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Not Every Ward Has a Chinese Elvis – But Mine Does!

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December 15, 2013

Hello everyone! It’s another wet day in Hong Kong… just when I started to miss wet “finding” days Hong Kong just seems to always answer my desires for more rain!  Ha-ha!

Well first off. I don’t think I’m missing any birthdays this week…but let me triple check my planner… nope we should be good.  It is good hearing about Parker’s recovery.  Miracles truly happen!  There is a quote that the mission has about being only 99%.  It gives a list of all the things that would happen if things were only 99% obedient to their responsibilities like plane crashes etc.  This time we were in the right side!  (Elder Kyle is referring to Jenna and Corbin’s son Payson’s – not Katie and Dallin’s son Parker – visit to the hospital in early December.  He came down with meningitis and the doctors said there was really only about a 1% chance he wouldn’t suffer from any complications.  Payson left the hospital perfectly healthy!  This is just one of the many blessings our family has received during Kyle’s missionary service.)  That is a bigger win than any football game can provide am I right!?  It’s a great time for growth!  I’m just really happy everyone is okay!

We are in Wan Chai today so I’m on the island writing you all!  I took the famous Star Ferry for the first time today!  It’s raining though…not as cool. We’ve been to the island a lot this week.  Elder Welker had to see the doctor three times last week and we are going again today. It takes a lot of time getting from the beautiful Sha Tin to the island so that took up a big chunk of the week.  The worst part is the doctor graduated from Stanford… ehh… I sat right under the diploma from the Leland Stanford Jr. University for a while… but she also graduated from UCLA and this year I was okay with that.  I politely “scootched” over a couple of seats and waited under the UCLA diploma until he was finished.  Did you know their like motto thing is “Let there be light?”  I didn’t know UCLA was so religious!  Ha-ha just kidding they probably aren’t.  Being at the doctor’s office and helping other missionaries do language evaluations (a new program that the mission has come out with) has taken a big chunk of our proselyting time!  And the time we did have was the weekend, which means the rain. But you know the old saying “With the rain comes miracles?”  Well maybe I just made it up because that’s what happened.

Sha Tin seriously is the stereotyped missionary ward.  Every week our new investigators are welcomed by everyone at church.  The classes are focused around the investigators and even the Christmas party is all just centered around missionary work! The whole thing!  I’m not sure I have said this before but we have an Area Seventy in our ward, the stake president, President Chan (the old mission/temple president) and a normal bishop with his counselors etc….it is so awesome!  And that is not even mentioning Melvis.  Melvis for his work does impersonations of Elvis!  It’s amazing!  We have the Chinese Elvis in our ward.  I’ll get a picture with him.  He even has the hair.  Oh Melvis.  This week President Chan was going to be late to our lesson and so he came running in his full church clothes from his house 20 minutes away to get there on time!  He contacts so many people for us and we are meeting with one of them on Wednesday!  It’s awesome!

This week was awesome.  Kira is getting ready for baptism and is doing awesome. We finished teaching her everything she needs to hear to help her prepare herself.  She gave the spiritual thought in the second hour class and she did great!  She prepared well and had everything ready for her 3 or so minutes.  She is less nervous about baptism.  The ward is really excited to have a Christmas baptism and it’s on her birthday so all the better!  She has her baptismal interview this week.

The other great story is a new investigator this week, John Kwong. We met John as he was coming home from work.  He knew about us and actually went to church in Taiwan where he studies.  He was so interested to hear Sha Tin had a church that he wanted to go see it!  Right then!  So we walked to the 20+ minutes or so and taught him the message of the restoration.  He was really interested and said he already had a Book of Mormon.  He left and said he would come to church then next day, which he did!  He showed up and even though the Elders Quorum did a “on the fly” lesson, and the second hour Gospel Principles class went deep into the Millennium he still loved it all! The prepared ones are the ones who love the truth I guess!  He is so awesome.  He tried looking for his Book of Mormon after our lesson/impromptu church tour the day before but couldn’t find it, so he settled for the pamphlet. He accepted a baptismal date on Sunday as well.

The zone is doing well. We have all the new trainees that came in this week and they are already working hard!  Sorry I have no time to report. But I do have a cool story.  It was looking like we were only going to get 5 baptisms instead of our goal of 6 and then yesterday a miracle happened with the Elders serving in our zone. They have a long time investigator that wants to get baptized this month!  We are excited!  Thanks for all you do!  I love you!  And be safe!  I pray for you all everyday!  Talk to you later!

Elder Allen


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