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“I Beg of You”

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June 9, 2013

 Well a big relief came to me on Tuesday when I found out that I’m going to be staying and training here this move!  So I’m in Cheung Sha Wan for the time being…. meaning at least 9 more weeks.  But Elder Kwan left and now I have a new companion!  His name is Elder Peterson from South Jordan, Utah I think???  Or maybe West Jordan… hmm… oh well… But do you all want to know something pretty crazy?  He was born in 1995!!!!!!!!  The same year as Staci!!  I thought I wasn’t old but I’m almost two years older than him?!  What the heck!!!!  Ha-ha pretty crazy!  He said he is the youngest missionary in Hong Kong by about 5 months!  He graduated from high school a year early because he lived in New Zealand and there they have an accelerated learning system.  So when he came back to the United States he was a grade ahead!  His parents are both from New Zealand actually so he’s pretty dark.  Doesn’t look like he’s from Tonga or anything – but still…pretty dark!!  It’s interesting to see how the 18-year-olds are in the mission field.  Right now they seem so young but I’m sure they’ll mature pretty fast!  As the start they just seem like everything is a blur and they can’t keep their head on straight!  I’m wondering if that’s how I was…. I mean probably, but these people haven’t gone to college yet or done anything!  Just stayed at home for a little bit!  It will be interesting.  This transfer 25 missionaries came into our mission!  That’s a record by far for the China, Hong Kong Mission!.  Like double the most they have ever had before I think??  They will just keep coming and coming I hear!  The work of the Lord is hastening here in China!!!  And I’m right in the middle of it!  Literally!  I’m in the middle of my mission and in the middle of Hong Kong!  It’s a fun time to be here!!  I’m pumped right now!

 This week was a pretty busy week for us.  We taught a lot of lessons, which is a good start for Elder Peterson.  I want him to be in teaching situations as much as possible.  I think this week was a good start for the new companionship.  Looking back we either met or even exceeded a lot of the weekly goals we set for ourselves.  We had some big miracles this weekend especially.  One is with Kenneth and Dixon.  They are the father/son that love coming to the church.  This week we taught them the Plan of Salvation with a focus on eternal families.  At the end of the lesson we brought baptism up many times.  By the time we invited them both to follow the Savior and be baptized it seemed so natural, so fluid, that it really was easy to invite them and have an open discussion. They accepted a baptismal date for next month and so we are really excited to work with them.  Kenneth came to church but Dixon was sick yesterday so that’s too bad but right now they are making good progress.  I do believe a mighty change of heart has taken place with them, especially with Kenneth.  In these past few lessons he has only been focused on how this can help Dixon, but now this weekend when we taught him, he really was focused on the gospel blessing his own life. 

 Another miracle happened this week with Emily and her mom, Ngoh Laahn.  They came to church together and loved it.  We were worried it would be too long for her mom since she is confined to a wheel chair. ,However, she personally said she wanted to stay for a baptism that was happening in an hour after the end of church to see how they are done.  She liked it and when we taught her after the baptism (we were going to teach the Plan of Salvation) we mentioned Pre-Earth life and she taught us!  She shared with Emily (who is her daughter by the way) every single step in the whole plan!  Ha-ha it was crazy!  She seriously must have read the pamphlet 5 times because she had everything down perfectly.  She was talking about what she had been learning in the Book of Mormon and how everything makes sense and it’s all connected together.  Before bed every night Emily will come in and they read at least one chapter in the Book of Mormon together.  Every night!  This is a 7-year-old girl taking the initiative to read scriptures!  It truly amazes me the power of the Book of Mormon and the mighty changes it brings.  She has asked us when she can get baptized.  We didn’t set a date with her but this week when we see her again we will.   I’m just amazed at the change in their countenances.  Before it was “Why did this happen to me?” and “I have all these problems” but now their lives are turning more towards Christ.

 I love you all!  I’m so grateful for all my support, my family, and how much the Lord is blessing us!  Thank you.   I know I say it every week and its the same old thing but remember it!  Cause I mean it!!!  Have a good week!  Go Diamondbacks!!!!  Or is that going to curse them?  Arizona sports…. one of the most disappointing topics in the world.  Everything is going well here!  Don’t worry too much!

 Elder Au Yeung 

 PS.  Oops… I was going to post a picture or two but…well…I forgot my camera… forgive me… please… I beg of you (eh eh, who remembers that one?)  (When Kyle was young he used to end practically every sentence with “I beg of you.”  A fond memory for his mother and probably the rest of the family as well.)


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