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A “Disappointing” Three

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July 2, 2013

Sorry everyone!  (Kyle’s letter should have come on June 30, a Sunday because his P-day is on Monday and Hong Kong time is 15 hours ahead of Arizona time, but it arrived on Tuesday July 2 instead.  His P-day had been changed to Wednesday that week.)   I found out last Wednesday that this week was our week to go to the temple so that’s where I was on Monday.  But Monday was pretty exciting nevertheless!  We had our first real typhoon of the year!  Here there are levels 1,3,8, and 10 and the one on Monday got up to a three.  (I looked up what each of the classifications means.  A “T1” simply indicates that a typhoon has been spotted and people should listen for further information.  A “T3” tells people winds of up to 110 km/hr are expected  in the area and they should tie down any loose objects on their balconies and rooftops.  In addition they should also stay away from the coastal areas.  An “T8” designation means that winds in the area may be in excess of 180 km/hr.  All work and most public transport will be cancelled under these conditions.  People should stay away from doors and away from exposed windows and even put tape on the windows of older buildings.  A “T10” is also known as a direct hit.  It means that the eye of the storm will park itself directly over Hong Kong.  The city has not experienced a “direct hit” in quite a few years but when it does casualties usually result.  Now I have another thing to pray for.)   Actually…. it was quite disappointing.  I think it only got a three rating because they were telling everyone it was going to be an 8 but then nothing happened so they just said it was a three and called it good.  (I assure you that the three rating was only disappointing to him – NOT to his mother.)  Nothing really significant happens in a three.  It is even safe enough for missionaries to go out still!  Yay!!!  Nothing like walking the streets in the rain and wind!!  Ha-ha!  It’s okay though… hard work brings other blessings… even if its not the ones you’re expecting to get out of the hard work you’re doing.

So this week we had the chance to play Ping Pong with a recent convert and a group of her friends.  They were all ages and it was unreal!!!!  They were so good at Ping Pong it was mind blowing.  I even got the best opportunity to play with the 50th-ranked 12-year-old player in in Hong Kong.  We played this wife/husband team and he was straight up owning them!  It seriously was unreal the Ping Pong he was playing!  We lost the first game but then beat them the next two!  My job was clear though… just get the ball on the table and then let him smash it.  He was so amazing…. and he’s only 12.  I still don’t get how good he is.  I’ve played with some really good people but that was just different!  Ping Pong rules.  Corbin doesn’t.   (We have a ping pong table at our house and Kyle and Jenna’s husband Corbin have, shall we say, a “healthy” rivalry.)

Well this week was really good, especially at church.  We thought we were going to have an okay week, but were a little disappointed because Or Lan, Emily’s mom, wasn’t getting released from the hospital until this Wednesday and couldn’t come to church.   But as we walked into the church on Sunday her fellowshipper, Sister Yim, told us that she got released on Saturday and she called Sister Yim right away to say how much she was looking forward to church!  She was afraid that she wasn’t going to be able to go because Sister Yim was sick and didn’t get her message until Sunday morning.  But it all turned out okay!  The members were in full support to go get her and pick her up.  I’ve been really impressed with the ward lately.  They are really helping us a lot in whatever ways they can!  We taught Or Lan after church and she is doing wonderfully.  Right now she is in Jacob chapter 5.  She says she doesn’t know if Joseph Smith was a prophet yet but we keep reminding her if she knows the Book of Mormon is true then she knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet.  Something tells me she has already received her answer to that question but she isn’t willing to admit it.  Oh well, she is keeping up with all her commitments and her prayers are very sincere.  We’ll be able to help her recognize those answers as she keeps these commitments like she has been doing.

Next Kenneth and Dickson are doing okay, just still having a hard time reading the Book of Mormon.  Kenneth hasn’t expressed much interest at all in the Book of Mormon, just the other aspects of the church. However this weekend was a step in the right direction. He asked us again if he could go to “meet new people” with us as he calls it.  (Kyle calls it “finding.”) We told him of course he can and so we did.  Well the first person he talked to was really interested and became a new investigator actually.  He and Kenneth really got along because Kenneth mentioned how peaceful the church is and the man he approached, whose name is Alex, was looking for a peaceful place to go and read.  He knew where the church was as well and so it worked out perfectly.  He is very nice and should be coming to English class tonight.  But then, the very next person we talked to tried to “anti” him by asking what he knew about the Book of Mormon and if he had ever tried going to another church.  And that’s when he sounded literally like a remember and basically defended the Book of Mormon saying that “this book teaches me more about the same God that is in the Bible, it just teaches me more.  And after graduating from a Catholic College I feel like a know God pretty well but this book just helps me more.”  Wow amazing!  And then after that she accepted a Book of Mormon!  The crazy thing is that we ran into the same girl a week before and I didn’t want her to “anti” Kenneth so we didn’t stop and talk.  Maybe I should’ve had more faith in him!  But it was a good building block for him.  And then at church, where we have been struggling to find an appropriate friend for him, we finally found one!  This girl gave a talk of one of his favorite teachings of Jesus and he loved it!  They talked for a good 20 minutes after church!

We got a new baptismal date as well!  John is very interested in keeping the commandments and during the lesson he just straightly asked, “What are some commandments we have today? I want to know so I can follow them.”  Then we said baptism is one of them.  He seemed puzzled by it at first, not really knowing why it would be a commandment but then we challenged him to be baptized and he accepted!  He has come to church for all 3 weeks we’ve known him!  He is a curious fellow but actually made a few different friends at church.  Things are going well with him.

And then finally, we went and visited a less active this week.  Well we visited a lot, but this one was actually home!  We went with a member who was a little nervous about going to knock on random strangers doors but we still went.  What a miracle it was and a great faith building opportunity for everyone involved.  The door was actually open and so we poked our heads in and there he was!  He immediately invited us in and asked us to sit.  He admits to having some faith problems and stopped coming to church because he didn’t want to rely on other people’s faith anymore.  We had to re-teach him about the Book of Mormon and then invited him to start reading about Faith in Alma 32.  But then he opened up and shared a storing saying how he doesn’t remember a lot about the church but remembers one person’s testimony about faith and how that really made him want to find his own.  It was hard and so when no one supported him he felt lonely and lost.  He got a job selling black pearls in Beijing and is only in Hong Kong a few days a month now (actually he said it was very lucky we ever saw him there) and with those few days he felt like spending time with his wife and two daughters (who we didn’t even know he had) was more important than church because they want to help him.  Pretty interesting how he doesn’t remember the Book of Mormon but remembers that testimony.  People have a big impact on other people!  But then on the way out we talked to his neighbor and it turns out he is very interested in the church!  He wanted to come to church but things didn’t work out last week and so this week he said he’d come!  And while we were talking to him, the less active member’s wife came up in the elevator and we met his whole family!  Amazing!

In other good news, both A-Keung and Hazel went and saw the bishop by themselves to get a temple recommend!  They were so interested in it and so they both set up and interview and are going with the ward next week!  They are both doing great!

I’m grateful Heavenly Father answers our prayers!  Our family is seeing miracles on both sides of the ocean! I can’t wait for the emails about how Vivian is!  (As some of you know Staci was selected by the Town of Gilbert where we live to participate in a “Sister Cities” exchange program.  Vivian, the girl who came to spend three weeks with us, arrived on Monday July 1 from Leshan, China of all places and Kyle was anxious to hear about her.)  Chinese people rock so I’m sure she rocks!  I LOVE YOU ALL!  Many a miracles is happening out here thanks to you!

Elder Au Yeung


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