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Sun Devils Meet Up in Hong Kong!

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August 11, 2013

 What a busy week this week. It was just so crazy. So many different things happened and I don’t even know what happened half the time. One of the coolest things happened though. We were at a mall that is close to the chapel eating some dinner, and we are going back to teach a lesson (which we’ve been doing a lot of…  such a blessing!) and we’re in a hurry but then all of the sudden I see gold.   I look a little closer…. and it’s a gold shirt.  All of the sudden the girl that is wearing it turns around and there it is…. A PITCHFORK!!! Ha-ha! I was just so amazed by it and I wasn’t even going to stop partly because its just so normal to me and partly because we were in a hurry but her friend noticed my obvious staring so of course I had to stop. THERE ARE HONG KONG PEOPLE AT ASU!  My life is complete.  Well…not anymore…she just graduated…. sad day…..but hopefully some of her friends  are still there or something.   All I know is that the Marketing Department just gave a diploma to a top-notch person.  It’s so weird to hear “Tempe” as the first city out of someone’s mouth.  Like music to the ears… 

 Elder Peterson and I had some pretty fun times this week.  It started off by giving this talk about missionary work to a group of 30 or so people from Guangzhou that were going to the temple as families!  That was so cool.  The temple president was there and asked us to do it and give advice about how they can share the gospel but I was like “I don’t know how?!”  I mean they can’t share it with pretty much anyone except for their families but now thinking about it that’s still a lot of people!  Anyway we gave a talk about becoming like the Savior and serving others.  It was pretty funny to see their eyes just fixed on us missionaries.  I mean they’ve probably only seen missionaries when they were getting baptized and that’s it for the most part!  When I passed around the white family, big family, and smiling family photo of mine they all just loved it.  I will never forget how they just stared!  We had a chance to go and do teaching/finding with one of their branch’s “missionaries.”  I guess like when they bring their families to the church they give them to this 17-year-old member and it’s like the missionaries.  He was pretty cool and I’m glad we got to see an investigator, a less active, and go finding all in like 3 hours (that’s all the time he had).   He was going to come to the ward’s Family Home Evening but he just said he was too tired and went home for the night. Pretty neat experience.

 Did you hear…missionaries aren’t allowed to wear backpacks anymore?  So from now on we’re going to be rockin’ the shoulder bags!!!  Look it up on lds .org to see all the changes! There are a lot of them! Nothing too big except that one.  But let me tell you…an announcement of this magnitude rocks a missionary’s world.  It’s like so exciting and adventurous.  (It may be exciting and adventurous to the missionaries but the church isn’t exactly putting it out there on its website.  The only things I could find after searching for quite a while were the changes from backpacks to shoulder bags and announcement that missionaries do have to wear suits for many of their activities anymore.  As long as the elders look professional in their white dress shirt and tie their suits can be saved for Sunday and other meetings, baptisms and some teaching opportunities.  The elders are also allowed to wear lighter colors now including Khaki and light gray and the sisters are allowed to wear much brighter colors.  Shout out to the sisters in the pictures on lds.org!  They look so much better!)  You know what’s also adventurous?  Transfers!!!  And it did rock the Cheung Sha Wan world.  Well I’m still here as it turns out!!!!  But I’m not with Elder Peterson anymore!  I’m still senior companion with a good Elder named Elder Liu from Utah.  He is an ABC (American Born Chinese) and he’s been out about 4 months more than me.  

 Well anyway we got put in as zone leaders over the whole Kowloon zone!!! It’s by far the biggest zone in the mission having about 34 missionaries overall!  We’ve been so busy this week!  We also have 4 new district leaders in the zone so it’s been a long but fun process teaching and helping them.  But that’s what’s going on this move!  I had no idea!  I thought if I was to stay in Cheung Sha Wan it would be with Elder Peterson but the Lord has different plans I guess!  I love it here!  I wasn’t ready to go so I’m glad I’m staying!  It’s going to be an exciting transfer let me tell you!!  So much work though!  Especially with 34 missionaries!  That’s crazy!  But oh well.  The work goes on and so does the area!  We’ve been so busy teaching a lot so that makes the days go by quick and the brain a little more fried.  I love it.  It’s a big responsibility!  I just can’t believe it still!  We cover from like Wong Tai Sin to Mong Kok to Tsuen Wan, Tsing Yi, Kowloon Tong, and all of Lantau Island!

This week was great a time for teaching.  We taught a lot of lessons and we’re blessed to have a member help us out whenever we had something schedule.  We have a good number of investigators in our teaching pool and over these next couple weeks I can see them start to progress.  We were a little disappointed with our church attendance last week but a lot of them had legitimate excuses so this week will look solid.  It was still a good week in the ward as Emily and Or Lan got confirmed.  When we visited her last she told us about how excited she was to let everyone know that she was baptized with Emily.   She was so excited that right on Sunday she called her whole family in Fujian and let them know how happy she was.  I guess they are already Christians and were so happy.  When she called her brother, she even bore testimony to him and then ended up both in tears somehow.  She keeps promising me that as soon as she can walk again she’ll start preaching the gospel to everyone and invite them all to church.  I think she is really sincere about it and loves the Lord.  We gave her a conference edition of the Liahona this time around and she loved it.  In those 4 days between visits she had read around 25 pages!  And that’s with such bad eyes that she has to squint and hold the page right up to her face.  She is doing excellent, and so is Emily, although she is only 8. The ward gave her a Book of Mormon Stories book and she sat throughout all of Sacrament Meeting just staring and reading it. They are doing great.

A-Hung our investigator is doing great.  He originally had a baptismal date for September 22nd but he said he wants to move it up to the 8th because he is so excited.  This week we taught him the Word of Wisdom and before hearing it he drank tea. However, after that lesson he has completely stopped and when I asked him what made him decide to change he answered “because the Lord wants me to not do it and he won’t like me if I do it.  I want him to love me.”  It was about the sweetest thing a little 60 year old man could say. After explaining that God would still love him no matter what he had a good laugh and we continued on.  He has come to church for the past 5 weeks in a row, has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and has developed a good relationship with ward members.  I’m excited to see him really take off and progress.

Another one that has been doing well is Brother Lau.  He has come to church 2 times in a row and really enjoys it.  He has work and so has to leave a half an hour into Sacrament Meeting (the last part) but knows the importance of the Sacrament so he wants to stay for it.  We’re planning to talk to him about Sabbath Day soon and hopefully everything will be good after that.  I have the faith that he will because everyday he says he says he “can’t fall asleep until I’ve read at least one chapter.” He is doing really well and a very friendly guy. 

That’s all the time permits me to say but I wish I could say more.  I love you all!  Have a good week and don’t die in the heat.  I’ll try and do the same!  I miss you all!  I’m very happy and busy!!!

Elder Allen


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