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Telling Family Members Apart is Difficult

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April 6, 2014

 Wow what a great week for everyone it seems like!  I’m glad Jenna is okay! (Jenna was in a car accident earlier in the week. Her car was totaled but no one was seriously hurt.  Here are the pictures we sent him)




And Courtney is married! (Kyle’s cousin Courtney Allen married Luke Gless on Friday, April 4. Here are some pictures.)




And it’s Sarah’s Birthday today!! What an awesome week! It would have been as awesome if I got to watch conference (that was the best part of today. coming online and hearing the conference talks. Except sadly, the text isn’t up yet?!) But that’s okay because I know we will get them this week!

Sarah sent me pictures of three people in a car playing around. I didn’t recognize a single one of them! Maybe it’s just me, but Hadley looks a lot like Maddy at the time of when I left. Sarah sent Kyle this picture of his three nieces driving their little car around my backyard. They are from left to right Katie’s daughter Charlotte (Charly), Sarah’s daughter Hadley, and Katie’s daughter Madelyn (Maddy.)  Both Maddy and Charly were born before Kyle left on his mission.


 I think you know we’ve talked about how it is hard to tell Asian people apart?  Well now that stuff is a piece of cake, it’s just your own white family that is a trouble.  What can you do?  But really, It’s hard to tell people apart (I saw Chris and thought it was a grandma…oh wait its always been like that) Chris is Kyle’s brother-in-law (Julie’s husband) and they love to give each other a hard time.  I personally don’t think he looks much like grandma. Do you?




Big news coming from Sha Tin.  Elder Wong from our own ward got called to be a member of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy! And just think.  Two weeks ago I was teaching him how to be a better fellowshipper.  Kidding.  Everyone knew something big was happening.  He went a week earlier than he normally goes to Conference and this time with his wife, which has apparently never happened before.  I sat right behind his family yesterday at church.  Their youngest daughter, Joy, is only like 15 or 16 years old.  It’s crazy!  But the whole ward was pretty excited about it!  This makes me famous right?  Kidding, but it is a cool fact of the week!  Sha Tin is just such a blessed area!  What a great place to be!  The best! 

In other news, back in December Elder Arrington and I were helping this less-active come back to church and his wife was an investigator.  They are the Tong Family.  Well I always knew they were going to get baptized and when I left Cheung Sha Wan he was almost active again and she had started coming to church regularly.  Well she got baptized this past week!!!  And Brother Tong baptized her!  It’s amazing what happened to that FAMILY!  They were just so prepared to let Christ into their lives!  From what I hear, the rest of Sister Tong’s conversion was pretty easy.  She had a dream in which her friend that died one year ago came to her and told her to keep coming closer to God because it is true.  Dreams are the greatest things in the world, they really are. 

Awww yes, there is a new animal to add to list of eaten (I think) – Stingray. I might of had it earlier, but to make sure I had it again this week. You have to get everything in and secure them while you are here.  Kyle doesn’t say how the stingray was prepared but most of the information I could find online indicated that it was best when cooked on the barbeque. Here is a picture I found and for once it doesn’t look half bad.


Well like every week, it was a great for us – Elder Brown and me.  Just a busy week!  We had almost no time to go finding.  But that’s okay, because we have been teaching!  And you find to teach, so we are happy.  This week was a great day at Kowloon Tong for the mission leadership council, which I thought was one of the best missionary meetings I have ever attended.  It was just so inspiring!  I hope that the zone members got even one fraction of the complete joy that I felt, and the rejuvenated energy I felt after attending such a meeting.  Zone Training meeting was a great meeting indeed.  We talked a lot about the “anti” that is coming our way.  Since I have been in Tolo Harbour this time around, 4 people have been fit and ready for baptism, but have been stopped by anti-material.  This is a great time to be here.  To see the work of the Lord destroy all these dark and incorrect falsehoods.

As a mission, we want to celebrate 65 baptisms in July to celebrate missionary work in Hong Kong.  Ever since we set that goal investigators have been experiencing some stronger anti-feelings, but even more miracles.  This is a great work.  It just shows me how much Heavenly Father is pleased with us working towards this goal, and how much Satan is trying to do to block this work. What a great time.  It is almost like we are in heaven right now, and we are seeing the heavenly battle being held right here in Tolo Harbour.  I call feel us getting close to heaven as we go out everyday.  Again what an awesome feeling to be here!  I don’t want to be anywhere else. (I assume this includes home…)  We jumped from exactly 400 total lessons in February to exactly 700 this past month.  What a fun time and a great opportunity to sharpen are teaching tools.

The Sha Tin ward is just great.  Absolutely great.  We almost have a brother who has come back from inactivity – Brother Solomon Ko.  We are working with getting his wife to come to church now.  Every time I think of his story, it just amazes me about how he lost contact with the church for 20+ years, and then within 3 months of living in Hong Kong, found missionaries.  We went over with the Bishop to go visit them.  The wife is willing to hear the gospel, but coming to church is another thing.  She has promised twice now that she’ll come to church, but nothing so far.  That is totally okay.  She is willing to hear the gospel.  This family might take a while, but the circumstances are totally right, white and ripe, and ready to harvest.  He and his daughter love having missionaries come over to their house!  And we’ll happily come over and help them.  They will go to church eventually as a family and then I am sure that Sister Ko will be baptized, no doubt about it.  The situation is just too right for her not to be baptized.  We were a little disappointed when church started and he wasn’t there, but right as the Sacrament was starting we saw him walk in – shirt and tie, with his daughter and two friends!  Amazing!  And then he went up and bore his testimony as well! That was unbelievable!

Another miracle yesterday happened during ward council.  We were talking about how to help Ava Lau come to church more and become active, since she is so close but she just has to make that last push!  Well after mentioning her name its like the Spirit just lifted the entire room up and everyone all the sudden (it really was all the sudden) just wanted to help her.  At first we were struggling to find a fellowshipper, but then all of the sudden we had a car to go in (since it was raining) and the bishop, his first counselor, and two of the Relief Society presidency sisters to go visit her!  It was amazing, the convoy that showed up to her little tiny house on top of the little hill where she lives.  What a great meeting!  We planned on visiting her and then teaching her neighbors, but since so many of us were there, we decided to just help her and she what she needs.  I think she was very grateful for it.  I don’t think she has had that much company at her house since…well ever! 

We also had another random thing happen to us Sunday (it really was a great day).  The Stake President’s daughter came up to us after church and said her friend was coming to the church right now and he wanted to learn about the gospel!  So we taught him! And although his interest wasn’t high and he is in a high level position at his church right now (working there everyday too) we’ll for sure see him again!  The members are just so awesome! 

Kira is doing better now and brought her mom to church!  A great miracle happened.  I was very worried about her since she was putting all her eggs in this one basket.  The basket was a beat box competition to go to Korea and become a beat box star or something like that.  There are thousands of people going to compete and 2 will be selected.  Well Kira has only been learning for like a month now.  Anyway, she got an email this week and got notified – about 5 months after her application – that she got accepted to go study in Canada!  She really wanted to do this (more than beat boxing she says) but pretty much gave up on the idea since they hadn’t responded in months!  Well she wants to go to school now instead of this competition and she is so happy that she is teaching her mom the gospel now.  They are reading the scriptures together, coming to church etc. It is a great relief. Heavenly Father has perfect timing. 

I love you all.  There are many disappointments throughout the week, but I am happier and happier every single week.  It is weird. How can Heavenly Father understand everything so perfectly?  It’s amazing!  I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Allen




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