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Farewell Cheung Sha Wan

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December 8, 2013

Well this is a pretty disappointing week for everyone…but oh well! (The Sun Devil football team lost the PAC-12 Conference Championship game to Stanford that week.)  It was a good year for the Devils!  Better than anyone predicted! It can be used as a stepping-stone for recruits!  But sadly I knew it was going to come to an end.  I mentioned in a letter that I sent to Mom and Dad that I looked back and saw that since I had been with Elder Arrington (who is converted to the Devils by the way. Like 100% into cheering for them instead of BYU) they had not lost!  But then this week the news came in, and the Devils destiny was sealed on Monday. But before I get to the story let me say how sorry I am to Staci and Chris. My memory is so bad that I had written down right in my planner that I needed to say “Happy Birthday” to them this week and then completely forgot.  I guess that’s what happens when 1 week gets confined to 1 hour!  Well now I guess I can say it… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I’m sorry about the loss but the Holiday Bowl (hopefully)  (The Sun Devils did end up going to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego.) that’s not a bad bowl game!!!

Anyway, on Monday night we were walking to a lesson and the assistants called us.  I knew ahead of time exactly what what it was about.  I mean it’s not unusual for the assistants to call us, but we just went with them to the Science Museum an hour before hand so I knew what it must be.  They called and said that I was being transferred on Wednesday, so that for Mission Leadership Council I could work with my new zone. The good fantastic ole days of Cheung Sha Wan came to a great ole finish 8 months to the day that I first served there!  And now I’m back to Tolo Harbour! Which I’m excited about!  I’m senior companion with an Elder Welker from Oregon in Sha Tin!  It’s just an awesome area. Tai Po was beautiful and all, but Sha Tin blows it out of the water!  Anyway before that…I got to see all the people one last time, Or Lan, Emily, Hazel, A-Hung (who is now named Stew for some reason… he picked it) A-Keung, A-Wing, Stephen, and some of the less-actives we helped bring back.  It’s awesome.  A-Wing’s baptism is coming up soon.  We finished teaching him everything this past week and he is doing all right!  When we went finding for the last time, I found something I had never seen before.  We found Bruce Lee’s old school!!  I had to take a picture with it!  It’s famous!


He came back one day and handed out awards to some students and the plaque said, “The students were happier to receive an award from him than they were from the governor of Hong Kong” or something like that.  Also there is a picture of my favorite tree in Cheung Sha Wan.  We go by it like everyday and it just sticks out into the middle of a very busy road!


So it’s so long farewell to Cheung Sha Wan.  Until we met again!  I was very used to it and the work is just going so awesome!  I can’t wait to see what Sha Tin has in store!  I’ll be here for a while since Elder Welker will go home in February someone will hold down the fort.  That’s me!  I wont miss the primary kids screaming their heads of everyday during personal study!  That has already been a bonus!  And we live like 10 minute walking distance from the chapel instead of a 45-minute train ride!  That’s always nice!

This week was an okay week for me.  I’m very sad to leave Cheung Sha Wan but if duty calls then duty calls!  It is great place and some of, if not the best experiences of my life happened there.  There is just so much that happened and I hope to keep those things learned with me here in Sha Tin.  I’m excited to go to work in a new area.  There is a lot that can be done here.  The ward is absolutely amazing!  They have so many people that know how to do missionary work.  We have an investigator named Kira who didn’t come to church for two weeks in a row and then yesterday when she came everyone was coming up to her asking if she was okay or if she needed any help (turns out she was going through a rough time in her life.)  They were just so excited to see her and they told her so.  One of the Young Women even bore her testimony in sacrament meeting about how she prayed to see “her friend” here at church because for the past few weeks she has not been in contact with her.  It is such an awesome ward!  I’m excited to go out and give these great ward members a bigger load to work on.  There is a lot of finding to do and we need to be more ready to find these people.  I’ve been studying and restudying Chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel over and over again.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve studied those chapters.  But I guess that’s a good thing! I love Chapter 9, it brings us some great success. (Chapter 9 of “Preach My Gospel is entitled “How Do I Find People to Teach?”  No wonder it is his favorite.)   There is a lot of the attitude “Sha Tin has always been known as one of the toughest places to have investigators in Hong Kong” going on but that’s okay.  We will get up, go to work, and find the elect.

Zone training meeting went pretty well. This week! I love planning them!

The area is going okay.  We have one solid investigator that is preparing herself really well for baptism.  She has already given up her friends, her job, her drinking, her smoking, her relationships, and just about everything else for the gospel.  She apparently got a miracle job but then after 3 weeks of them not letting her get Sundays off for church she quit! She didn’t even get one paycheck because of it!  Her name is Kira and she is awesome.  She came back to church for the first time and was really happy.  She said during that short time she stopped feeling the spirit, but then she realized its because of what she did, not Heavenly Father.

Well that’s all! Merry Christmas to one and all! Go Devils!!! I love you all!! Keep up the good spirits!

Elder Allen


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