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Such Big Words

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April 13, 2014

What a great weekend Conference was!  It was just so awesome!  I just don’t know why.  Perhaps its because it is an English meeting… but most likely it’s just because its Conference!  Just talk after talk was awesome!  The leaders of the Church sure seemed to love the cultural celebration that was put on!  What an awesome event that must have been!  All the way around the world, sitting next to this little TV, the three of us from Gilbert that were watching it together had some great Gilbert pride!  But anyway, watching conference was the best!  It’s pretty funny here, any Chinese member that can speak English goes to the English session (just because I hear the translations are confusing.)  Cantonese has its spoken language and then a written language, and they translate conference into written Chinese, so it’s hard to understand, even for the native speakers.  I though, felt I could hardly understand the English. Such big words.

The whole stake went to Tai Po on Saturday to watch it and there I sat, close by a less active who I helped come back, Janice Leung.  That was so cool!  I just turn around and there she was!  Listening to the English!  It was awesome to see her!  And then on Sunday, everyone watched it in their own ward buildings (it’s weird…they don’t have BYU TV here… I know… weird) and there I sat by someone who taught me in the MTC ages ago.  It was so cool!  It’s hard to explain, but it was like great memories of my life just coming back to me in one weekend’s time! It was awesome! 

These past few weeks I have been eating some new foods.  A family in the ward chenged (the Chinese word for taking someone out to eat and paying for their meal) us out to dinner with an investigator and one of the things was like every weird piece of a pig that you could imagine.  As for me, I choose some of his intestine and his ear… poor pig.  But ever since I got to Hong Kong I have tried to follow the example of Bruce Lee.  We went to his museum last week and in this interview (you have to look it up its hilarious) he tells everyone to be unpredictable and shape-able, like water.  There is a whole section of the museum based around his line “be water my friend.”  Ha-ha, the guy is hilarious.  His museum was not bad though!  So try being water, and do something you’ve never done before. 

Transfers are coming this week.  It’s weird but on Thursday I start my final transfer.  We find out tomorrow where we are going to be. I sure hope I’m still here in Sha Tin. I still feel like there is more work to do here and more people to help.  I love waking up everyday and just going to work!  But I also like to get up and go and do what Heavenly Father would want me to do, and if that is somewhere else well… it’s just another life lesson!  There always needs to be a load in the truck to keep on moving! 

This week was just excellent.  We had some quality time for finding which was awesome.  We met a couple of great people who have some interest in the gospel.  One of those people is a new investigator this week, Yeung Kwong Man, and we already met him twice.  Apparently his son committed suicide a couple of years ago by jumping out of their house 30+ stories high.  He has met missionaries before, but this is the first time he has met with us again because his family is super against the church.  Funny story was that we wrote down the wrong number or something so we thought we would never see him again.  We went to the place where we were supposed to meet at the designated time, but no one was there.  Kinda disappointed, we went to another lesson (well we are never disappointed when going to a lesson but you know what I mean.)

Well during he lesson, a number calls us 5 times.  After the lesson, we call him back and it was Yeung Kwong Man!  He thought the meeting was an hour later and he was waiting for us!  We rushed over to him and taught him!  I think this is awesome!  An awesome start indeed.  Whoever calls us on their own accord and is still nice to us after a mistake that is our fault well… that’s great! 

Finding.  I love finding and I’ve never been so excited for it.  We got home around 9 after one long day of finding with minimal results. After we get in, I feel the smallest impression to go out for another 15 minutes.  We were contemplating whether or not to, because we had a lot of people to call in that 30 minutes time, but if there is one thing I have learned throughout my mission, it is to follow the smallest of promptings.  So after I thought of that in my head, the decision was made!  We went out finding.  Nothing spectacular happened, although we did get a phone number, but looking back that 15 minutes was just full of excitement and adrenaline and just awesome!  I can’t imagine what would have happened if we didn’t go out.  Actually I can.  Nothing.  And that’s that!  We still called all the people; we just did a little bit more and who knows how the Lord will bless us?  I don’t.  But I know he will.

The ward is just more excited for missionary work.  For the past 7 weeks we have gotten at least one referral from the ward!  It is so awesome!  A lot of these aren’t the most “golden” of people, in fact most of them haven’t had interest (so far) but it is so awesome! And the members can feel it too!  How awesome participating in the Work of Salvation is!  I love it!  I am truly learning what it is like to “expect miracles.”  Sha Tin is a miracle.  They are all great people who love the Lord.

Karen is doing great.  I have learned a great lesson on “if you expect miracles you will get them” this week from her.  She was super busy these past two weeks with Ching Ming Festival and tests.  However, we totally expected a miracle this week with her and got not only one, but two!  First of all, she miraculously had time to meet with us this week and then the next day she came to General Conference!  The later one was especially shocking because she has told us many times how busy her Saturday’s are, but she was still able to find time and come to Conference.  Besides her friend who referred her, she is meeting a lot of the Young Women, which is crucial!  She has been reading the Book of Mormon, but we need to help her understand the Holy Ghost more. That is our challenge with her if she will get baptized this month.  A member invited us to dinner with her on Thursday at their home, so hopefully we can help her recognize the Spirit.  Even after the lesson, she thought the Holy Ghost’s only role was to tell us if we shouldn’t be doing something.  It is sometimes frustrating when you think you are explaining something, but its just so new to them that they have a hard time grasping it.  (As an instructor at a community college I understand just what he is saying here.) We’ll keep working with her.  She is a great person.

Kira is finding true joy in helping her mother Mona learn more about God.  It is awesome!  They read together probably five times this week and prayed even more!  It was pretty funny though, Kira will only read certain scriptures with her Mom because she thinks that only certain scriptures apply to her.  So I think they read Alma 32-34 five times this week.  I can’t complain though!  Maybe I should start doing that!  They might be the most powerful 3 chapters in all of scripture (next to every single set of 3 chapters) . When meeting with Kira, she said that Mona already knows most of the commandments and Kira was only worried about how active she’ll be after baptism.  Ha-ha!  That’s a funny problem considering we’ve only taught her twice, but I like it!  We’ll work on the “enduring to the end” as time comes along.  She is just so busy!  She works 12 hours a day 6 days a week and then Kira isn’t the nicest to her. Their relationship is…interesting.  But both of them will become strong in the faith

Have a great week! I love you all and pray for you all! The Lord is truly in his work!

Elder Allen



Tolo Harbour



Out for dinner after the priesthood session.


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