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Sacrificing Good for Better

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January 5, 2014

Well it seems like ASU can’t pull through…but oh well…. I forgot about this year after… that one game not to be mentioned or brought up.  (ASU did not win its bowl game – The Holiday Bowl in San Diego against Texas.  In fact we’re not even sure they showed up for the game.)  I mean we have to beat this year’s 10 wins right?  They can’t set the bar too high for them.  Nevertheless, all is well here.  I am back to full strength (not that I was ever on the DL or anything) but I am feeling great!  2014 is just the best year right now!

The year got started in one of the best places in the world… Tai Po!!! Yes I’m not sure if any of y’all remember it but Tai Po is where I served from last January till April and it is just a blessed place.  Since I am a zone leader and one of our district leaders is in Tai Po we went on exchanges this week and I got to go back!  What a happy day that was!  The starchy, old food smell smelled like roses.  That’s bad English…. and weird.  But anyway.  I got to meet up with Roy, a man that Elder Goodrich and I taught and baptized!  And I got word that Janice Leung, a less active that we helped bring back is now in the Young Women’s Presidency.  All the other people are doing well too!  It is just such a calming feeling knowing people you helped months ago are still strong in the faith.  Tai Po was so awesome. Just a lot of finding there right now!  We found one man on the streets and taught a lesson to him!  Rescheduled him too, but it turns out he lives in Sha Tin.  Ha-ha… I tell you.  I love Tai Po and Tai Po loves me!  It’s meant to be! His name is Stanley.  He is a new investigator this week and actually came to church.  He came up to us and started asking us what the Book of Mormon is about!  He just started going to a church in Sha Tin and wants to learn about Christ.  He has a lot of misunderstanding about things so Brother Chan is on the job.  More details to come but its great!  Meeting people and inviting them to church!

This week another major thing happened with Kira.  We experienced what it was like to be a father for the first time basically.  She was having a really hard time in her life (about her boyfriend nonetheless – go figure) and that caused her a lot of anxiety, sadness, etc.  It was looking really grim for her coming back to church because she felt God had abandoned her.  We were trying to talk her out of going clubbing on New Year’s Eve but when we hung up the situation was like this: she knew what she was going to do would make her feel sad and grief but she wanted to get back at this boy.  However some friends in the ward convinced her to go to the church party instead and to our big surprise when she called us the next day she said she was sorry for the things she said to us and she went to the church party.  We were stunned and happy!  It was great and some ward members (some of which are semi/less active themselves) really helped her out and everything turned out well in the end.  We still have a long way to go with building her faith but she’s back to reading and praying.  Being in that situation is the worst!  If only they knew what you did!  But all is well with Heavenly Father!  We avoided a big scare with her this week!

Besides that everything is well.  We are really trying to focus and strengthen the part-member families in the ward.  Most of them come to church usually but need some help (but then again, so does everybody). We have found some great success with it!  Finding is getting better and will be even better this week.  We sat down, discussed the challenges of finding and how to resolve them. This week we are not going to walk along this path that is really beautiful, calm etc. because Elder Welker has found no success walking down it everyday.  It’s a big part of our area too but its just not a good place to meet people since they are all just exercising or walking the dog and don’t want to stop. Yesterday we started going the other way and met a Chinese person from Scotland last night in a place where we wouldn’t usually go!  We will most likely see him this week, but his schedule wasn’t set.  Sacrificing good for better is awesome!  I’ve seen it many times on my mission and I can’t wait to see these fruits.

Happy New Year everyone!

Elder Allen


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