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“The Best Picture I’ve Ever Taken in My Life”

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April 21, 2014

It’s Easter in Hong Kong and like America, everyone wants to go to church on Easter!  The only problem was that a ton of people thought that the Sha Tin Ward was meeting in mainland this week!  Or in their own beds for some reason!  Ha-ha!  It was so weird! But no joke it was like a little strange.  The fewest people came to church that I’ve ever seen!  In Hong Kong they get Friday and Monday off as public holidays and most people get Thursday off as well so they all went to mainland!  Church itself was good, although we didn’t sing any Easter songs!  It was crazy!  But still good!  Those who went still had a good time!  We still had some investigators come and less actives so the work of the Lord will not stop for any holiday!

So as you can see, I’m still in Sha Tin with Elder Brown for my final transfer!  I’m really super excited about it!  That’s what I wanted and so I can do nothing but be thankful!  Half the zone got switched up and we added another companionship making 28 people in the zone!  IT’S HUGE!  But not as big as Kowloon Zone was before they split it up.  Anyway, a cool thing happened when Elder Cederlof moved in to live with us and serve in the other Sha Tin companionship.  His Grandparents and Grandma and Papa are apparently good friends, so that’s exciting!  I’m excited for this new transfer to get on rolling!  Oh yes, and just a side note, Happy Birthday to Grandma (I think?)!!  I read her letter and if I’m reading the signals right, she gave me a hint that her birthday is this week. I think it’s on the 26th but I can never remember (Surprisingly enough, her birthday is on the 26th!)  All I can remember is their gate code number ha-ha.  But Happy Birthday!  Besides mom and dad she blows everyone else out of the water in the writing emails category!!  She is an awesome grandmother!

A crazy story happened this week.  While finding on the big river that is in Sha Tin we see a bunch of HUGE people in red shirts running along. They pass by us and it’s the Tongan national rugby team!  They apparently all knew who missionaries were and stuff and were super friendly to us!  One of them stopped us and said he was a member!  Apparently they played in the World Cup’s championship game on Saturday against Japan.  I still don’t know which team won but I hope it was Tonga!  They beat the United States in the semis.  Well anyway they kept on training and we kept on finding, but pretty soon there were red shirts everywhere! There must have been 40 players on the team.  We passed by a group of them.  They were the smallest so it must have been the wingers or something.  Anyway, before we pass them they stop us!  And they ask for a picture with us!  Here we are and the world’s best rugby team asks to take a picture with us!  It was sweet!  I guess overall three on the team are members but the whole team is friendly to missionaries!  It was like the best picture I’ve ever taken in my life.  The two standing up on the left hand side are the ones that are members.  After we took these pictures they asked for like personal ones!  Ha-ha!  I’m not sure why…anyways…did they win? (I looked it up and Japan beat Tonga 35-10 on April 19th. It was the Junior World Rugby Trophy Championships. Here is that picture he is so excited about.)


Elder Allen, Elder Brown and the Tongan Junior National Rugby Team.

Last week we rode our bikes to a giant Kun Yan statue, the largest in Asia in fact.  We thought it would be fun to rent a family bike (one with like a seat in the back for someone).  Bad idea.  It was so hard the whole way!  I never knew that when riding bikes in Tai Po, both ways are uphill.  We (there were 8 of us total including Elder Howell my good friend from high school) took turns pedaling but it was a workout after 4 minutes.  It was a fun activity.  We got through all the hills and stuff only to find out it was closed!  Oh well… I can check it off the list of things I’ve done and never want to do again.

So this week was a great week.  Nothing too big to report on besides that our teaching pool is growing and growing every week, which was sorely needed before!  We have really been trying to contact everyone!  Just this morning we contacted the Park-N-Shop lady (Park-N-Shop is like the Wal-Mart of Hong Kong. It’s where missionaries go for groceries every week) and it was actually great! (Park-N-Shop has more than 200 stores and 9,000 employees in Hong Kong alone.  They call themselves “lifestyle” food stores and stock a large variety of imported goods as well as fresh fruit and vegetables and many nonfood items.  Unlike Wal-Mart however, they try to appeal more to the higher income customers.)  She said she and her son are going to meet with us this week!  We have recently hit a great streak with new investigators, a great blessing from Heavenly Father.

Karen, our baptismal date for next week is doing great. We went over to a member’s house for dinner and a lesson where she brought her little brother as well!  The best thing is that both of them came to church this past week but there is a problem.  Karen just isn’t ready for baptism. We’re not sure what is keeping her from fully committing to it, but there definitely is something there.  She will definitely get baptized, we just are not sure when!  She is reading the Book of Mormon, but her friend, Elder Brown and I are trying to help her understand it now.  I think it’s just that we thought she was going to progress faster than she actually is so we want to drag her along.  Everything is all right though.

Kira and her mom are doing great and not so great at the same time.  They have been running into some problems with friends recently and immediately turn to the Book of Mormon!  She called us a couple of times this week explaining their situation and then asked where they should read in the Book of Mormon to find out how to make it better.  It really is awesome!  We were going to pick them up on Sunday morning to go to church and that’s when the not so good comes in.  Mona, the investigating mother, was all ready to go!  We were excited!  Kira was still asleep though.  (In Hong Kong houses are different… their front rooms are also their bedrooms.  So when we entered the house Kira was fast asleep right there.)  It was all right because we came super early (we were expecting to teach them before church.)  But as the time went on everyone’s efforts to try and get Kira to wake up just dwindled and dwindled.  We ended up being at their house for a good 45 minutes just trying to wake Kira up.  Her mother was moving her around and hitting her and stuff and we, well there isn’t much we could do just provide encouragement, but nothing.  We had to leave to make it on time.  Mona said she would try and wake her up and they would come together, but they never did.  That was pretty disappointing, but we will try something new this week or something.

The work is going great here.  I love you all!  Everyday is a struggle to wake up (it’s not a problem though) and a struggle to quit working.  It’s an awesome time to be here and do what I’m doing.  Have a great week everyone.  May Heavenly Father continue to bless us.  He is blessing me more than I can imagine!

Until next week,

Elder Allen



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