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A New Shirt – A New Missionary

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January 12, 2014

The weeks are just flying by!  I find no better satisfaction and joy than feeling busy when I’m serving the Lord.  It is just a great time. I go to bed and crash in about 5 minutes every night even though I have the energy and the motivation to just go out and do more.  It’s the weirdest thing. This week it turned cold on us again but it wasn’t as bad as last time. Finding has been going great.  We probably had our best week ever here (although every week is the best let’s be honest!)

Before I forget, this next week we are going to the temple on Wednesday so I won’t write until then!  It’s going to be an awesome time.  By the way, the Gilbert temple should be having its grand opening soon!  Let’s see… what is my other new and exciting news?  Ah yes… I opened up another shirt from the beginning of my mission!  I thought it was just a good time to do it so I did something crazy and opened it.  I still have one more I haven’t even touched, and I’m not sure why I’m saving it to be honest, but oh well!  I’m sorry.  That is the exciting news you get from a missionary.  Isn’t it great?!  I feel like a new Elder!!  Two more years here I come! (That’s what he thinks!)

It’s exciting to hear ASU making an attacking move for once!  Stealing from the NFL?!  (Ray Anderson, ASU’s new athletic director was the NFL’s operations director before switching to the school.  He took a $1.5M cut in pay to come here!)  That’s impressive!  I’ve actually heard his name before I think?  When the NFL was about to go into lockout wasn’t he there?  That might be another person but will just go with him.  I think it will be awesome.

This week was not a bad week for us, or for the zone!  We are keeping up with a lot of the goals we set for ourselves.  The week got off to a slow start though.  We were working hard, but seeing little results.  The weekend turned out to be a great one for us though.  It started off by seeing Felix, Brandon, and Michelle at their home.  Something is keeping them from coming to baptism, but we just don’t know what.  They come to church every week, read scriptures, and pray as a family but are not willing to commit to anything.  Since our Sacrament Meeting time changed, and now we have Sacrament Meeting first, they come to all three hours so we are excited for that.  That was a big step in the right direction.  However, when we were at their house we went over “the goods and the bads of baptism” with them and they had some concerns.  Most of their problems come from the Word of Wisdom.  They know it’s the right thing to do, but they believe that the commandments apply after baptism and only then.  We now can get a “game plan” on how to help them overcome these problems.  They are meeting more members of the ward through coming to all of church so if we give it a little bit, good things are bound to happen.  They just need to know more people living the gospel.

John is doing great this week.  We are communicating with him more now. He is starting to meet a lot of members in the ward and this past week even downloaded the Gospel Library to his phone so he can read it whenever.  We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on the Atonement.  He loved the demonstration we did for him about how we are water, but then when we don’t follow commandments like not coming to church we add sin to our lives (by adding food coloring to the water) then the Atonement (bleach) helps us remove these stains since we can’t do it ourselves.  We were very focused on him coming to church, since he has trouble waking up.  He got the picture and even said he needs to come to church!  But then, he just didn’t wake up again.  Something is still holding him back; we’re not sure what to do.  But the lesson was great and he believes Joseph Smith is a prophet!  Now we just have to build that faith just a little more.

We got a miracle this week from a random member referral.  I lived with an Elder named Elder Chan about a year ago.  He finished his mission about 6 months ago.  Well he came to our ward with one of his friends!  We’re not clear about how they met, but we think that while he was a missionary and living in the Sha Tin area, they met her Mom and shared the gospel.  She wasn’t too interested then, but (and this is where we don’t have the pieces to the puzzle) now her daughter is investigating the church!  They came early to church and we taught Kim before church and then she stayed for all three hours!  The Young Women helped out a lot! These members are so awesome!  They look around, see who they don’t know and just start fellowshipping!  Kim is coming to English class on Saturday so we’ll see how it goes.  It’s awesome having RMs that served with you (in Tai Po when I was there) come back and help out!

We just finished the first round of our “member missionary class” designed by Brother Chan.  It turned out to be okay but minimal results right now.  We challenged everyone to bring up a gospel conversation to one person this week and only Kira did it!  But the good thing is that Kira did it!  She has to overcome some pretty big challenges right now and she is solid to the gospel.  It is awesome to see.

Things are good here. There are some good days, and some great days. The Lord is blessing us everyday!  It is always great to know that you wake up and you will go to sleep knowing that something crazy happened that day and its better than the last day!  I love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Allen


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