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An Abundance of Potatoes

December 1, 2013

I just can’t believe its already here again!  These past like 6 months have just flown by!  I can remember everything and nothing!  Despite all the things that I have forgotten I did have it in my mind that the home team hasn’t won the Territorial Cup in 4 years!  I can’t believe that! 58-21!! (ASU beat the U of A this year by that score at home.)  And I didn’t know Auburn was that good!  Where was their game at?! (Auburn beat  number one ranked Alabama 34-28 on an amazing last play of the game in Alabama.  Click here to watch the YouTube video for yourself.) That had to be like the best football game ever!  It overall sounded like an eventful week and a happy week!  Who can’t be happy with Turkey, a Devil’s win, and a letter from Corey’s doctor saying that its unsafe to eat Chili on a sloped surface!  (At about this time every year I invite my family and a few friends over for a party I call “The Lighting Ceremony.”  At this particular party all of the guests are required to sit out on the front driveway of our house and eat chili, sing Christmas songs, listen to expanations of how the Christmas lights were put up and countdown to the lights being turned on.  Most of the family members complain about it being so visible to traffic passing by the house and neighbors who may be outside.  Most just complain.  This year my brother Corey forged a note from his doctor saying the party was unsafe because of the slope of the driveway.  Some people will try anything to get out of having a good time.)  That’s enough reason for me!  Well…overall here it was a pretty awesome week as well, but every single week is!  I all of the sudden have to eat.  Ever since about last night I ate like two Recess (or however you spell them) (normally I try to change the spelling of Kyle’s misspelled words for purposes of the blog, but here I wanted you to see how bad some of it is getting.  I don’t think he meant recess – the 15 minutes you got to go outside and play in elementary school – but Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – which have always been one of his favorite kinds of candy.  He must have been saving/rationing them since I sent him some in a package for Halloween.  My educated guess is he hadn’t eaten because he was nervous about the ASU UofA game!) for dinner which I love, and was full until now.  But now!!  I need to eat!

Speaking of eating, I failed to mention one thing that I ate for the first time. Well like I said we had dinner at the Yim’s house and they have become some of my very good friends!  Well at their house this time, we had one of the best Thanksgivings ever.  At dinner everyone was daring me to eat the turkey’s butt!  So I did!!!  It wasn’t good at all!  But I did!  I can only imagine what was in it at the time the poor fella went the way of the earth, but it didn’t taste good.  However, everyone got a good laugh for the rest of the night, so the missionaries’ job of being good guests was accomplished.

Speaking of Thanksgiving….holy cow….we bought the most potatoes I have ever seen in one place.  We went to the CHEAPEST place we could find.  After weighing 3 potatoes the signs did not look good. It was about 15 dollars for 3 or 4 potatoes. We only had 100 dollars and need to feed 24 missionaries. We looked a little discouraged so I just said, “Give me 100$ worth”.  And then it just turned into another loaves and fish miracle.  The two little old ladies working there just started going crazy with potatoes!!! They had potatoes going everywhere!  I know my Chinese isn’t good, but it isn’t that hard to mistake 100$ for 100 potatoes.  I keep saying, “Only 100$, only 100$!” And they just keep going!  We ended up with so many potatoes that we had to transport them to the church using my suitcase!!!!  Peeling them took forever!!  But it was worth it!  Everyone enjoyed the surplus.  I think it was like over 30 lbs. of potatoes or something!?  All I know is that I stayed within my budget and I guess being a really confused white guy at local stores has its advantages.  Thanksgiving turned out great!


Here is a picture of just SOME of the potatoes Kyle purchased that day.

As for Elder Arrington and I, we had a good week as well. We had a little trip up at church though.  A-Wing got called into work last minute.  They hired someone new (which is good since now he won’t have to work as much) but he had to train him on Sunday.  That happened Saturday night. And then we had an investigator at church who left before Sacrament meeting started and another one that Sunday morning said he was on his way but then just never showed up.  It was a little disappointing, but all of it doesn’t matter as much as the Tong Family came back to church again!  It was so awesome to see them for a second time.  I think the daughter, Katie, really likes coming so they come! She and Brother Tong read the scriptures (I think with Sister Tong as well) this week and I think had a better experience at church this week than last week.  We went over to their house on Saturday and watched the Restoration DVD with them.  We were going to move on to the Plan of Salvation, but we both felt they needed a stronger foundation in order to really progress anyway, and we thought they would enjoy the movie.  It was a great lesson and everybody participated by reading the scriptures.  I think this is turning out to be one of the greatest blessings of my mission – sitting down at church and seeing a whole family who we are helping.  The Spirit is really helping them along their path.  I have a firm belief in all of them, including Sister Tong.  I know that they know that these things are what they need to do.

We still had a good week at church.  Patrick came and is doing great.  His friend that introduced us to him cancelled our lesson with him this week so he could go to Institute with her.  We were glad but also wanted to see him! He wants to get baptized in December but not sitting down with us for an entire week would be a slight problem.  Anyway, we finished cleaning up after the zone’s Thanksgiving party and as we were walking out, there is Patrick and his friend, Suk Fan.  They came early to Institute, in fact really early.  They asked us if we wanted to sit down with them and have a lesson.  It turned out great!  He came to church and is doing well, he just hasn’t started reading from the beginning yet.  But he has said he reads almost everyday.  It’s a good start!  I’m excited for Patrick.

Besides that we are just trying to invite as many people to church as possible. The one that left early is a new investigator this week. We met with him twice during the week, but then he just left before Sacrament.  It was great.  We actually have seen him a lot while finding and he just always looked depressed.  And he was wearing the same SpongeBob SquarePants shirt that looks like it glows in the dark all three times.  We have tried talking to him before, but he didn’t want to listen to our message. Anyway, we run into him again this week and he was interested! Depressed the first time, but at the second meeting he seemed happier, and then at church he seemed more active and fresh.  He even said, “It feels good to be inside a church again!”  Awesome!  It’s a long road for Brother Lam but it’s a good road to be on!  The best one!  I forgot to mention this…. our first meeting with him we were talking about Christ and then all of the sudden out of nowhere he pulls out (of his pants of all places) one of those hats that Muslims wear!  I couldn’t believe it!  Ha-ha!  The lesson took quite a turn after that!  I’ve talked to Muslims before but never really taught them.  I don’t think he is truly Muslim though…he just says he is.

I love you all!  GO DEVILS!!!!  I can’t believe I’m not there to witness one of the biggest games in Sun Devil history!!!  (The Sun Devils next game was the PAC-12 Championship against Stanford) But I’ll be cheering them on from far across the ocean.  I was fasting this week! (Just kidding….it was Fast Sunday) but really!  While the game was going on, I wasn’t eating!  Ha-ha!  I love you all!

Elder Allen