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It Takes More than One Attempt

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May 26, 2013

Wow so today I added pictures of some of the blessings that have come this month!!! And this isn’t all of them! But I’ll write more about that later.  So here is a picture of Cheuk Hau Ling and her family!  Her parents aren’t members but her uncle and grandma are so they are in the pictures.


 The guy with the glasses is Roy,


Then there is A-Keung,


and finally Hazel.


So that’s some big news this week! (I hope the pictures are correct because he didn’t label them or anything so no guarantees.)

Hazel got baptized this week!  She was very excited (despite the picture…its just a bad one just trust me on this one.)  Everything went down really smooth!  No problems whatsoever… well except for that the actual baptism had to be done three times!  She didn’t like that part for some reason (I can’t imagine why…ha-ha) but that’s pretty normal here.  I don’t know why it’ so common but something always goes wrong.  It’s all good though and none of it really matters in the end!  It’s just a good story to laugh about later on! I heard once that the baptism in TKO before I got there it had to be done 7 times!  And it took 2 weeks because after 4 tries she did want to do it again!  Ha-ha it’s funny now right??  It’s been interesting to see the immediate difference in both of these people!  They really do seem happier, brighter, and its just so simple but so hard to explain.  Well anyway, A-Keung got confirmed this week too!  The ward is doing really good with both him and his grandma!  We got chenged out this week (I found out in my Chinese class that this is the expression missionaries use for when they are invited out to eat by someone who pays for their food.) by a family and A-Keung was there with them so that’s always a good surprise!  Anyway both of these two people are doing really good!

Want to know something cool that happened this week?! Do you remember a Sandra up in Tai Po?  She is the one Elder Li and me found the day where I sprained my ankle (by the way its not 100% yet!!!! oops…) and we found absolutely no one.  But then at the very end we stopped her and talked to her?!  Well she got baptized yesterday up there!!!!!!!  So crazy!  Heavenly Father is blessing Hong Kong so much right now its unbelievable!  We have so much to be thankful for!!!!

So the ward is doing better and we are doing well.  The Lord is truly blessing us with new investigators and potentials.  One of them is Roy. Roy is a referral from mormon.org.  It turns out he was on an exchange program at BYU last semester and went to church every single week while he was there! We met him for the first time yesterday and he really liked it.  He met a lot of people.  After talking to him, our bishop thought he was a member!  Roy told me that he likes that this ward is at 9 because at BYU he would have to fast until 5 and then eat, while others were eating all around him.  It’s a funny sentence but it shows he is fasting already!  I couldn’t believe it!  He knows all about the MTC, the Chinese ward over there and everything else.  It’s going to be interesting teaching him. He says that his sisters aren’t too happy with him going to church.  But all is good right now.  He said that the knows church is a good thing and he likes coming to it.  We also are meeting with some other potential investigators this week so it’s an exciting time for us right now!

Awesome things are happening to us! I’m grateful for this opportunity! I love you all!!!!! Thanks for the support!!! I need to think of new things to say here…oh well….

Elder Au Yeung

PS. Elder Andersen came!!! So cool! He’s actually pretty funny!


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