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The Gold Plates are in Sun Devil Stadium – Who Would Have Guessed?

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March 10, 2014

First of all, we are going to the temple next week so I won’t be able to write until Wednesday! And then on that day I don’t know if I’ll have time to write all the crazy blessings that are happening over here in Hong Kong! It is just incredible. I certainly don’t have enough time to write everything this week because there were so many birthday wishes! THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! It’s just a normal day to me basically. We didn’t do much today, but there really isn’t much to do right now. The mornings right now are cold and rainy and the afternoons are cold and rainy… and the night comes… and its cold and rainy… but that’s okay! I love it! We went down and I got fitted for my suit, the second of three visits.

Before I forget, I had a dream this week. We found and dug up the gold plates. They are in the southwest corner of the end zone at Sun Devil Stadium. You might want to go pick them up because USC was chasing after us…. no joke… this is really what happened to me this week.  Not as good as remembering to invite someone to church, but its a close second don’t you think? 

This week was a great one and this year was a great one.  I was looking at some “year 20” goals I set for myself exactly one year ago. It is crazy what I was thinking back then and just how crazy revelation works. I didn’t know anything that would happen over the course of the year (of course), but the Spirit did (of course) and it just blew my mind away! I set some good ones for this year, but it’s just very hard to set them! I didn’t know how to set them!  So I just focused on the scriptures. This birthday is a great one!  Even in the cloudy, “I haven’t seen the sun since it was created” type of mood Hong Kong is in. Thank you all and I love you!  It sounds like everything is going well!  I love reading all of your reports.  Oh my, I sound too much like a missionary.  I love reading all of your letters.  They make me smile the whole time. 

I am so happy to announce that this week is just crazy.  Crazy full of the Lord’s power and divinity of his work here in Hong Kong, Tolo Harbour, and in Sha Tin.  I feel like every week I say this, but this week I truly believe it.  More than ever before.  And here is why.  So we had our Mission leadership Council this week for all the zones to come together and get the news of the mission. Well President Hawks announced that in order to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the dedication of the Hong Kong mission, we are going to have 65 baptisms in July (the month in which it was dedicated).  It’s a little hard to explain if you’re not here, but the stuff he was saying, and the numbers he was saying that we had to achieve made it seem like it was crazy.  And it is! It’s like every companionship needs a baptism and every zone needs at least 10 baptisms in that month.  Well going over goals, Tolo Harbour (for some “strange” reason) stepped up with our goals for the month.  In order for the July goals to happen, we have to start doing the work now!

Well, President Hawks was so excited about the zone goals for the month!  He was so excited that a zone has already started to go for those extremely high goals!  He told all the stake leaders he could in our meeting with them later that Wednesday!  It was crazy how excited he is for this.  Now our part was getting our zone involved for this.  Well, before we even knew about this goal, we set the “Zone Action” that we wanted to invite people to be baptized. On the street. Even during our first meeting with them. Well, we presented it at zone training and that meeting was just different.  It was crazy!  It really was!  Unlike any other setting I’ve been in.  I saw this group of great, great missionaries respond to their leader’s challenge and go out and get ready to work for the 65; to have more unity in companionships, and to go invite on the street.

Well, we didn’t know the magnitude of what happened during that meeting right away.  First things first, during the meeting, someone actually called the church building and asked to be baptized in it.  She lives in Tai Wai, the ward that shares the building with us. Turns out, she is the older sister of a semi-active member.  What a huge blessing for the Tai Wai Sisters (one of them is the one from Mesa). Then, later that night we were finding (which we didn’t get to do a lot of this week since we were booked) and we met Jacky. And I don’t know exactly what happened, or how it did, but we invited him to be baptized on the street right then and there. He said yes and it was the most focused, and non-wasting (I can’t think of the right word sorry) lesson on the street I’ve ever been blessed to witness. It was crazy! Valuable, that might be the right word.  Well, besides that, that same day as Zone Training Meeting Elder Howell, my high school and college friend, even in his “struggling area,” invited a mom and 2 kids to be baptized. They accepted, and then they came and loved church the next day.  

We started a new key-indicator for our zone (its basically there to help us stretch ourselves.) We want all companionships to follow the counsel given by the whole Asia Area as well as President and invite on the street. We set a zone goal for just inviting 25 on the street this month. Well, from Friday to Sunday the zone had 22 invites and 8 more baptismal dates and many more new people at church!  It is just crazy what happened!  It is funny, I could feel something working at Zone Training Meeting, but I didn’t realize anything worked until last night.  I thought about it in amazement the whole night, not wanting to go to bed. It was awesome. So as far as those extremely high goals we set for ourselves, we are close to just blowing them out of Victoria Harbour. This group of missionaries is great.

So this week, we were really busy. Wednesday we had Mission leadership Council, and then had to finish preparing for our meeting later that night with the Stake President and President Hawks. Heavenly Father truly blessed us. Right after the meeting ended, the Sisters at Kowloon Tong (where the meeting was) said there was someone here that lived in Sha Tin and we could teach him! Amazing! Apparently, they have been trying to schedule him for a couple of MONTHS, but that night was the only time he was available. They were actually going to erase his number off their phone, but when they called it just before they erased it, he answered and said he would come!  Amazing!  Chris is really nice (just hard to schedule) and studying to become a doctor! He is one of 5 new investigators this week.

Speaking of which, Brother Chan is amazing.  He helped us schedule the Ko Family.  His (the father’s) story is quite unique. He was baptized in BYU, then went to China to work for 20 years.  I reported about him last week.  Well, Brother Chan invited his whole family over for Family Home Evening!  Even though he is technically the other Sha Tin companionship’s, they didn’t want to go meet and teach them, so we certainly did!  It was an awesome lesson!  We shared from “For the Strength of Youth” and the impact it can have on their lives!  He was totally into it and, even though he knows little about Christianity was talking about Christ and contributing to the discussion.  He invited us over to their house this week!  Amazing!  And as for Brother Chan, we called him pretty late on Saturday (10:30) to answer a question he had for us. He said, “It’s okay you called late. Actually I’m still calling people for church tomorrow.” Amazing!

The other investigators are doing great. Karen is doing awesome and came to church. She is becoming steadier and steadier. We had a great lesson with Ken Lee, the wine shop owner and he accepted a soft baptismal date! I want to say more but there is no time! If I could report on all the miracles and give them the detail they deserve, it would take me a lot longer! 

I love you all!  I really wish I could tell you more, but the work goes on!  I love you!!!

Elder Allen


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