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The Red Christmas Tree

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November 17, 2013

Well I can’t ever remember what I talk about week in and week out but that’s okay.  This week is a little different!  I am being watched while writing…literally.  The two college reporters wanted to follow us on our preparation day so as a result all of this is like being recorded from a side angle.  They looked shocked as I gave a fist and a high five in the air to Elder Arrington as I saw news of the ASU victory.  What an awesome day!  That was a big game… but its nothing compared to Saturday!  Is it a little ironic how they play and and will clinch the PAC-12 South Championship on my 18th anniversary of being a missionary?!   I think not.  It’s going to be an awesome day.  Like always I won’t even think about it until the bus ride to the library… but boy is it a long five minute bus ride… GO DEVILS!  (This is the week that the Sun Devils beat Oregon State 30-17.  Their game the following week is against UCLA for the PAC-12 Championship.  Kyle predicts a victory!)

The Christmas season is in full swing here… instead of saying Happy Holidays everywhere, they have Merry Christmas everywhere!  The Festival Walk (the mall in Kowloon Tong that we go by everyday) Christmas tree (singdaansyuh) is up and it actually rivals that of Disneyland.  I’m going to be honest… it might be bigger… but then again I’ve been away from Disneyland for too long and if my brain can’t even remember my nieces and nephews how can it remember a Christmas tree?

Elder Kyle sent a picture of the Christmas Tree in Hong Kong (It is red!?!) and you can compare it here to the big Christmas tree on Main Street in Disneyland.  Well, you can almost compare them because he took the picture from Hong Kong at a pretty funny angle.



 Oh well.  We are also celebrate Thanksgiving here to some extent but it is more of a church holiday here.  Seriously!  All the wards have a feast, families and even the missionaries!  Elder Arrington and I are in charge of our zone’s thanksgiving feast.  Don’t they know that is a disaster in the making?  “Dad burnt the turkey” “oh, one of those” (both of these are references to one of Elder Allen’s favorite Christmas movies, “The Santa Clause.”)  Too bad they don’t have Denny’s here and those people are from Japan in the movie.  I think that just means we’ll stick to McDonald’s…

Well this week was a great week for us…a lot of things happened this week that were memorable and I would write about them… but I just now realize I forgot my planner and of course can’t remember any single thing that I wrote down.  We’ve had a lot of meetings lately that have been taking a big chunk of our time.  We had zone conference this week and we had to lead a discussion and give a training for, a meeting with the stake this week about the ward’s new mission plans, and a zone wide maybe turned mission wide in the future training meeting on how to make District Meetings more effective that we have to think about and plan for next week.  It’s a lot of planning but the miracles keep on coming. Having an attitude of gratitude really makes a difference!  The new investigators are popping up out of nowhere!  Whether they be from friend’s introductions or other missionaries that find people in our area and then turn them over, it is a great time to be in Cheung Sha Wan…and the Kowloon Zone!  I just wish I had more stories to share.  I can’t believe I forgot my planner!

The weather is good!!  Nice and breezy like home…but that’s not in my planner.  I brought the sweatshirt out for the first time this week…but that’s also not in the planner….oh well…

A-Wing, one of our progressing investigators, is really doing well.  I’m not sure if I reported this news last week but after teaching the Sabbath Day, we challenged him to ask his boss for Sundays off.  Heavenly Father has truly blessed him and his boss said, “yes.”  I think ever since then his understanding and the desire to really learn about God has increased and subsequently he is learning things and accepting things easier and easier as opposed to the very slow pace of acceptance before.  We were talking about the Word of Wisdom and he understood why it takes an act of faith and why God commands us to follow him.  This is a man who needed about 4 lessons to understand what a prophet does and now he accepted the challenge to quit tea and coffee after 10 minutes of explaining everything and checking for understanding.  It truly is because of the Book of Mormon.  He reads everyday and as a result is more familiar to gospel terms and wording etc.  We had to extend a new baptismal date this week (because his job is not allowing him to come to church) and this time he said “yes no problem. I can do it.”  We will see him get baptized.  He is a great guy and has a good relationship with some ward members as well.

We also had a great week in finding new investigators, but the greatest one didn’t come from us it came from a member of institute (direct correlation).  She thought her friend Patrick was ready to hear the gospel so she wrote down his number at institute and then contacted us with it. Patrick works at a library in Hong Kong University and is a great people person.  We were able to schedule and meet him, which we did on Saturday.  We shared a message about the Restoration and he said a really great prayer at the end, even asking for things in his prayer as well as thanking our Heavenly Father, which I don’t know why but it’s not that common for people praying for the first time.  He came to church for the first time as well.  Elder Arrington and I were worried because we had 3 investigators there that we knew hadn’t heard the Law of Chastity yet which was the Sunday School lesson.  However, looking back on it I’m not sure why we were worried. It’s the Lord’s work and he’ll put into the hearts of His children truth.  After church Chris was said he was a little shocked to hear about this topic his first time coming to church, but understood it and committed to it!  And then right after we read 2nd Nephi 31:7-12 together and committed him to be baptized!  I couldn’t believe it.  In weekly planning we planned for it (even though we knew literally nothing about him, not even how old he was) but I am still amazed that everything worked out to the dot and he is awesome.  All within a span of 24 hours we met him, developed a friendship, and extended the baptismal invitation to him.  It is awesome!

Have a great week all of you!  It’s amazing to see the Lord’s miracles.  Its crazy to see how in our ward, every Sunday at 9:00 am., what miracles happen.  It’s like we are expecting miracles, especially with less actives!  The less active work is going great right now!  I love you all!  And I am so grateful for all of you!  Have and excellent week!  I’ll remember what I need to say in about 5 minutes!  Love you all!

Elder Allen


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