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500 Days as a Missionary

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October 6, 2013

 I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I like to keep track in my journal of how many days I’ve been a missionary.  I’m not exactly sure how it benefits me, but then again it doesn’t hassle me. Anyway I was writing everything down for Saturday and it turns out that it was my 500-day mark!  I had no idea.  Well of course I had an idea but I just completely forgot about it!  And so my 500 day present was the Devils being the same ole Devils…I like that!  (The Sun Devils lost a heartbreaking game to Notre Dame on national television this week.)  No change.  Everything is normal.  It’s all good!   Especially to a famous team like Notre Dame it adds a little extra disappointment.  But I don’t want to add insult to injury so we’ll just move on from that.  Its best for all of us.

 This week…well nothing exciting happened really. We were still super busy with 3 meetings, whether it be with the stake, all the zone leaders, or our zone it took up a lot of time!  Mostly it was just planning and preparing everything but I think in the end everything turned out all right. I’m just excited to go back out and start finding more people to teach!  Its crazy but we just haven’t had much time.  However, things are slowing down for us a little bit, but that’s exciting! Things are still going well for us but we just have this opportunity to blow the area up again!  Don’t get me wrong, the area is still doing great, but recently I’ve just felt a sense of urgency to go out and find more!  It’s awesome! 

 Oh yeah, I have another story that happened this week.  We had a fireside yesterday for recent converts and such.  Well Ken, an investigator who we taught and baptized in TKO was one of the speakers there!  He is doing awesome and he says who he started reading “Jesus the Christ” a couple months ago and now he is almost finished with it!  He had a goal to finish it in a month but he just couldn’t do it.  Now I’m no reader or anything, but that’s amazing!  I don’t think there is any way I could finish a book like that in a month, while going to work everyday and providing for and raising a family.  I was just blown away!  I had never even heard of “Jesus the Christ” before and he doesn’t even remember how he found it!  We talked for a while after the meeting and he was saying how he liked his calling as the assistant ward mission leader and all that!  He is so awesome!  That brings so much happiness to me!  Stephen got confirmed yesterday.  A-Hung got sustained to receive the Priesthood said the opening prayer at church (however….he blessed that the cereal would help us be healthy??! Ha-ha!  Probably the funniest thing I’ve heard in a prayer.)  He also stood up where he was sitting and started saying the prayer right there!  Everyone has to learn right?  Ha-ha!  So funny.  We celebrated Or Lan’s birthday with her and met her family. Hazel and A-Keung are doing well so everything is just so good in Cheung Sha Wan and over in TKO!  No idea about Tai Po but I’m sure its still just as amazing!  It’s kinda sad because I might be leaving this week!  Yesterday was 6 months here and moves calls are tomorrow so you never know.  I love this ward.  It is so… Hong Kong… it’s going to be interesting to see where the Lord takes me.  Hopefully it’s still right here!  The work is so great here!  The busiest and best area/ward I’ve been with.  The area is a miracle.  That’s a good summary.  We’ll see where I am next Monday.  The bigger question, am I still here, or did Ralphie make his first run at Sun Devil Stadium? (I have no idea what this means.)

 We need to go find more investigators.  It’s not that we are doing bad, but we just need to “reload” for lack of a better term.  I love meeting those people who will receive us.  It’s a miracle every time it happens and I love it!  We had a good week at church, but a lot of people who said they would come and didn’t.  We have to start teaching how important church is in receiving a spiritual witness that everything we say is true.  However, the ones that are coming to church are really solid in coming to church.  We have really been trying to help John understand the Savior’s life and ministry through the Book of Mormon.  He is only in 1st Nephi 13 right now, which means that he progressed very little this week.  He likes coming to church though.  Before he said, “Maybe I’ll come to church” but now he always says, “See you Sunday.”  He is very good friends with Stephen (they sit together at church) and his baptism had a big impact on John seeing the blessings coming from it.  Kenneth has started to read the Book of Mormon, came to church, and was willing to stay and talk after.  He is doing okay.  Just needs more prayers and faith to keep all the commandments.  We had a good lesson with Eric after church as well.  He prayed about if he should be baptized and he said that immediately he felt something hit him and he took that as his confirmation.  We are very excited since his baptism date is the end of this month!

 We had two more investigators that are progressing this week; they just couldn’t come to church yesterday.  Wing is up to 1st Nephi 8 in the Book of Mormon.  He is a very slow learner and doesn’t remember anything he read, but his bookmark was in 1st Nephi 8 and I believe him when he said he read until there.  After reading 1st Nephi 1 with him, he said he had a better understanding of what is going on.  I think he is doing really well and I’ll keep continuing to pray for him. He thought he was going to make it to church but then got called in to work at the last minute and was there from opening to about 8 or 9 at night.  He is a trooper.  Then finally there is Jason, who is doing well.  We were a little worried about him because we tried to give Jason’s brother and friend a baptismal date as well, but they both said no.  We think it might have affected Jason’s desire for baptism so we are going to try and focus on helping his testimony so he can be committed more for baptism!!!  He is a stud I like him a lot!  We have found him through English class which is doing great!  We’re up to teaching about 30-40 people every week!!! 

 I love you all!  You are all so awesome!  Have a great week and remember the Savior throughout the day not just at the beginning or end!  It’s something I feel like I could be so much better at!  I love you again!  Go Devils!  I can’t wait to watch conference!  I heard the ldsconffly made its first appearance! Ha-ha!  (In Hong Kong, they listen to conference one week later than we do here in the U.S.  Probably for translation purposes or something like that.  We gave Kyle a “heads up” that one of the conference speakers had been bothered by a fly that kept hovering near his face during his talk.  We also told him that his sister Jenna, her husband Corbin and her brothers-in-law had tweeted for the fly under the Twitter name ldsconffly.  It gave him something extra to watch for during conference and a bit of information no one else had.)   Thats quick thinking!

 Elder Au Yeung

 Kyle included the following four pictures with his email this week.  The only one he said anything about is the one I will post here first.  He said it was a picture of the moon during the Fall Festival.







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