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The “King of Fruits”

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August 18, 2013

So here in Hong Kong (I’m not sure if I’ve already told you this or not) but we have typhoons that are ranked by the numbers 1, 3, 8, and 10.  When typhoon 8 hits you have to run like a chicken with your head cut off and close down everything.   Just kidding…. well I mean that’s what the Chinese do but I’m pretty sure I’ve withstood worse weather days at Disneyland than those that shut this city down!  Ha-ha!   But it was rainy sometimes and then it was windy sometimes but oddly never at the same time.  I thought that’s what typhoons were all about!  Anyway…. Typhoon Winter (no joke I think that’s the name of the last one – At least that’s what I heard on the phone when I’d call the weather service) was a bust except it did keep all missionaries inside for more than half the day.  That’s not fun but its what we have to work with.

I was feeling sorry the whole week because as soon as I got off the computer last week, I realized that I failed to recognize Katie’s birthday so here’s a late shoot up to my KK.  Happy Birthday is was well here. The surprise party was a little of a bust though.  Better luck next year.  Since this paragraph is about Katie, and I know how Katie loves new food here is a new one for the week that I tried.  Durian.  I might have mentioned it before but I actually tried it this week.  They call it a fruit but it really is just death.  The after taste is so bad.  A couple of members thought it would be funny to buy one for me to celebrate that I’m staying here so that’s what they did!  And apparently Durian is best frozen so I basically was eating a Durian Popsicle.  I’m a little surprised though. I’ve been in Hong Kong for over a year now and I didn’t have Durian until this week.  It was a good run.  Sad to see it go.  Katie=Durian.  Ha-ha!  Aren’t I funny? Look what Durian looks like…. it even reminds me of her…. okay enough of the good “fun” sorry about that… (So Durian is also called the “King of Fruits” in many parts of Southeast Asia.  It is bib has a strong smell and is covered with thorns on the outside.  This is the part Kyle won’t understand some people LIKE the smell of it – comparing it to almonds and while others think it really stinks and say it smells like rotten onions, turpentine or raw sewage.  It can be so bad that it has been banned from some hotels and from public transportation.  Here are a few pictures.)



ImageThe whole mission did an English EFY this week, which was pretty fun…, it just took up so much time!! Its just basically you go to the church for 2 hours everyday of the week and play games in English.  Come to think about it, besides the spiritual message at the end it’s actually nothing like EFY!

 As for Elder Liu and I, we were very busy teaching lessons this week.  I think we got to see all of our investigators but one this week so we are really excited that they are willing to meet with us and talk to us. At church this week we had 6 investigators and eight less-actives that we have visited a lot, which is nothing short of a big miracle! . I’m really happy to see this because among the 8 are a wife and husband, a husband and a son of an active sister, a mother and a son, a recent convert that hasn’t been coming, and a man who hadn’t gone to church for decades but has come for the past 4 weeks.  I think our sisters even had someone become reactivated this week after not coming to church for decades as well so the ward is very alive right now!  I’m excited to see these numbers continue and become a solid definite number every week!

As for the investigators a lot of them are doing really well.  We have a new baptismal date with a man who walked into the church by himself 3 weeks ago named Steven Lau. He met with missionaries years ago but didn’t have the time so stopped coming to the meetings and now has been meeting with us pretty regularly. Ever since introducing the Book of Mormon to him he has read everyday.  He even says he can’t go to sleep unless he has read the Book of Mormon.  The lesson about baptism was natural and smooth and it just flowed.  We had a goal in mind and went for it.  Well he accepted the date but then the whole rest of the week his phone was off, so we weren’t sure if he’s come to church.  Anyway, sitting there all of the sudden he just walks in, apologizes for being late and then just sits down like nothing is new!  What a big miracle! I was amazed and my faith grew from just sitting there and hoping he would come.

However, that is not the only story like that this week. A-Hung who is scheduled to get baptized on the 8th also had his off phone for the entire week!  However, we scheduled a lesson last Sunday for Wednesday with him and he showed up right on time!  And then this Sunday it was the same scenario.  He loves church and understands why we go.  He has been reading everyday this week as well.  He does have a little problem with tea but this week he only drank it once.  We had to remind him about the Word of Wisdom and he committed to quit it completely.  He is a very solid investigator and has integrity.  I’m excited for the upcoming week with A-Hung.

 John Lai told us he wasn’t going to come to church this week.  We were really disappointed in him because these past 4 weeks he has missed after coming the first 4 weeks of him meeting with us.  I was completely shocked to see him walk in the door and take a seat.  He is doing okay, because he’ll pray everyday, but we need to work on helping him gain a one on one relationship with our Father in Heaven.  I think he just thinks that God doesn’t really care about us too much and its a sad thing to see!  We will continue to help him and I’m confident he’ll have a better week because he came to church.  With John it is clear to see when he comes to church he has a good week in the gospel, when he doesn’t then its a rough week and he is very distracted. 

That is all the news for the week. I was so surprised by all three of those stories.  Did I tell you last week I’m on Facebook now?  Starting this transfer the zone leaders are on Facebook!  Ha-ha!  I can’t add you or anything (obviously) but I’ll be updating it like three to four times a week!  Check it out!  I love you all thanks for the support!  I can’t believe school is starting at ASU!!!!  That’s so fast!  Have a good week!

 Elder Au Yeung



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