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Hiking with Money in Your Boots

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March 30, 2014

You heard it right. There was almost one entire week of sunlight!  It was so awesome!  I don’t know if you realize that when I say there wasn’t ANY sun for about a month, I truly mean there wasn’t ANY sun for a whole month!  Well… this week was different!  It was just the best week for being outdoors and representing Jesus Christ ever!  It really was!  Oh and there was sunlight too! But…sadly then good things didn’t last… meaning the sunlight.  On Saturday we planned to go hiking with the Elders Quorum. We had an investigator, a less active, and some referrals going as well!  We were a little hesitant to go because it was going to take up a good chunk of the day, and to be honest we weren’t going to go, but the ward really suggested that we go with them. Well, we get to Sai Kung, about 45 minutes from Sha Tin – it’s like the only spot in Hong Kong where people can go hiking and camping etc.  It’s the closest thing to woods as you can get, except there are still people EVERYWHERE!  The Chinese do hiking differently.  One lady (I’m still not sure why she was there exactly…its was an Elders Quorum activity and she is like in her 60’s) came with her rolling backpack, and everyone just brought a bunch of stuff.  Anyway.  On to the hike.  We get about a half an hour in and to this old house that’s been turned into some museum and it just starts POURING!  The clouds came from nowhere and it just turned black!  And it pretty much has been black and stormy ever since then!  Right now it looks like it’s 7 at night.  Anyway, so we all hurry back (we had umbrellas though for some reason… I think they were the ones left over from the “I know its going to rain” party) to the bus stop and Sai Kung’s little village.  Well, the old lady that is with us wants to cheung us all out to eat!  We didn’t want to do that either and we must have said no 7 times but then somehow found ourselves sitting down with everyone for lunch!  Her name is Sister Tong and Sister Tong then pulls off her boots and in them are 500$ bills!!!  She is so rich!  She owns a racehorse!  But anyway, who brings 500$ bills hiking with them?!  In their boots nonetheless?!  And then she had like 10 of every bill so at the end when everyone was paying their fees (this must be their word for the “check” at a restaurant (we settled on paying for some of it) she could exchange money in probably anyway possible!  It was a good hike!  More funny than anything, but everyone that went had a good time! (Kyle sent pictures of their “hike” a couple of weeks later and here they are.)

Hiking in Hong Kong Overlooking the Harbour Elder Allen and Elder Brown on P-day Beautiful Greenery It Just Turned Black

China is such an interesting place.  The police here don’t have very much to do.  This past week there have been a lot of dead fish in the river that we live next to.  It’s sad but it’s like whatever.  But ever since the first day that happened, the police have like been investigating, and counting how many dead fish there are in the river!  It’s like it is a murder scene!  Maybe it was… but of fish!  The Hong Kong police…. they are right on top of every case!  I just can imagine what it was like when Brother Chan was at their head! They must have been just better than any military in the world.

As far as Brother Chan is concerned, he’s on vacation these next couple of days with his family.  He was at the church until like 5 o’clock yesterday helping us out with an interview.  Eight college students want to erase the church’s anti that is here (there is quite a lot… but not everyone knows what the “anti” is) so they filmed some of the members in the ward and talked to us.  It was quite a long interview, but it was cool!  They aren’t members at all and this interview was different from the others.  It felt like they have strong potential to learn the gospel.  We’re going to call them this week and invite them to church!  The Lord’s hand is made manifest in his work!  Even the non-members are fighting for the church now!  We spent most of the interview talking about families and all the stuff that missionaries do etc.  Like how we train (I was about to invite them to Zone Training Meeting this week) and everything like that.  Even one of the interviewer’s parents didn’t want her to go to the church to interview us!  She thought it was that evil!  How sad!  Well… she came anyway!!  There was also a white girl from Mississippi there… that was random.  But I guess the class is an English speaking class (most are here)… still we did the interview in Chinese…weird…oh well.

