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Two Trains

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May 21, 2014


Two years this week!  That is crazy!  I don’t mean to make this like I’m coming home soon….but it’s just a fact that is there and I might as well say it as a good starting line to get it out of the way! This next month is just going to be so roocking. I still wonder everyday to myself “when is the mission going to ‘peak’?” you know when is it going to reach that point where it just won’t get any better. After this week I have come to the conclusion that such a thing does not exist. There is not one thing that can be considered “the best moment of my mission.” Really there isn’t and this week is just total proof. I mean I got to eat pig heart this week. Things can’t get better after that right? Okay…thats not what I’m talking about. (Elder Allen doesn’t mention how the pig’s heart was prepared but I found recipes online for “Stir fried Heart with Vegetables” and “Pork Heart Stew.”  The recipe for the stew requires “trimming the nerves and sinew” as the first step.  Any way you slice it, that sounds horrible.)

At the temple today we had a cool experience with this guy and his wife from Mainland.  I love the Hong Kong temple.  There is literally no place nor temple in the world like it.  The stories that come in and out of there are crazy!  This man’s boss was converted in 2005 after an Elder in Hong Kong (when the boss was here on business) quickly gave him a pass along card and had no time to say more.  Well in 2006 he took 1000 of his employees to Korea to let whoever wanted to hear the gospel hear it.  I guess about 300 or so employees got baptized without ever knowing what the church was before that.  Now he is the Elders Quorum president.  Right next to him was an Indian man that was just so happy because he traveled so far to come here and yesterday was able to be sealed with his wife an family.  Hong Kong is a place of miracles.  The pigs heart meat is a miracle in itself.
Well this week was just an awesome and just spiritually rewarding and strengthening week for me personally and I’m sure Elder Brown feels the same way.  This past week we visited Chau Sung Mou who is doing really well, just doesn’t want to make the step and switch to other churches.  Well he didn’t accept a baptismal date again this week but he is still doing awesome!  He is reading and praying everyday so his answer will come (if it hasn’t already) and he’ll know what he needs to do.  I have complete trust in Heavenly Father.  There are good things in store for Brother Chau and Heavenly Father really wants to let him know he is there. He told us a story about a dream he had the night before we called.  He was at some church meeting with his mom and the people there were wearing two different colors of shirts.  When the meeting ended, he really felt the strong desire to follow his mom who was definitely with one of the two groups. (Oh ya, his mom is the member by the way). (The story has much more meaning if you know that fact.)  He wanted to follow her into this room but when he got to the door he just couldn’t go in and he was in despair.  So he walks into the room he can and they board a train.  He sees his mom’s side get in a train to Hong Kong and he just had to go to Hong Kong but it was physically impossible for him to do so.  The trains started off the station and for awhile the two trains were side by side but then got distant from each other and he wasn’t going to Hong Kong.  Well he decided to get off the train and walk what he said was “a straight and narrow path” because he just had to get to Hong Kong to be with his mom.  When he started off he still saw his mom’s train and then two boys appeared and told him how to walk this straight and narrow path to get back to be with his mother!  Then a woman appeared who he described as the devil and started yelling saying get back on the train and don’t listen to these two boys.  Then the dream ended.
 The next day he was feeling really sick and so took medicine. nothing. drank water. nothing. so then he decided to pray to ask for relief from this sickness.  AT THE VERY MOMENT in which he ended his prayer is when we called him and asked if we could meet him.  He said (all of this is his words not ours) that as soon as he hung up the phone he could feel nothing.  He was happy and there was no pain.  Just incredible!  I just look back and wonder at the glory of God.  How could he not be real and how could he not know every single one of us.  You can interpret that dream and just every single small detail leads to Heavenly Father directing him to the church.  Amazing.  He had to switch trains (he even said like go from his church to his mom’s church) so that he could reach his goal.  If I didn’t witness it I would say that I’m puffing up the story but I did hear it first hand and it is miraculous.  He just needs to realize it now…
Another story.  I went on exchanges in my old area Tai Po this week.  I had the great pleasure of serving there for one day.  It really is a holy place to me every thing about it is beautiful.  Well I have one recent convert there who went to Europe for 7 months and then when she came back stopped coming to church as well.  Pretty sad story.  Her name is Sandra and she is a very awesome person.  Well the Tai Po missionaries have tried to contact her for months but she just doesn’t answer the phone.  I go there that night and call her and the first miracle happened – she answers the phone!  We talk for a little bit and I asked if she could meet but she doesn’t have any time (I think she just didn’t want to meet to be honest) and I was a little bummed about that.  She was just so awesome in her conversion process.  Well she said she moved to this one estate and we planned to go there at the time she said she would leave for work the next day and just “go finding.”  Well different events led to this and that and we found ourselves on the opposite side of Tai Po at that time… in the pouring rain.  We ran to covering, bought an umbrella and then ran into this Atheist that just wanted to argue for a long time… a good 15 or 20 minutes of precious finding time gone.  Right?  God didn’t think so because right after we got out of that talk with the Atheist we decided to walk in a different direction and go find some covering from the rain and continue finding there.  We didn’t go 50 yards before I saw a woman coming our way and I knew it was Sandra but I just totally denied that it could happen like that.  Well.  It happened just like that.  At the same time she said she would be leaving her house on one side of Tai Po she was walking the streets on the other side of Tai Po.  Are you serious?!  We had a good conversation about how she still prays everyday and occasionally reads the Book of Mormon but just has no desire to go to church.  We committed her to come to church at least once a month (kinda a weak commitment but we said every week it was….well she didn’t accept it…) I’m not sure what will happen with Sandra but if I know nothing else from that day, it is that God lead us to Sandra.  Not where we thought she would be, but where He knew she would be.  It blows my mind thinking about it right now how incredible God is.
Sandra in Tai Po

