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June 16, 2013

Hello family!

Happy Father’s Day to first off my Dad!!  Thanks so much for bringing me up and teaching me all these things that are so crucial!  Truly I believe that you and mom are the biggest parts of who I am today!  Thanks for being who you are and helping me so much!  I love you!!  And well Chris, Dallin, Chase, Corbin…. ehh you’re cool too I guess.  Happy Father’s Day or whatever to you guys too.  (These are Kyle’s brothers-in-law.) 

Before I forget everything it’s been a while since I’ve given a  “What in the World Have I Eaten this Week?” report.  I guess it would make sense for you to know since I’m not as new here as before (imagine that) but still some new things pass over my plate now and then.  This week I got my revenge on jellyfish.  Remember when we were on our cruise and the Jellyfish stung me?  Ya that’s what I mean.  I had that guy for dinner the other day.  Jellyfish tastes a lot like it looks.   Like… nothing… but hard to chew!  Just, you know, the norm!  But then there is this one thing that I’ve eaten a few times now but I haven’t mentioned… mostly because I don’t want to give it any credit.  The name makes it sound okay but trust me…. it’s not.  It’s called Bitter Melon… or at least that’s what it’s translated to.  It so sucks!  So like most vegetables you have to bite it first and then it has the impact on you.  But this devil… as soon as it hits your mouth you just taste it!  So even when you just swallow it whole you still taste it!  It’s supposed to give you “bubble fresh” skin ha-ha.  Oh man…. don’t ever try it.  It puts cow tongue to shame.  We went over to the Bishop’s house to eat yesterday and there was a whole dish of it!  The Chinese love it!  Just don’t try it okay? (There isn’t much online about the flavor of bitter melon except what Kyle pretty much said – it is an acquired taste.  It is supposed to have lots of heath benefits though, including help for people with diabetes, malaria and some forms of cancer.  Here is a picture of the Chinese version of the vegetable – there are different varieties in different parts of the world.  Looks a lot like a harmless cucumber to me!)


So Hong Kong likes to rain these days and rain and rain some more.  I’ve already told you that Hong Kong people are so scared of the rain and it is true!  At signs of first drops they all just scatter!  And so this week was just dead.  Especially Saturday.  I don’t remember a time Saturday when it wasn’t raining!  It amazed me how much water came down!  Now I know why the scriptures say build your foundations on solid ground!  Because unlike home the floods really do come down!  Ha-ha!  I guess I need to help build my investigator’s testimonies on a solid ground so that they will meet with us during the rain.  Ha-ha… missionary jokes… they aren’t that funny.  Oh and even when there are no clouds it still rains!!  Seriously!  One day it did that!  It was super sunny but drizzling!!!

Anyway the Lord has truly blessed us this week and Cheung Sha Wan is just getting bigger and better every week!  It truly is a miracle before our eyes right now!  Everything is just such a miracle!  The ward is happier and the missionary work is going really well!  It’s just a good time in general!!  Seems like everything is going well at home!  I just can’t believe it’s summer over there.  Where like you’re always so busy and stuff!  It’s just hard for a missionary to pick those things up but I’m glad all of you are having fun!  Heavenly Father is truly blessing us!

Our companionship had a tremendous week like I said, where the Lord was continuously blessing us with finding, teaching, and people coming to church.  All aspects of the work in general are going well. These past few weeks I truly have felt the Lord strengthening my language learning capacity and all that too.  This week two more investigators accepted a baptismal date!  Emily and her mom accepted a date for August 4th.  The whole time Elder Peterson and I were thinking about July 28th but the whole time I just wasn’t sure and it didn’t feel right.  But then as we gave her the date we settled on, August 4th and it seemed perfect.  She and Emily had a good week.  Emily continues to read the scriptures every single night without fail and her mom beat us to church yesterday by 15 minutes she said.  And we got there 35 minutes early! She went around telling different Relief Society women how she was excited to meet them and how she has a baptismal date now.  This week we’ll start teaching commandments and help her build more faith. She still is so humble and teachable.  Their changes are getting bigger and bigger every week.  She likes to burp though… It’s kinda weird… I must say… I’m talking about the mom and not Emily.  Emily reminds me a lot of Kambrie actually!  (Kambrie is Kyle’s 9 almost 10-year-old niece.)  Woah… I just thought about that and it’s so true!

Next, Kenneth came to church for the 3rd week in a row!  He is really enjoying the atmosphere of church and even suggested that he come out finding with us!  Even though it was late at night he said he felt like he should help us out and so he tried contacting people.  I couldn’t believe it!  An investigator who wants to share the gospel with random people?  And then when it was time to go he kept on saying “no one more person” or “maybe we can bring this person back to the church.”  Truly amazing!  And then he even suggested that anytime we are in Lai Chi Kok (where they live) that we call him so that he can help us. He really is getting to know some of the youth and their parents as well.  He is taking our Deacons Quorum President swimming with Dixon today because he wants them to be better friends so that Dixon will come to church.  For being only 12 years old Dixon is quite stubborn and hard to work with but he read Alma 32 and then came to church for the first time yesterday.  Amazing!  I guess I needed my faith to grow and have faith in him!  They seemed pretty good at church.  They are still coming late so we’ll definitely have to work with them.  They need to read the Book of Mormon more frequently as well.  Right now they will read what they are asked but not a lot more.  I’m excited though.  Things are looking up right now.

We got two new investigators this week.  They are actually brothers, John and Phillip.  They live together with their parents still because their parents have had strokes so while the other one goes to work the other watches them.  That was the case with church yesterday as well.   John came but Phillip had to watch his ailing parents.  They are a little weird but have a lot of gospel interest.  John expressed that he had started reading the Book of Mormon and liked it, and that prayer was a little weird but he has been trying to do it.  It’s only a beginning but they seem interested.  They actually contacted the sister missionaries first and asked them to teach them the gospel.  He already knew a lot of facts about the church and said he liked the church because “it teaches integrity.”  He must have said that phrase 5 times or so.  When we asked John if he needed help getting to church she said “I don’t think so.  It’s the one right across from the Temple in Kowloon Tong right?”  We’ll see how things turn out.  OHHH and for some reason he knew so many random facts about Arizona!!  Like the telescopes that are there (and that’s not his job either) and like what the weather is like.  He even knew about Coach Todd Graham!!!  Just kidding…. if that happens here… my life shall be complete…

I love you all thanks for all that you do! Your prayers and stuff etc.!!!  Keep on working hard and relying on Christ in your lives!!!  This week is 13 months!  Can you believe it?!

Elder Au Yeung


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