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A Twenty-Five Month Missionary

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October 21, 2013

 Well I have decided everybody!  I’m going to be coming home on June 20, 2013!  So I’ll be a 25-month missionary!  I think it’s pretty awesome to serve 25 months… It wasn’t really a hard decision. (You’ll notice that Elder Allen didn’t ask me for my opinion about the whole thing!)  I heard that you have a date when you have to end your mission by. That date for me was June 11th, and if you want to pass that date the mission president has to get permission from somebody… like the head of the missionary department I think?  Or even the First Presidency??  I’m not sure but either way it will be kinda cool to say I served for 25 months. The work is just awesome!  It will make up for some of that lost MTC time!  (Kyle was one of the last missionaries that had to spend twelve weeks in the MTC in order to learn Chinese.)  Ha-ha!

 This week is just an exhausting week for some reason.  And I love it!  Lately there has just been so much to do with the zone with investigators, members and things like that so Elder Arrington and I got back up to working 24/7 non-stop this week.  It must have had a pretty big affect on me because at stake conference yesterday about 4 people said I looked like a Panda Bear!  What is this world coming to?  Ha-ha!  But get this…I ate a Reese’s (his spelling on this was way off – something like “recess” and since it is his absolute favorite kind of candy he has obviously been gone for quite a while!) candy for the first time… so we are all good good.  Elder Arrington’s mom felt like we should celebrate Halloween with some U.S. candy so she sent us some!  Amazing!  But the work is going really great.  I have found that even showering is a burden.  It is such a waste of time.  Don’t get me wrong… I shower every night… but there is just so much to do at night and showering is just boring!  That was my thought this week… while in the shower… ironic how that works.

 This was a pretty awesome and eventful week.  We had the Asia Area conference and so we listened to Elder Hales and Elder Holland speak.  Pretty great and everything.  I don’t know if you remember, but during the “Work of Salvation” broadcast, they had like a melody of hymns with video of this family bringing other people into the gospel.  Well they did the exact same thing here!  Seriously – like frame for frame!  But it was this Korean family instead of an English one, ha-ha.  It was just as inspiring though… except they weren’t Chinese… oh well.  Yesterday was a very good time. 

We did have a pretty funny experience this week.  We are working with this man who came back to the church who had stopped coming about 40 years ago.  About two months ago we started teaching him again after the sisters and us went knocking on less active’s doors in this one estate here.  Anyway, he suffers from problem with his mind and so he has forgotten literally everything about the gospel.  He didn’t even know what prayer was.  In fact the only thing he remembers about the Church is his baptism.  It is so strange, he remembers little to nothing, but still remembers getting baptized!  Anyway… we were at his house teaching about prayer and coming to church this week. We had a demonstration using a string and two cups to communicate as if the string was the Holy Ghost.  Our point was that if we didn’t come to church we didn’t have the string, and it would be harder to understand answers to prayers than if we came to church.  Well, we are talking and I’m holding one cup as the Holy Ghost telling him a part of the lesson and all the sudden he just starts ripping them… just over and over again just the loudest… farts….I have ever heard….and disgusting too.  I am almost positive he had to change his pants…but after all the rolling thunder he was just completely normal…like nothing happened!  I was shocked.  My mouth dropped.  Let’s just say the Holy Ghost even let out some laughs.  It was something like I will never hear/see again.  To him it was just completely normal to let off what he let off while talking to people.  I always heard that is a rumor among Chinese people but I have seldom witnessed it.  But hey, he understands why we have to pray and come to church every week now!  I call it a success.  A big win for everyone.  Except maybe our noses….

 We are already seeing some great blessings from focusing on the gospel 24/7 and not letting anything stop us. We even found some new investigators this week to reload the teaching pool. What happened this week was that we went to go see a recent convert at his house.  We finished teaching him, but realized we had about 20 minutes before we had to leave to teach another lesson.  Instead of wasting that time, we decided to go finding in an area that I have never really tried finding in because of the density of people there.  We start walking around but nothing happened.  We knew we had planned for new investigators this week, but still hadn’t found any.  That just motivated us more to meet our goals and find until we absolutely had to leave for our next appointment.  Well our determination paid off and we were able to meet a very nice man named Tim.  We were able to teach him most of the lesson on the restoration and we scheduled an appointment to see him again.  It was just a small blessing but it was a week changer.  Just seeing first-hand that going the extra mile and not wasting any of the limited amount of time we had brings so many blessings (both seen and unseen) was such a confidence builder.  We both know that if we continue to do these things, we will succeed.  We were very grateful to recognize that blessing as well.  After we got out of that first lesson we had been debating what to do and if it would be effective to go finding then and there.  Well my answer from now on will be – it doesn’t hurt at all!

We also are having great success with our recent converts.  Or Lan, a recent convert of 2 months has caught the spirit of missionary work and is inviting her neighbors to hear about the gospel. We met with her on Friday, and she told us that her friend was going to come with her to the Relief Society activity the next day.  The only thing was that he was the one man making curry when we went to go meet him the next day.  It actually was a great way to make the situation less awkward because he was very happy to see other males there.  We talked and introduced ourselves in the hallway while the Relief Society finished up.  We gave him a tour of the chapel and shared a message.  We planned to share the Restoration but time was short and he had to leave, but we were able to talk for a good 20 minutes and set up a time to meet him again, in Or Lan’s home.  He has had a rough month.  His spouse ran away with their 6-year-old son and no one has heard from them since.  The gospel can help all people in all situations.  It was great and I think he really appreciated the invitation to go to the activity.

That’s all the major news for the week.  It was an awesome week and I can’t wait to keep going with the momentum we have.  The ward has really caught the missionary spirit especially with less-actives.  Lately we have been averaging about 5 less actives at church and it is because of people the members are bringing back, nothing that we are doing.  It is so awesome to see it.  It is a great blessing and a great miracle every weekend.  Things are just getting better and better here. The Lord is watching over and guiding us. Sorry if this letter doesn’t make sense.  It’s a bit scrambled!  Go Devils!  A-S-U!  I love you all!  The little things in life are the best things in life!  We are a family of little things but I love it.  We are the best family in the world and I love you all!

Elder Au Yeung


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