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September 8, 2013

Dear Family and Friends

It doesn’t seem like only what?  Four days since I last wrote?  (Because Kyle’s p-day was changed last week his last letter was only a few days ago) It feels like an entire week! So much planning and things to do here its just busy and busy. Well first of all, Chan Yew Hung got baptized this week!  It’s a great thing this is!  That makes 5 baptisms here in Cheung Sha Wan over a period of 5 months!!!  In fact yesterday (I think) was my 5-month mark here!!  What a great time to be here!  The Lord is truly blessing me, us, and everybody!  I mean, wow!  These past 5 months have been…well…. a miracle!  (Maybe it has been only 4…. you have to set some ground work for the miracles to occur ha-ha.)  Here is a picture of him. He’s not very photogenic, or energetic…but the Lord doesn’t mind (I don’t think).


And on the same day as the baptism, USC lost at home to Washington State?!  The heavens are truly open.  I forgot to tell everybody this, but do you remember my friend Jake Toombs?  He sent me an email this past week saying that he has repented of his wickedness (he’s in Northern Mexico right now going to school) (for those of you who are unfamiliar with our terminology, Northern Mexico is our nice way of saying Tucson.)  and transferring to ASU!!!  That’s another amazing story.  Ha-ha!  But I don’t know about this week. Dad predicted “Devils Win…Big.” that’s just a recipe for failure…but I think we just need another hot day like I heard it was on Saturday…oh and I can’t believe I’m a new uncle again!!!!!!  Parker sounds like a good name…I mean if you remember Parker was my first companion’s name…it’s pretty lucky.  AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA!!!!!  I totally forgot that on Thursday…my bad….but yeah… oh well… better late than never.  If you haven’t noticed a trend that I tend to forget birthdays…I do!  My planner says  “email happy birthday to this person….” but it never happens.  What are you going to do?  Sending me an email saying “Hello it is my birthday this emailing week!” would be a good help for starters ehh ehh?  

 This week Elder Liu and I hosted Zone Meeting!  3 full hours of training 34 missionaries!  I mean it was fun in the end but it took a lot of preparation.  I’ve been to many a zone meetings where it’s just as boring as it could be but this one I think was lively.  Everyone enjoyed it (or at least they told me they did… but it’s not like they would say otherwise) and at the end we got a brand new gift!  The church finally came out with a triple column Chinese Character, English, and PingYam Book of Mormon!  We all got a copy!  It’s such a good addition!  Now those who can’t read characters can read the Book of Mormon with investigators!  It’s awesome it really is! This mission has waited a long time for something like this!  Things seem to be cooling down here as well so things are looking up!  We had a lot of good things happen this week and I’m just so happy to see other people’s happiness!!! 

 Things are looking really good in Cheung Sha Wan.  Yesterday we had our fifth baptism this year with Chan Yew Hung. The ward didn’t do well in attendance, but since Ward Council was right after, all the ward leaders were there!  It was a good strategy even though it wasn’t planned out. They were really supportive of the baptism and the bishop and us have gotten to be really good friends lately.  He even had us over for dinner the same night!  A-Hung’s baptism went well, and throughout the whole day he was thanking everybody who he could talk to you for helping him and welcoming him into the ward.  He was smiling the whole day.  We have made a bigger push recently to meet his wife lately and finally after the baptism he agreed to it.  I think he truly felt the difference and the change in his life.  Amazing.  I’ll never know what he was feeling yesterday, but it will be exciting to meet his wife.

 At ward council we presented the email presentation to the leaders and it was a success.  We even brought out the new street display for them to see.  That’s when they really got excited and right then and there we planned a day where the members will go finding with us, using the display. They loved it so much and instead of talking about missionary work for 5 minutes in ward council then inviting us to leave, we talked about missionary efforts for a very long time on how we can reach out goal for the year.  Between the street display and the baptism, the ward was enveloped in the spirit of missionary work.  We left the meeting very happy and accomplished which I can say is a first in this ward council.  Very exciting what will be happening in the next few weeks.

 The rest of our area is doing well and we plan on adding some more baptismal dates this week. Our new investigators category has been nothing but a miracle.  For instance, the sisters knocked on the door of this man named Moon Kyun. He was in his underwear but had interest so they taught him and then he came to Family Home Evening just this past week.  While we were teaching him and sharing our purpose etc. he told us about how he was in a Mainland jail a very long time ago because his company went under and he was in debt for millions of dollars.  He was about to give up hope and he was ready to die but then some Christian Missionaries came to the jail and he had interest in what they were saying.  As time went a long it gave him hope to keep going forward but never had any interest in joining them and being baptized.  Well then we asked him “why do you want to meet with us then?” and he said because now I have that desire to be baptized.  Amazing.  We were going to set a date later in the week but he went to Mainland. We’ll see him this week though.

 Steven is doing excellent and has a big heart. His date is the 29th for this month.  He has made friends with John, another investigator.  We are a little worried about him not having friends at church. He has left church early twice in a row now, but it shouldn’t be a problem in the future.  He has come 6 or 7 straight times now. He even took us out to eat and he was the one who just wanted to talk the gospel and about Lehi’s last counsel to his sons before he died. John has been coming to church recently as well, but still hasn’t been reading too frequently.  We had a less active fellowship him this week and it worked out! Both of them came to church and then we taught afterwards.  It was a successful day with John, but he still needs to know that the most important thing is feeling the Spirit right now.  It will be an interesting week with John. 

 Besides that we had another member referral this week!  Amazing missionary work they are doing right now.  A-Fung is his name and he is really good, dressed up in a white shirt and tie.  He even helped the Young Men clean up the trash afterwards even though he is the age of an Elder!  Kenneth also came to church but we haven’t seen much progress since his son Dickson is being very rebellious lately.  A-Pui and Eric also came and we are going to try and meet their parents this week.  We also had 5 less actives at church again!  Three of them are new this week and then the mother and her son (last name Chau) have come back for four weeks in a row! 

 That’s all for this week.  Lets Black Out Bucky!!!  I love you all!!!!

 http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/mormon-introduction-videos?cid=HPTH082213083 this is a video. Halfway though it or so shows an Indian family I met a month or so ago.  The church they are in is where I go to church and the roads they are walking are the roads the roads I walk everyday!!!

Here are a few more pictures Kyle sent along with this email.  He doesn’t really explain them but the middle one looks like it is probably from the Zone Conference he organized.





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