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Elder Holland Won the Lottery?

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February 24, 2014

Ha-ha well if you are wondering what the subject line (title) is about, Elder Holland said those exact words himself!  Last night at the “65th Anniversary of the Church in Hong Kong” broadcast, he was talking about how much they have been traveling these past couple of days. They went to Macau on Friday and then, he says won the lottery because the Quorum of the Twelve have rotated callings and he is now over our area ha-ha!  Hence he has won the lottery because he is so lucky to be responsible for the Hong Kong Mission.  It took a little time to explain but he wanted everyone to know before they started tweeting (by the way when he said that word I was like “whoa that exists still?” (Nobody uses it here!) Facebooking, (which I can’t do all that often) and doing whatever else was out there he had to explain what he meant.  So this is the closest thing I can do to spreading rumors!  I hope you enjoy!  His talk was the traditional pioneer talk (since it was a day of celebrating the Chinese pioneers) explaining how all of us are pioneers, but I think it was especially for Hong Kong.  He said this is the first dispensation ever to not run from Babylon but to turn and face it, so we are all pioneers since we are living.  It was so powerful. It’s just what these people need to hear.  I’m not sure what is going on in America but there are so many bad things happening in Hong Kong!  I thought to record it (Elder Holland’s talk) and I am not regretting it all!  It was a game-changer!  And the person who did the translating did awesome!  He kept up with Elder Holland’s big words and long sentences.  That was just more amazing.

This week was an awesome week – wait, what week isn’t?  I was sitting back on the couch that we have one day and it hit me that I just want to do this forever.  In fact I think it was after the Elder Holland talk that I really felt different and wanted to commit myself to staying on this level.  It’s a weird level!  We had many things fall through, or just stressful things, busy days that many mistakes were made, but if you ask me to name something specific… I probably couldn’t.  Well maybe, but it is something so simple and in the end just doesn’t matter.

Finding has been great this week.  We have run into some pretty crazy experiences.  Elder Brown just goes out and does work! There’s nothing to it besides that!  On Tuesday, we had determined to go to one estate pretty far out of the area where we normally go.  There is an easy way and a long way to get there that includes climbing a bunch of stairs to the top of the mountain where this place is.  My boy and basically everything else was telling me, “Ah go down the easy path.  It’s fine.  Sure you’ll have less chance of finding people (less people walk it) but Elder Brown doesn’t know this place at all!  He won’t know the difference.”  I was fighting it the whole time we were walking.  I knew I had to just make the hard decision, swallow my will, and follow the other very still, small voice (ring a bell?) telling me that the mountain disguised as stairs would be worth it.  Well, on the way, we stopped a man, and I thought we where IN!  We started talking to him, but he didn’t speak Cantonese so he started speaking very broken English.  When we said who we were he said, “Sorry, I believe in bottom.”  Huh?  We were so puzzled and then I said, “You mean Buddha?”  He replied “Ah yes, that’s the one.  I have to go” and then for the rest of the hike, no one else.  We decided that even though fewer people would be on the path down, we should still go down and try it.  Even though we didn’t have any success, we were both confident that we were going to succeed while in this place.  We persevered and at the very end of the trail, we met a man and stopped him.  Tom said he hadn’t been to church in a very long time because he didn’t think God had give him any chance to go to church.  Right then we just asked, “Do you think this is it?” and he said, “Yes!”  We gave his number and info to the Elders serving in the area where he lives and we’ll see what happens!  It’s just so awesome!  Many, many stories with finding this week but that is just one that I remember.

Sha Tin is just an amazing place. Brother Chan really has a heart of gold. He has taught me and is a living example of how to “do what is right, let the consequence follow.”  Last week at church, a new investigator Karen, a member referral came to church again. She is actually a former member, but the ward has kept in touch with her.  She seemed a little shy and standoffish about church and so we were just happy that she came!  Well, she said she had to leave early to go to her Grandma’s house.  We were thinking to just call her during the week and try and schedule her that way.  Brother Chan went for it further and while she was leaving held her back and talked about the importance of missionary lessons and then asked her about 5 times to meet with us the next week.  She seemed really “weirded-out” for lack of a better word by all of church (since she went to the “How to Be a Missionary” class and learned how to teach investigators the lessons I kind of expected it.)  I just now realize that he did what was right and tried to schedule her – now we just had to let the consequences follow.  Even though the outlook just didn’t look bright at all, we needed to trust in the Lord.  Well we met with her and she was fine ! In fact she was great!  When talking about baptism at the end she said, “A lot of missionaries have talked to my family about baptism but no one has invited me” and well, that is like game over!  She accepted a date to be baptized!  It was really that easy!

We are looking to add more baptismal dates this week.  We were going to give one to Ken Lee, the wine shop owner.  We tried to visit him three times randomly but all three times he just happened to be in a meeting, so we didn’t have a chance to teach him. However, I think things are going really well.  On one of those occasions we walked into his shop and he welcomed us with open arms.  He then said, “Hey I have a meeting but I haven’t eaten all day. Can you look after the shop for a couple of minutes?”  So there we were, sitting in his shop for about 10 minutes before he got back.  It was a little awkward but nobody came in.  And we sat down at his table and right there was his copy of his Book of Mormon!  And he was reading the Restoration pamphlet!  We will try and visit more this week but we were just so stunned that his material was out, and he didn’t even know we were coming!

Believe it or not I have another awesome story from this week.  Saturday night a couple of people cancelled for church the next day.  We were a little bummed out by it and that’s how we went to bed.  However, I woke up in the middle of the night, around 4:30 I remember, and even though my memory is really bad and I remember almost nothing that happens in the middle of the night, I had such a awesome experience. I woke up and all of the sudden I remembered this man’s name that we met on Monday and he said he wanted to come to church. We weren’t able to contact him the whole week and so we forgot to call him on Saturday night. Well I remembered his name and then just fell right back to sleep.  However to my surprise I still remembered his name when I woke up!  We called him and he said he wanted to come to church!  And he was bringing his friend!  Well, we thought he wasn’t going to show up because he was 45 minutes late to the place where we had said we were going to meet.  We figured he was leading us on a wild goose chase.  But then after going to the church he calls us and says they were waiting for us and they were sorry because the friend has a heart problem and can’t walk fast.  We both felt bad after that.  We literally ran back to the place to meet them so we could show them how to get to the church.  Well we were going to be late to church, but we asked a member to help us and they were more than willing.  So Timothy and Suk Wai came to church and actually cried during our Bishop’s talk about the Savior.  It was powerful!  Turns out, she is going to have heart surgery tomorrow! Brother Chan offered to give her a Priesthood blessing so we did that!  They were super grateful for church and said that we could see her in the hospital!

There were so many experiences this week but time is out. I love you all!  This week is going to be busier but I’ll love it even more!  Elder Holland is going to speak to us tomorrow!  And turns out we have a Sister Wright (the Wright House is her Family) (The Wright House is a popular spot for wedding receptions in Mesa)  in our zone too.  She actually went to Mountain View!  So In this small little zone of Tolo Harbour we have three people from Gilbert and one from Mesa.  It’s a small world!  Have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Allen


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