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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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February 16, 2013

Well, I shouldn’t say freezing, because it’s not. But when you go to bed sweating every night or like half the year this weather right now is freezing!  And it doesn’t help that we have the huge river in our area so the wind is just unbearable!  Literally unbearable! Look at the picture! There is no shadow on that. My hands were purple and my fingers white!



Just from walking around!  But man was it worth it!  I think I just need to get fat…I think if I were to get a paper cut, you could see my bone.  Anyway, despite the 4-degree temperatures with wind-chill and wetness, it was a great week!  I don’t think I have told you this, but the mission got NEW NAME TAGS AGAIN!  I’m on my 5th set of nametags!  Apparently, we are the only mission in the world that has these new nametags. They are cool, but not as cool as the first ones. I posted a picture, but they still are pretty cool and pretty official!


What is also pretty cool is that the Devils beat UofA! I can’t believe it! In double overtime?! That just sounds like the best game ever! (Believe it or not ASU beat the U of A in basketball!) And well lets see what else is new…there are some days I wonder if the sun exists anymore… but when all is lost, it finally came out on Saturday! A great surprise to a great weekend!

So we are on to a new move this week! We had to take all of Elder Welker’s stuff and also help a sister who was transferring in some heavy rain on Thursday!  It was crazy.  I imagine all their stuff was just soaked.  It was good and Elder Welker seemed pretty excited to go home! Not as excited to take a final district picture after district meeting, but that’s just how he is ha-ha.

Missionaries Laughing

What a great Elder though.  And then on Thursday, over here in Sha Tin we kept continuing on with the work!  I picked up my new companion Elder Brown!  He has been in Hong Kong for about 11 months and all in one area the entire time!  He is also, like Elder Welker, half Japanese!  I guess I just have a thing for mixy’s!  Ha-ha.  We are still the zone leaders over a big and young Tolo Harbour! I’m quite surprised! A lot of zone leader companionships in the mission were changed but I am grateful to still be called to help these people! It’s awesome!  However, there are NO native speakers in our zone AND I’m the oldest missionary here by 6 months!!!!  3 out of 4 District Leaders are new to the responsibility and 2 of them are new to being senior companion!  What a great time to be in the zone.  And it’s crazy!  So we have a lot of work to do!  This week and the following should be exciting and busy.  We have zone conference this week along with language pass-offs, and Elder Holland on Sunday so it should be exciting!  Elder Brown is a stud! He is a hard-working missionary!  It will be great to see what happens!  Already things are picking up and I can’t wait for it to just keep on going. This transfer will be awesome!  When I got to Hong Kong, I was one of two missionaries from Arizona!  There still aren’t too many of us here, but in the zone there are 3 missionaries from Gilbert!

This week was a great week for the zone. Despite it being a transfer week and a lot of companionships changing, the zone had a really awesome week and the companionships are off to a great start.  As far as numbers are concerned, we had our highest week of the month, and all areas seem to be to be progressing well! I’m especially impressed with how Heavenly Father is truly blessing everyone for their hard work. We doubled our new investigators total for the month! I’m really excited! Not just Sha Tin, but Tolo Harbour is going to “catch on fire” (President Hawks likes to say that.)

As far as Sha Tin is concerned, it was a really great week for us. The member missionary class is going on and the ward actually really likes it. We teach a two-week course to about 15-29 people at a time.  Everyone seems to have a good time in it and we do a lot of practicing, teaching, etc. Brother Chan has made cards to pass out to everyone this week with our pictures on them and all everyone has to do is just make check marks next to time slots and put their name!  It rocks and we got a lot of good results! It even helped us this week!  We had an “odd time” lesson and so we looked at the papers, saw who was available and turns out, they were!  And they were willing to help!  It is just so awesome!  Good lesson too!  It was the Elders Quorum President.  It just gets me excited working with Hong Kong leaders.  They are just so good.


In fact, we had a lesson at the church yesterday afternoon.  We were walking there and saw Brother Chan with his usual smile on! We said hello, talked for a little bit and then when on our way.  When John came for the lesson, he told us that he saw Brother Chan too!  And that he talked with him and scheduled him and me and Elder Brown for dinner tonight at his house!  It’s great!  John is doing great!  It was his birthday this week and we celebrated by giving him some chocolate.  I had a huge box that I was going to give out while doing language pass offs, but knowing me it is not hard to believe I totally forgot about it during pass offs.  Well later that night at the lesson, he told us it was his birthday!  Well “what a surprise!”  He went to the YSA BBQ activity this week as well and had a fun time with Kira, who is doing really well lately.  They are helping each other along and becoming quite good friends!

We have been finding like crazy since the start of the new transfer and some good things are happening.  Miracles.  Like for instance we were walking by a wine shop of all places and the owner shouts at us to come on over.  That is heaven to any missionary (well, most of the time) and we start talking to him.  He invites us in after talking outside for a couple minutes!  We go down to this long table in the room and sit down and start teaching the Restoration right there in the winery!  It was a first for me and it was just so awesome!  Ken Lee is interested as well, which is the best part!  He invited us back to meet two co-workers!  They actually own a lot of supermarkets in Hong Kong like one called YATA.  They own over 300 stores!  It’s amazing.  When we were leaving, we asked for his number and he went back to get his card.  He came back with this huge wine catalog (he asked us if we wanted to try about 7 or 8 times) and on the back it had his contact information.  That was an awesome story… although it was kinda awkward having a wine catalog in your back tucked into your pants for many hours after that.


Besides that, I have realized we spend a lot of time traveling for District Meeting, language pass offs etc. I have made it a goal of mine to be more proactive in contacting people when traveling. This week, we were on our way and as the train pulled up to the station, the Mandarin Elders got off and said they really had to go but to keep contacting this man who they just gave a Book of Mormon to.  What a crazy run-in!  But it was very cool!  And then later in the week Elder Brown and I talked for about 25 minutes with these two people that live very close to the temple!  Finding is going great!

This week was also good because I have seen answers to my prayers…literally.  I have been praying to remember the joys or life more and just see the joy that comes from it!  Every day I have seen something that makes the day just great!  During language pass offs at the Tai Po chapel I saw Janice Leung, a less-active we helped activate, come and fellowship for a lesson!  She has a calling in the Young Women’s Presidency and she is doing great!  Then I saw Cheuk Hau Ling on Sunday, a person that I taught with Elder Goodrich and she got baptized!  Since we helped her get baptized, she has made friends in the Tai Wai Ward and was going to church with them that day!  It was very cool to see her again!  Heavenly Father is really watching over me and I just can’t seem to help it but be filled with happy every time I see a huge miracle.  Cheuk Hau Ling and Janice are just two, but it was awesome to see them.  Man I just am so amazed I saw them this week!!!

I love you all and am so proud of you!  Thanks for everything and happy Valentines Day!  I hope the sun will stay out!!

Elder Allen





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