014


What a crazy week! Today is the 3rd May 26th that I’ve been serving the Lord. What a miracle this next month is. Just a great blessing already.  (The extra month that Kyle will serve is a blessing to both him and our family.) I don’t really know how else to describe our Heavenly Father besides miraculous…there were some things that happened this week that just keep blowing my mind.  These last two weeks have been incredible and I’m not really sure how to describe it.  If I do it just won’t do it justice.  Really.  I’ll tell you one thing though…the miracles aren’t anything in the food category.  This week I had some pig neck…I’m not even sure you can call that weird here though.  (Pig’s neck is not only “normal” in China, but I found several recipes including “Slow Roasted Pork Neck” and “Pork Neck Bone Soup” on the “food.com” website that looked very good. Go ahead and click here to see them for yourself!) Yeah, probably not…. let’s get to the real stuff.


This is just a little side story for the week. So last week I reported on Ava, a less active that we have been working with recently. Last week she opened up about how she really wanted her daughter Bonnie to come home (she is 19 living with her 29 year old boyfriend) and she knew she had to do the “small and simple things” in order for anything to really happen. So that was two weeks ago. And then out of nowhere this past week she calls us up and says that Bonnie all of the sudden just moved back home! Crazy! Miraculous! I’m not sure what happened or what will happen in the future but I just can’t believe it! She was living with him for probably over a year I would guess and then all of the sudden she just comes home! If that is not an answer to prayers and evidence of God’s power then I have no idea what it could be.  In one week it just changed.  How?


Well we had a baptism this week and what a great service it was. Karen is now baptized!! We are both super excited and in these past couple of weeks her testimony has changed quite a lot. She is a person that doesn’t talk a lot and gives like 5 worded answers to questions. However, this week she opened up a lot and I heard her bear testimony and explain gospel principles more than ever before! Something miraculous happened and I’m still not sure what it is. She brought her aunt, her brother, and one friend to her baptism so that was good as well! We let a recent convert do the baptizing and he did awesome for his first try! I was absolutely amazed at the ward’s attendance at the service! I counted over 50 people at the actual baptism itself! That’s a little over half of Sacrament Meeting attendance! They were really super supportive! The young women were excellent. They sang an English song called “I’ll Find You My Friend” and that song should make an person want to do missionary work. It’s a person talking about how in Pre-Earth life they promised their friends and the Savior that they would go down to Earth and find them and bring them into the gospel. That’s super interesting. How many people have I promised in the councils of heaven that I would find them?   Am I doing enough to make sure I find these people? That one song really makes me want to go out and find. There are still friends here now I have not yet found and what a great time it will be when I do.


Karen's Baptism

(From left to right) Elder Brown, Elder Allen, Peter Chan, Karen and the bishop of the ward at Karen’s Baptism


Up until yesterday I always thought that Tiffany (a member who referred Karen) was the one to contact her (Karen) first. Well yesterday in both Tiffany’s and Karen’s testimony they said how Tiffany had texted her many times over the course of several months with no answer. Then one day Karen decided that she actually wanted to go to church again and she called Tiffany!  Crazy!  I had no idea ! Heavenly Father knew it was her time and He prepared her well!  She is doing well reading in the Book of Mormon too!  She is in Isaiah so…here’s a testing point! (She must be reading the Old Testament as well as the Book of Mormon.) She’ll get through it!  That was probably the best baptismal service I have ever been to! A supportive ward and Brother Chan leading the way making sure everything went smooth.


We had another crazy experience.  A lot of less actives come to church this week and they are some key ones that the ward has been really focusing on lately!  One was pretty crazy!  She hasn’t answered our calls for weeks now and she is in our phone right next to the recent convert who helped us baptize Karen (his name is Peter).  Well instead of calling Peter, I accidentally called the less active.  We weren’t intending on calling her since she has said she doesn’t really want to talk to us right now.  I hung up as soon as I realized my mistake because I didn’t want to annoy her and make her mad.  Well she called us right back and then came to church the next day!  Crazy!  I was foolish for thinking we’d annoy her (but to my defense we tried to visit her the day before with no success and called her a couple of times these past two weeks without any signs of life.)  At church she was very happy to be there and even helped out with the baptismal service! I thought it was a super big but yet small miracle that we accidentally called her.  She even told us that she wasn’t planning on coming that day but the phone call changed her mind!  Who knew?!  Heavenly Father.


Chau Sung Mou is doing great, but he is just on the mainland on weekends.  He is reading the Book of Mormon everyday!  He said the Book of Mormon is true and that the Church is really, really good.  We are not sure how to help him make the final push, but it will come with time and the power of God.  I mean we have already progressed this far with him after only meeting 4 or 5 times!  He is one of the best investigators I have ever had.  His receptiveness to the Holy Ghost is awesome!  He knows when he is feeling the Holy Ghost.  I just can’t wait until it’s time to go see him again!  Brother Chan helped us go visit him this week and on the way back we ran into another less active whom the ward has really been trying to help!  Well the conversation didn’t go down to well and she was kinda mean to be honest but then all of the sudden Sunday came around and there she was!  I was amazed!


We contacted another less-active we were just trying to call and visit and get to know,  but instead he said, “Well… I’m busy this week but why don’t I just come to church instead?” Okay!  It was just a great week!


I love you all and have a great week! I can’t explain the things that go on in my life… I really can’t.  But even better is that I know I will wake up the next day and experience the same kinds of things over again!  It really is a great time!  I love you all!  I can’t believe Staci is graduated!  (Kyle’s little sister Staci graduated from Highland High School on May 22.)  That is just so weird to think about!  I love you all and thank you for all your faith and your support.  June here we come right?!  The zone killed a lot of the goals for the month!  Just met them barely which to me is killing it!  We as a zone are just skyrocketing right now!!  I love you all!


Elder Allen

Eating Noodles

Eating the spiciest noodles that they have around town with a super short haircut because another Elder who said he knew how to cut hair – didn’t!

View Outside Kyle's Apartment

Another view of the city outside Kyle’s apartment. The sky seems very blue for a place usually described as having lots of air pollution.


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