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One of the Most Rewarding Days of My Mission

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August 4, 2013

 Typhoon #3 hit Hong Kong this past week and lasted over a span of three days.   I felt as if we were on Lake Powell again with a storm coming and Julie shouting, “Is this the best you can do?!”   But really…. I would talk up typhoons but typhoons are just so weak and nothing really happens. A few trees fall down, you can’t see for more than 100 yards in most places, you get soaked and then it stops for a while.  And then the sun doesn’t come out but you somehow feel like you’re in an oven.  It’s the most humid time of all.  Like really.   After the storm we were walking with an investigator to the church and the whole walk from the MTR to the church is uphill.  Then you have to remember that he is 60-years-old and Chinese so he was about as fast as a snail (almost.)  In those 7 minutes to the church I felt like I was going to die.  But there was our investigator (his name is A-Hung) just smiling and enjoying listening to some birds and smiling so it made it worth it.  But anyway, after you get dry it’s time to start the rain shower again and the whole process continues.  

Image We’ve been lucky though, it doesn’t start pouring until like personal study time so every morning we can still play Ultimate Football which attracts a lot of viewers.  I don’t quite get why the Chinese are so fascinated by 8 white guys playing football every morning but oh well.   So all is going well.  We were very, very, busy this week and I just can’t remember anything except we had 2 baptisms yesterday!    Also this week there is a transfer day and I have no idea if I’m going or staying!!!!  So stay tuned.  I’ll be surprised if I’m going – this ward rocks so much.  I’m so glad I got to see this change happen! Everyone is just so happy this past month or two!  I love it a lot here! 

 This week was a great and amazing week for us that ended with Or Lan and Emily being baptized!  Everything went great!  (Well… we had to like bribe Emily with candy for her to cooperate with the Elder that was doing their baptismal interview.)  What a great miracle!  And then later that night we had someone show up to the fireside that we didn’t expect to see there so that was a also a miracle.  I think overall yesterday was one of the most rewarding days of my mission.  Seeing a mother and her daughter be baptized and then both bear really great testimonies after the service to all 24 of their friends.  Yes, they brought 24 people in all including her son, and about all of Emily’s classmates.  It was remarkable how they just kept coming in and coming in to the church.  Or Lan is so great.  She invited them all herself, told them how to get there, and then made treats for them to eat afterwards despite being sick the entire week.  It really surprised me to see Emily bear her testimony.  She is a “tom boy” so to speak and as such I don’t really ever see her smiling.  But then yesterday during the whole day she was just on cloud 9, and then seeing her friends just boosted her up even more.  Yesterday was such a great day!  Image


ImageSister Yim, the member who introduced Or Lan to Elder Kwan and me, knows all of the people that were there since they all go to the small school where she is a teacher.  She has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ and in the Book of Mormon, which will definitely help her.  She was crying a lot of the time during the baptism and then we had one investigator stay for the baptism and it turns out that she felt the Spirit so strong that she started crying as well.  Once the baptism was finished, all of the missionaries that were there had a really great time meeting people and arranging lessons.  I know the sisters got some contacts scheduled that have a lot of potential!  And the best part is that all 3 of their contacted referrals this week are families!  They weren’t just 24 individuals, but about 6 or 7 families total.  I hope something comes out of all those referrals.  Great event.

The companionship is doing well.  Elder Peterson continues to improve everyday and turning into the My Eubank of missionaries.  He really does understand how to help these people and has developed a good relationship with the people we are teaching and helping prepare for baptism.  I’m so happy that we have a lot going for the area even after the baptism.  It’s a great blessing since it gives up opportunities to teach and improve our teaching skills.  That is a chapter I’ve been studying a lot about.  Chapter 10 along with the Commitments chapter in “Preach My Gospel.”  Those tools combined with the words of King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon get me motivated every single day to help these people out and I really want to help them.  My desire to help them has really grown and it’s more about them now.  Something that I think is helping the companionship out is every night in daily planning.  We are talking about the things we could’ve done better and then planning on how to change it so it can be better.  I like this.  It’ s nothing too big, but there is always something.  It helps us stay humble.

 The rest of our investigators are also doing well. Church was a little disappointing for some people because some had tests this week, others had some family situations that weren’t the best but everything will get back on track.  Kenneth and Dickson had to spend the weekend in the hospital. They are just doing okay right now.  Nothing too special.  It’ s the same situation as in previous weeks, they need to read more consistently.  They were very grateful for our visit to the hospital and going out of that visit they seemed rejuvenated.  The ones who did come to church are doing really well, including a new investigator Brother Lau.  He actually walked into the church one day and after having a lesson wanted to come to church and had a good time.  He had to go right after but he said he “will definitely be coming back next week.”  He is a very nice guy and I see some potential in him!  Also, A-Hung is progressing as well.  He was taught the Word of Wisdom and has committed to keep it.  Very good lesson with him.  He really enjoys one of our members who is a convert of about 2 years.  On Sunday when we went to go meet him the first thing he asked was “Where is Brother Cheng?” so it’s great.  He has come to church four weeks in a row now and leaves very happy every week.  The members are doing wonderful with investigators.  We actually weren’t there when Brother Lau came into Elders Quorum (we were walking with A-Hung) but when we got into the classroom he had like 3 members sitting down by him so that’s great to see.

 Have a good week family and friends!  All is good here and I’m really enjoying serving the Lord right now. I have seen a change in me and I love seeing the changes I see in other people, it is a great process to see someone, anyone whether it be yourself, investigator, or companion, change and come closer to the Lord. have a great week.  I love you all and thanks for all the emails!  It’s so fun to hear from you!  Onto a new transfer!!!





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