Well this week.  My heart just keeps getting bigger and bigger for Sha Tin and Tolo Harbour.  I just can’t imagine myself in any better place than right here, right now (and forever.)  The ward is just amazing!  The area is just amazing!  And the missionaries surprise me everyday!  They are just so hardworking and diligent.  There isn’t one companionship that is having difficulties or anything . It truly is the best place to be right now.  Tolo Harbour.  We needed a couple of more baptismal dates to secure our monthly goal.  Well the zone responded well and instead of getting the 1 or 2 we needed to make sure we got it, I think we ended up with something like 10 new baptismal dates!  The zone just won’t stop building and building!  I can’t wait to see what April has in store for us!  We made 6 of our 8 high goals this month!  Every key indicator went up like crazy!  We are so excited and the best part is that, at least I know that it has nothing to do with us.   It’s all the Lord, just hastening his work, fulfilling his promises. To add frosting to the cake, we even made our zone bonus goal of inviting 100 people on the street to be baptized!  We wanted to invite 100 people in 4 weeks and we ended up with like 111!  It’s just incredible, the missionaries here I mean.  I just want to talk about the zone more and more, but it was a good week for the best ward in the zone, Sha Tin.

We had a slow start to our week.  A lot of appointments fell through and things we were planning to happen, just didn’t.  I decided about halfway through the week that we needed to do things different – different than ever before.  Miracles needed to happen.  The first one was with Karen, our baptismal date for April.  We couldn’t contact her the whole week and long story short, we couldn’t find her during the time that we were supposed to be teaching her (she never confirmed nor answered).  I was pretty down because this was supposed to be a good, important lesson for her!  And we hadn’t taught her for 2 weeks (although she had been to church).  Well about 15 minutes later, the phone rings and it’s Karen and her fellowshipper wondering where we were!

We were about 15 minutes away (we decided to stay in the area even though she never confirmed) and just ran as fast as we could to the church!  We taught her an awesome lesson on studying the scriptures.  We hid a chocolate bar in the room and said she had to find it (it was like salvation or something).  She couldn’t find it in the allotted time cause it was in a crazy weird place.  But we had a guide to help her and she totally got it! It clicked with her how important it is to really go searching in the scriptures.  That’s the way they aren’t boring to us!  Even I learned in that lesson!  She felt the Spirit.  I know it.  She is just so close to fully converting, she just doesn’t understand the apostasy.  Just wait till next week when we do a demonstration on the apostasy.  We will say the chocolate is hidden somewhere, but there will be no chocolate anywhere. It’s going to be good

Saturday was also busy and full of miracles.  We had a tough choice.  Do all of companionship study, or try and go see a less active sister Ava Lau.  We decided to go see Ava, although it seemed really random and we weren’t sure why we were going.  We called a member to go with us and it’s so amazing what happened!  She said how she is feeling so down right now and she knows she has to go to church but doesn’t want to.  She was so grateful that we came to her at that time to help out.  We are planning to go up to her house this week and do some service.  Since she doesn’t live in a nice building, but her own house, the trash around her house is just a mess.  She really does need our help. It’s hard to explain the story, but I think going to see her and listening to the Spirit was the biggest thing that happened this week.  She was so grateful that we visited that she invited us over to eat later that night!  There we met her less active daughter (who is 18 and living with her 29 year old boyfriend and his mom – but that sort of thing is normal in Hong Kong) and 2 of her neighbors!  It’s so awesome to know that Heavenly Father knows who needs a good visit!  It’s our job not to get in the way of that Spiritual power!  Bonnie, her daughter said she’d go to church next week, and we will meet the neighbors again this week to start teaching them the gospel!  It’s so exciting!  And Ava came to church!  Everything about it just went well!  I’m so amazed by it!

There is so much to report but time is up.  I love you all! It’s going to be a good exciting week!  We have Mission Leadership Council, Zone Training Meeting, and our meeting with the Stake President and President Hawks!  It’s an awesome time!  I love you all!  Go Devils!  I can’t believe Sarah is pregnant?!  (Sarah told him this week that she and Chase are expecting their second child.)  Have a great week!  Courtney is getting married this week too! (Kyle’s cousin Courtney Allen married Luke Gless on Friday, April 4.)  Wow!

Elder Allen


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