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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

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June 23, 2013

So I had to guess what gender Jenna and Corbin’s baby is going to be so I’m going to turn the tables this week and ask you a question…..what is the first thing I’m going to talk about this week?  No one guessed it?  THE RAIN!!!!  It just rains and rains and rains!  How does it happen?  I don’t know!  I just go with it. Seriously the water gets like picked up in the ocean and then immediately dumped out.  (On May 22 even the Hong Kong Stock market was closed because of the rain.  One storm dumped 200 millimeters or 8 inches of rain on the city in just a few hours. Considering the fact that the average ANNUAL rainfall in Phoenix is 8.29 inches that is a lot of rain!)  Oh and I attached a picture of this morning.  That’s the view from my window.  There’s no fog whatsoever it’s just rain, rain and more rain.


The view from Kyle’s window.

But congratulations Jenna and Corbin that’s so cool!!!! (Jenna and Corbin found out this week that their baby is a boy!) So how many new people do I need to meet?  I think it is 3 boys and a girl?  At least?  I’m just not sure anymore!  (Kyle is right, he has not yet met Hadley who was born last November 8, and Zachary, who was born last November 10.  Two more babies both apparently boys are due this fall, one for Katie and Dallin and one for Jenna and Corbin.  Three boys and one girl.)

Oh well…I’ve heard about that missionary conference thing that went on!  Is every ward going to get a single set of missionaries?  That’s so crazy!!  That is such a small area to serve in!  I mean that’s what its like here but my area probably has like 250,000 people in at least!!!!!  So we were exploring the southern part of our area and I attached a picture!!  It’s so sweet!  Its like way out in the bottom but just look at the picture!!!  It’s worth it to walk all the way out there.  It looks like a green-screen!!!  I love this area!  It has some of the poorest, richest, and oldest parts in Hong Kong all in one!  It’s just so cool!  Every day is a new experience.


The southern part of Kyle’s area. So picture perfect it almost doesn’t look real.

 Well anyway… besides the rain it was just a pretty standard week…for us.   It was a really good week for strengthening our current investigators.  I think prayer is having a big affect on their lives right now.  Now our goal is to just get them reading the Book of Mormon as much as they should.  That seems to be the struggle.  Kenneth and Dixon have become steadier recently.  They missed church yesterday because they said, “something happened.”  I don’t know what it is yet but it sounded urgent.  We’ll call them this week and find out but he told us not to worry and everything will be all right.  I must say thank you to President Hawks for what has happened with Kenneth and Dixon.  He came to our ward a couple of weeks ago and talked about how hard missionary work is.  The Spirit has touched Kenneth’s heart ever since. He has called me 1-2 times a week for the sole purpose of asking when we can go tracting together!  Amazing!  We met on Friday this week and found people to teach for about 45 minutes.  It really helped us understand each other better and realize who the missionaries are, what we do etc.  I enjoyed talking with him a lot and we even taught a street lesson together.  Following closely behind were his son, Dixon, and Elder Peterson. Whenever he had time to, Elder Peterson would go over and talk with Dixon, and I think even 12-year-old Dixon enjoyed the night.  We became better friends with Dixon, which is pretty essential we think, and so Friday was a big step in the right direction.  If they were reading the Book of Mormon more they would be okay, but right now we need to call them and remind them to read more often!

Emily and her mom are doing really good.  She wasn’t able to come to church yesterday because she went back into the hospital unexpectedly.  Apparently the nursing home that has been taking care of her wasn’t making sure she was eating and then on Monday they picked up her lunch and threw it away before she had the chance to eat it (she was taking a nap).  Well, she still has been taking her diabetes shots, which causes her blood pressure to drop so she needs to eat something.  So finally on Monday her body couldn’t take it anymore and collapsed.  She was rushed to the hospital but everything is probably okay.  They won’t know for sure until today.  She is in good spirits though.  We went to visit her yesterday and before we really got talking about the gospel she asked, “Do you have another Book of Mormon?” When I got rushed here mine was put away with some other things so I didn’t have a chance to read 2 Nephi 31 yet.”  So I gave a new one to her and she insisted that we read it right then and there!  So we did just that.  She really gets the gospel since she was really religious before.  We taught her the Word of Wisdom yesterday and she assured me that everything would be alright and there would be no problems with her keeping this commandment. What a great miracle.  And to think this all started because our member saw one of her students in need of a place to stay.  On the train ride home yesterday she reminded me that she did it because Jesus did it.  When he was on Earth he didn’t go to the rich or the healthy, but he went to those who needed him most.  This has been such an example to me.  It made me wonder and really think for quite some time.  That truly is someone who follows Christ.

Well sorry it’s kind of a mah-mah-dei week (that means so-so-ish).  But we truly are being blessed! Many opportunities to teach lessons!  Way more than any other time in my mission!  The Lord is blessing us and its all because of all of you and your prayers!  Thanks so much!  We have also had some opportunities this week to “defend” our religion.  It’s amazing how many times you just walk around here and someone comes up and just wants to show you how wrong you are!  Most of their arguments just don’t make sense.  But I’ll save some of those stories for later.   I’m just glad the Spirit is always guiding us and telling us what to say so that we “won’t be confounded before men.”  It’s always interesting to see what points people bring up but just know that if you read the book you’re trying to disclaim, you’d know of the great power it has!!  I’ve seen it first hand!  Love you all!  Talk to you later!

Elder Au Yeung


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