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Elder Allen – TV Star?

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November 10, 2013

 Who knew so much could happen in one short weekend?  On both sides of the globe!  Here was pretty good and exciting but it sounds like a lot happened over there!  The biggest thing…not that there is a new nephew/niece that I can’t meet for a while or will recognize when I show pictures to investigators but that the Devils won!!!!  Just kidding.  I’m seriously just surprised Jenna, this whole time, was pregnant!!  Who knew!!!  (Jenna and Corbin’s son, Payson Nicks Robinson was born on November 9, 2013 and he weighed 7 lbs 6 oz.  Kyle kept insisting the whole time she was pregnant that we were joking with him and she wasn’t really expecting.  We kept sending him pictures but he thought they were fakes.  That just shows you what kind of relationship they have. Here is the picture of Payson that we sent to Elder Kyle.)


I’m not exactly sure how many nieces and nephews I have anymore… is anyone pregnant?  I’m serious this time!  (No one is pregnant Elder.  You had three nieces and one nephew when you left.  Now you have four of each.  Your four older, married sisters have all had one baby since you have been gone.  Julie -Zachary, Katie – Parker, Sarah – Hadley, and Jenna – Payson.  I don’t know how many times I have told him this but he just can’t seem to remember.  I guess he has other things on his mind.)  I think we’re done but you never know.  That sounds like an exciting time that November 7,8,9 or 8,9,10 I can’t remember but its awesome! (Here he is referring to their birthdays.  Last fall, Sarah had her baby on November 8th and Julie had hers on November 10.  Payson was born this year on November 9, giving us birthdays on November 8, 9, and 10.)  Zach looks a lot like Bennett I think…or maybe I’ve just been looking at Zach… I’m not sure!  Anyway…I’m glad everyone had a good weekend.

We had a good weekend over here in Cheung Sha Wan.  We ran a zone training meeting on Friday, had a full day of lessons on Saturday, and then had just an awesome Sunday!  We had a pretty good day at church with investigators coming to church, but a lot just didn’t show up which was a bummer.  We were sitting there and this guy walks in, obviously from mainland who just sits down and listens to all of sacrament meeting!  We talk with him after and he had an awesome story.  So he is originally from a place up by Beijing but lives in Shenzhen with his wife.  He has his wife’s religion but felt that it wasn’t complete.  He did some searching but since he was in Mainland couldn’t really find any solid information.  But then something told him to come down to Hong Kong on Sunday, just for Sunday and try looking around.  He said it was funny he actually followed through with it because now with his Visa he has to like go through a long application process to renew it so he can have more chances to leave mainland and he wasn’t expecting to use his last trip for a while (I hope that makes sense).  (It doesn’t.)  Anyway, he got off the train in Kowloon Tong and just started walking!  Not knowing where to go or what he was doing!  But he just went! And then as soon as he saw the church he knew that’s where he had to go.  So he went in, listened to the whole meeting but only speaks Mandarin so didn’t understand anything, and then was able to meet with us through a translator… it’s actually kinda weird how much Mandarin and Cantonese sound alike.  I could understand the general idea of what he was saying the entire time!  Anyway, he was very interested!

Next came from that night of finding on the streets in Cheung Sha Wan. We didn’t originally to go finding yesterday because our schedule was pretty packed, but these two students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have been researching about missionaries for a while. They have had some interviews with some other missionaries and have talked to us before, sat in on our English class and stuff like that.  Well they wanted to go finding with us and asked if they could follow us so we said yes!  So we did about an hour of finding yesterday and the camera was on us the whole time!  It was pretty awesome what happened!  Everyone thought we were some TV stars or something (ha-ha) so everyone was more willing to stop and listen.  We actually taught a full lesson to someone I met with Elder Kwan but he didn’t have any time then but this time he was really interested and said he wanted to come to church.  It was pretty interesting doing missionary work with like little microphones and people following you.  It worked though!!!!  So after the great success the hour brought they were interviewing us and asked questions like why do we go finding, what do we say, what’s the motivation behind it and stuff.  And then I asked them how they felt and they both said how tired they were only after one hour!  Both of them were amazed that some people do that everyday for 7 hours a day!  I think the whole thing went well.  They are coming to English class again on Wednesday.  Elder Allen – TV star.  It doesn’t have a good ring.  I think I’ll stick to being just a regular missionary.  That suits me better.  But it’s good for the church!!

The weekend was a good one.  We had the chance to meet with our investigator family again, which changes a good week into an excellent week.  We were a little late to call and confirm them and so I was a little nervous about calling them, but when Brother Tong answered the phone I knew good things happened this week.  He answered the phone very excited and when I asked if we could still come visit he got very excited and answered like it wasn’t even a question.  I was very excited to see what happened even though I had no clue as to what it could be.  Well, they did a lot of gospel related activities this week.  They even went by the temple/church on a bus and Brother Tong told his daughter about the story of the Angel Moroni.  It shows what a good dad he is because he was joking around calling Moroni pineapple, because of their similarity in Chinese.  The daughter knew his name was Moroni because she saw his picture in the Book of Mormon.  They were laughing about that together during the visit in which we talked about how the Book of Mormon came forth.  We originally planned to read I Nephi chapter 1 with them since the chance was slim that they would read alone.  How little was our faith though.  The daughter, Katie, and Brother Tong read all the introductory pages and all the way up to I Nephi 5!  Amazing!  And this time Brother Tong shared his testimony on how the Book of Mormon has helped his life. They were close to committing to come to church this past week but weren’t up for it yet.  That’s okay.  I have full faith they will come.  The circumstances are just too good!  They have ward connections, his ward co-worker friend says he has a big possibility of coming back and the wife is fully supportive of it and has to be blind not to see the difference in her family.  I really like the mom, Alice.  She is a very good mother and is willing to talk about it, just isn’t too open right now.  That’s okay.  It will come.  We will bring a Melchizedek Priesthood holder back with his family!  It will just need some time.

 Our ward is doing very well with less-active fellowshipping.  We have 4 or 5 less-actives that we have been working with that are on the path back to full activity.  They help us out so much.  We had 6 come to church this past week and they seem to have like it, even though our Sacrament meeting which is always loud and noisy finished a good 20 minutes late, everyone seemed to have a good time!  Obedience is awesome!  We’re trying to be obedient to fight all these people! Nephi had so much faith that people had to believe his words and our obedience is an act of our faith.  I have full faith it will be an excellent week!  I love you!!  I can’t wait to hear from you again!  Go Devils!

 Elder Allen


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