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Once Again Gilbert and Hong Kong Collide

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June 2, 2013

So first things first… before I forget… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! I love you so much!  Sorry your present will be pretty late but don’t worry it is coming!!!! (Kyle sent me a “Jimmy Choo” purse and tote bag for my birthday.  You may have seen a picture of it on Instagram.  He has really good taste for a guy.  I know there are some girls out there that are happy to hear that.)  I love you very much and thank you for all your support!

 Everybody… Hong Kong is wacked.  It seems like these past few months I’ve crossed paths with a bunch of people but this week was the craziest.  I was coming out of District Meeting this week and introduced myself to the missionary couple with a family from India getting sealed in the temple soon.  So all is pretty normal right?  I mean couple missionaries from different countries are rare but I’ve seen them before.  But when I introduced myself and they did the ole “Well where are you from?” I said, “Gilbert, Arizona,”  they said, “We are too!” From the Gilbert, Val Vista Stake!” And I said,  “No way, really?”  What ward?  And they said “Emerald Bay…we are snowbirds that live in the Palisades.”  (Emerald Bay Ward is the ward we lived in when Kyle left on his mission.)  WHAT THE HECK?!!!!!  Someone must be tricking me or something. But they told me all about the ward and the people in it so they must be really good impostors if they are not for real!!!  They said they have lived there for the past 2 winters so I definitely have seen them!  That’s so crazy!!!  Please just tell me, are the Allisons actually real?  (I do not know the Allisons either but the name does appear on the Relief Society newsletter!)  They are from Canada and are serving a mission in India ending in December…. I just couldn’t believe my eyes!

 Well the first ever 9-week move ends this week and I’m pretty excited.  My really good friend Seth Howell is coming in this week!  I saw his picture in the mission office and was like “”Woahhhh I know him!  We went to seminary and institute together!!!!”  So once again Gilbert and Hong Kong collide.  Elder Allen is going insane!!!  Ha-ha and this is cool!  I might have the chance to train him!  Yep that’s right!  President talked to me yesterday and told me that I’m training a new missionary next move!  So I won’t be with Elder Kwan, which is sad!  He is a good missionary and has helped my language a lot.  But the crazy thing is I might be moving and opening a new companionship…. AGAIN!!!  50/50 shot right now.  Well I’d say 65/35 that I’m leaving Cheung Sha Wan.  Which is so sad!!!!  I love the ward!!  Missionaries are supposed to stay in their area for like 6 months.  I’ve only been here for 9 weeks!  But whatever comes shall come!  I’ve been blessed with so much success and growth here!  I’ll find out tomorrow.

 This week was okay for us because we still made some progress and then Hazel was confirmed yesterday so that is really exciting!  The ward is doing really well with fellowshipping her and making sure she has someone to talk to.  Every time I see her in a different place one of the Relief Society sisters is sitting/talking with her.  I’m really excited to see how well the ward is doing with both Hazel and A-Keung. This past month was a time for great improvement for the member/missionary relationships.  This is a big and very wonderful change.  As soon as I started to put forth the effort to get to know these people in turn they got to know me and we have struck up many friendships.  In 9 short weeks I have come to love this ward and I feel like we have a good relationship with them right now!!!  I  just need to find the ones in the ward that I don’t know and introduce myself to them. It was really a great blessing and a great testimony builder to see the ward’s attitude towards us missionaries when we put forth the effort and show them a) we want to know them and b) we want to work for them and bring them happiness. The Lord is truly blessing us in the Cheung Sha Wan ward right now.  I enjoy every Sunday I have here because I get the chance to help the missionary work and meet new members and become part of them.  I am positive Elder Kwan feels the same.

 The sickness bug struck like 4 investigators this weekend!  So bad, but there’s nothing you can do about that.  Carolyn even had to go into the hospital this week for some treatments.  She is doing fine though right now.  I’m just worried about her coming to church.  If she doesn’t come to church over these next few weeks it’s going to be really hard to help her.  Every week she says that she wants to come but then just sleeps in.  She believes everything is true and reads the Book of Mormon but when it comes down to church meetings, it’s just really hard to tell if she’ll show up.  We’ll keep praying for her and praying to know what we need to teach that will prick her heart.  We do need the Lord’s help with her. 

 Kenneth came to church today, which is pretty exciting.  He is a new investigator this week. Actually some Mandarin missionaries found him on the street.  He and his son, Dixon, really enjoy coming to church.  This week they came to English class, the mutual activity the ward has every week, and church, and then for a little bit of a fireside which we had last night.  They really do enjoy being at the church.  The only problem was that Dixon was a little sick yesterday as well.  His dad pushes him very hard to study and I think Dixon is a little standoff-ish to his dad.  It’s okay right now though.  We have shared a message from “For the Strength of Youth” that he really enjoyed as well.  We’ll see what this next week brings but as of right now they enjoy coming to the church and I know they feel its peace and calmness. 

 That is all the big news for the week.  We just need to find new investigators to teach.  Our investigator Roy (the one the studied at BYU) gave us three referrals and invited them to “his church” without us even asking him too.  He then proceeded to explain the three different hours of church and what we’d be learning. Really disappointing to see that he didn’t show up to church after all of that.  I’m not yet sure why, but I’m confident everything will be all right.  We’ll see him this week and ask about it. We played basketball with him this week and he totally just fits right in!!!  Crazy how much the Lord is helping me and this area… Now I just can’t leave………..!

 Well…that’s all for the week!!  The mall that we live in has been showing advertisements for a new show called Bearing Sea Gold?!!!  No way?!  Another show about the Bearing Sea?!!! Their next show should be about how much money the Bearing Sea has made for the Discovery Channel!!! I can think of like 4 shows just about the Bearing Sea…. and they have made it all the way to China!  The commercial is on like every 10 minutes  – no joke!  It’s huge!

 I love you all! Happy Birthday Mom! We’ll see what this next week has in store for us!!! 

 Elder Au Yeung Yat Fei (Ha-ha that’s my full Chinese name. Thought I’d throw that in this week.)



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