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The Mosquitos are Eating Me Alive!

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July 14, 2013

The time is just flying by!  It seriously is!  It’s already mid July???!  Mid July?!  Sun Devil football is starting again!!!!  Just kidding… more important things to worry about over here… ehhh… ya… we’ll go with that.  Just kidding, the work is going great over here!  We are already on week 6 of this transfer so the time is just being lost somewhere!  The week for us was pretty good!  I’m just a little bit stressed out right now!  We have a lot of baptismal dates coming up and they’re all doing well, coming to church etc. but there is something that is telling me that they just need one more thing to really be ready for baptism.  Every day that passes and they haven’t accomplished that one additional thing just makes me more nervous and nervous!  If only they could have the blessings I’ve seen.  Strike that.  That we’ve seen!  I just don’t really know what I can do more and it’s just frustrating at times.  Oh well.  The miracles shall come!  I love all these people and these past couple weeks I’ve grown to really see what they see and it’s made us closer!  Kenneth even wants to come finding with us twice a week now.  Tell you a story about this week’s experience with him later.  He’s turning into quite the finder let me tell you.

No really funny stories this week.  (I beg to differ.  The story coming up is pretty funny!)  Or Lan is sick because her stomach has to get used to the new pills that she is taking to help her fully recover.  Well during the lesson this week she wanted to see us but she was still pretty sick.  We sat down with her and after 10 minutes or so I realized we weren’t helping her at all and we didn’t want to bother her so we told her we would just come back another time.  So I start to close my scriptures in front of her and she stops me (she was basically throwing up or something in a bowl) and told me very firmly that she was going to hear the 10 commandments and that’s that.  So being the good son that I am (I think mom would have something to say about that statement)  (I would totally agree!) I obeyed the parent and just kept on teaching!  But I guess the only way that she could control herself was by letting out these HUGE BURPS!  They were huge! I started getting intimidated during the lesson if you know what I mean.  So the whole time it would just be quiet talking and then  BOOM there goes one and then randomly BOOM there goes another.  (You see what I mean?)

Also we got invited to go with a less active member who is a policeman to this Hong Kong Police Leisure Center to eat with him and his family!  We weren’t about to turn that offer down and so we went and man the Hong Kong police have it nice!!!  Everything was like the best I’ve ever seen in Hong Kong!!  But anyway while we were eating his wife came in late with this cake.  He asked, “What is the cake for?” and quickly she replied, “I think it’s your birthday isn’t it?”  He said, “I don’t know.  How am I supposed to know?”  So they looked it up and turns out it was!   Ha-ha!   So Happy Birthday to Brother Ho!!  Ha-ha that was pretty funny.  Chinese people don’t even remember their own birthdays even though they have like two…their western one and the Chinese calendar one.  Crazy…

Being at church this week was really great for a couple of our investigators.  The lesson in the second hour class was about the Sacrament.  When we went over to John’s house this week we explained the importance of the Sacrament and the whole thing just didn’t go over to well for him.  He has obviously heard “anti” material so we have to work through that as well.  The message about the importance of baptism and the Sacrament just wasn’t getting through.  Then an idea popped into my head to read 3rd Nephi 18 together about the Sacrament.  So we did that and then finished up the lesson feeling a little disappointed with the results but happy because he seemed to understand the scriptures and had a foundation in them.  Then, on Sunday Sister Yeung who he thinks is the greatest teacher, really got through to him.  She was able to answer all his questions and I think it made it more clear to him.  His mother is very sick right now so he told me he probably wouldn’t stay for Sacrament Meeting but after that lesson he stayed around past the Sacrament part and some of the first speaker.  Then he said he really had to go and I wasn’t going to ask him to stay any longer!  I think it’s good, not quite there but still progressing.

Kenneth had a great finding experience this week.  He wanted to go finding really bad, but the only time we had was late at night on Friday.  We had about 20 minutes to go find so he wanted to jump right into it.  He quickly put his bag down and immediately began talking to the first person he saw.  Turns out she is very interested in the gospel and they talked about English class, living prophets, how to pray and all that!  It was amazing because when he started talking to her I was still putting my backpack down by his and had to hurry on over to where he was! And then after that contact he stopped the next person he saw, a mom with two her kids going home!  They talked for about 5 to 10 minutes all about service and the free English class that we offer and then even scheduled her!   It really put me to shame realizing the potential of this approach!  He just stopped and contacted a total of 4 people, one being a family, in the first two people he talked to!  I need to do better in finding and that motivated me!

We also had an investigator re-contact us again this week!  Brother Chin was in Mainland for about 5 weeks but never told us he was going.  I thought he might have just disappeared but he called us the next day after he got home (probably because he saw how many times we tried to call him!) and he invited us over to his house that day!  We had a good lesson with him but he’s just lost so much time and we will have to push him back a little bit.  We need to try and extend a new baptismal date for him.  He has one right now but because of this setback he won’t make that one, but that’s fine for right now.  I’m just really glad he’s back!

Lastly, Or Lan and Emily are still doing great and progressing really well. We talked about the 10 commandments with her and everything went smooth, except the biggest problem she’ll have with the commandments is the Sabbath Day part.  She likes to spend time with her sons every Sunday, which means them picking her up from church and going to Festival Walk to eat.  We are still trying to work on it with her and once Sister Yim, her fellowshipper, talks about more with her it should be all right.  We are also working with her about having August 4th be her firm baptismal date.  She really wants her younger brother to attend the service so he can get to know the church but he doesn’t get back until October from Japan.

That’s all the big news for the week.  We had a good week with finding new investigators.  One was really excited about coming to church and then yesterday he said it was very peaceful.  He was very thankful to us for bringing him to it. His name is A-Hung and he committed to start reading the Book of Mormon everyday so we’ll see what goes on with that!  I love you all!  Thanks for the support and packages!!!  It seriously means a lot to have a family that cares!!!


(I hope this is his name but I am pretty sure this is the first time he has signed a letter using just the Chinese characters.)

 These are all mosquito bites I’ve had recently!  One is a huge one!  The other one is like 10 different ones in the same spot and then the other one is one that when I woke up one morning my lip was huge!  And itchy! It must have been a mosquito!  It was like that for the majority of the day!Image




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