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Good Fortune

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February 10, 2014

Well what another great week here in Sha Tin!  Except for today!  It has turned very cold, windy, and rainy over the weekend, which does not make for good attendance at church as far as potential investigators, flakes, etc.  But we still had quite a good turnout nevertheless.  The whole week was just busy!  We had meetings like all week long!  A meeting with the stake’s leaders and Elder Gong of the 70 (along with some area 70) and of course President Hawks, Mission Leadership Council, Planning Zone Training Meeting, Zone Training Meeting, language pass-offs, to name all the big stuff.  It was a great week.  Transfers are this week and so Elder Welker leaves me on Thursday and goes back home!  I’m pretty excited for this next transfer… I’m pretty sure I’ll be staying in Sha Tin but you never know!  Transfers are always crazy here!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you all but do you remember A-Wing that I taught back in Cheung Sha Wan?  Well he got baptized this past Sunday!  This whole time he has been praying and waiting to find a way to come to church more regularly and in this past month, the company he works for went from 2 employees to a whopping 6!  So now he has all Sundays off!  I got to see him at the fireside yesterday and he is great!  Just so different from when I first met him!  Just awesome!  Oh and we got word that Elder Holland is coming to Hong Kong this month to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the church in Hong Kong!  A busy but exciting time indeed!  But I can’t wait to be even busier in the near future!  It sounds like everything is good at home!

Before I go any further, this crazy man we met on the street this week (there are a lot of those here) made me promise that I would tell all of America about a Chinese Devil living in Fo Tan (a place in our area) and that America is experiencing a drought this year because of him and I will stay far away from the place where he lives.  So there you go.  Don’t go to Fo Tan because there is a devil cursing America.  And also, don’t shake hands with any one that extends their hands first. That’s probably the bigger lesson learned. It seems like every time that happens, something like this happens.  (I think it is interesting that Kyle was called to serve in a country with so many superstitions and so much interest in “good fortune.”  Kyle has alway been someone who believes in doing things that create “good luck” – especially for his sports teams.  I am surprised he didn’t mention that this Chinese Devil had influenced ASU’s games with Stanford in football this year.)


Anyway moving on. This week was a great week from me. In Preach My Gospel it talks about how the time on my mission will be a great time to see the greatness that comes from working with leaders and I should learn everything I can from them. Well it is awesome and I never want to forget what I learn in lessons. I am, more than ever before, going into lessons expecting to be taught and just being amazed at the miracles I am witnessing. This week for instance. We had a meeting with Elder Gong and the stake and ward leaders. What a great meeting by itself and it really shows that members are waiting to do less-active work and are mindful of the things we do as missionaries! It was great to see them. And then we go from that meeting into something like missionary coordination meeting and Brother Chan comes RUNNING in his full on suit because he would be late otherwise. We start talking about the meeting and he pulls out those pyramid shaped paper cups and those are his notes. I am running out of things to be amazed by from Brother Chan. Every time I see him I wonder what he has to teach me next. What happened was he got finished working in the temple, and he was running a little late. He wants to make it on time and so he forgets a notebook. He realized it was that way so started writing notes on whatever he could find. I think he likes the method because the same thing happened in Ward Council Meeting yesterday. What a great man. But then, every time I’m in a lesson the members just shine! They really care for these people they’ve met only once or twice! They often call them for church without us asking or often tell us who is coming to church for sure! Amazing! I have learned so much this week!


Kira spoke at the fireside last night and it seems like she is back to her old self. After baptism was a really strange time. She wanted her mom to come hear her testimony but at the last second her mom cancelled on her. However, she promised to come to church with her this next week! Kira herself has been helping us fellowship and she is doing well! She even went out to dinner with John on Saturday. Unfortunately they were talking until late at night with another member and so they both missed Sacrament Meeting. There is some good and some bad. But she is doing well still.


Speaking of the fireside, we had a great turnout with us! We weren’t expecting such a great number, basically just Kira and John, but before you know it we had us two missionaries, 2 investigators, 3 members, an RC, and an LA all with us! It was so awesome and everyone enjoyed it. John is doing well. We had to reset his date for mid March just because he has to come to church more consistently. He is reading 2nd Nephi in the Book of Mormon and has gone online to search all the commandments, so I’m not sure what he believes. He is a pretty solid investigator though and even skipped a semester of school to stay out here and learn the gospel of Jesus Christ.


That is pretty much all this week. I am excited about this mom and her two sons who are supposed to come to meet with us this week! They were going to meet us and even come to church this past week, but her sons were sick! She seemed very excited though that we still remembered her (ha – do we ever!) and set a time to meet her this week! Things are going great here! I love you all!

Sounds like the Olympics are mediocre and the CTG’s are doing awesome! I love every one of you and remember you are never ever alone! The pictures are Wing being baptized by Elders Liu and Arrington. The other one is at the fireside with John, Kira, and some friends! I love you all!




Kyle's Mission



Elder Allen


P.S. I forgot to tell about the flopovers I made. At the first flop I almost cried. I was so happy to see the gold


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