Elders Allen and Brown meeting up with Sandra in Tai Po.

Then after we talked to her we saw Patrick Au Yeung, another investigaotr I taught over there.  We magically “ran into him” too!  He was the one who passed his baptismal interview then got antied and never got baptized.  It wasn’t a very good conversation though. It was all about how good Budda is to him….
We haven’t even got to Karen yet!  I was on exchanges when we finished teaching her and I heard everything is ready to go!  She came on Sunday and we prepared her for her baptismal interview which will happen this Friday!  Young Women’s is really where she is being converted to the gospel!  She always comes out of there ten times better than we left her!  Really though, she is great!  If she passes her interview then everything should be ready to go to have her baptism this Sunday!  We are super excited!  Ever since she had that experience where she felt that spirit telling her to get baptized, her testimony has grown a lot.  I’m super happy and confident for her future.  She is a member of the Young Women’s now and knows what the Spirit is and how to feel its influence in her life.  It’s hard to feel because it’s different for everyone, but she clasped on to it and let it take her for an adventure.  We’ll see what the rest of the week is like.
Less active work is great.  Ava told us a big story that touched her deeply.  She and her daughter Bonnie have never really gotten along and Bonnie moved out to live with her boyfriend.  Well Ava has been praying for some good change to happen and this week she shared a story about how she thought it was the greatest when on Mother’s Day Bonnie spent the day with her and at the end said, “I love you Mom!” to her.  It’s a great start.  We talked about how Ava needs to be the example of coming back to church and doing the “small and simple things” to let Bonnie see the difference.  If she takes this challenge it might have everlasting results.
Have a great week. The zone is doing awesome!  Everyone seems to be working hard and its fun to be apart of such a great miracle.  Can’t wait to go back out there and see some more! I love you all and can’t wait to see what the end of May brings!  We will reach a lot of our goals this month!  I love you again!
Elder Allen
Breakfast with Elder Brown

Kyle sent this picture of he an Elder brown eating what apears to be breakfast. He didn’t explain it, so I am including it here at the end of the post. At least it doesn’t appear to be pig’s heart!?!



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