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The Mysterious Elder Allen from Gilbert

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Hello Everybody!

I can’t believe what a blessing it was to talk to you all this week!  You just sound all so similar from when I left!! I guess a year shouldn’t really change that fact. Oh well…. But it was good talking to everybody nonetheless!  You made this 11-day span with a P-day pretty easy!!!

So since I wrote last Roy got baptized! Like I promised (maybe) I have pictures!  I just need to send them!! And then if all goes well and smoothly we will have a baptism this Sunday as well!  They do baptisms on Sunday after church here by the way.  They do it that way just so members will you know…. come and support… but they are always good time so I hope all goes well this week!!!

On Sunday we were able to teach Hazel again.  We had a hard time getting her to come back to the church after she heard about tithing but then in the lesson the spirit was so strong.  We were on splits with some members and both the member that was with me and the other girl member were just the right people in there to help her understand the blessings of tithing!  It was such a powerful and experience and a rock could have felt the Spirit that was in there!!  Ha-ha but it’s really true!  The stories that they shared really turned her outlook on tithing and she committed to pay tithing and things after she is baptized!  Which is hopefully on the 26th!

Sunday was also a really good day for us because we got to hear from President Aki who is the temple president here.  Very cool stories about mothers and how at 6 we say I love you mom, 10 we say whatever mom, 16 we say I can’t wait to leave here mom, 25 we say lets go to moms house, 50 we say I never want to lose my mom and 70 we say I wish more than anything to have my mom here right now!  How true it is! Well…I guess its different for missionaries because we all want to see our moms but you get the picture… How much nicer would we be to our moms if we just looked at the big picture – past, present, and future!  Basically moms just like own everyone!

Okay so crazy story this week.  At church this week I go up and shake the hands of these two white people… turns out they are my friend Isaac Turley’s grandparents!!!!!!!  Okay so that’s all cool and we talk but then on Tuesday we come out of the church and two huge buses full of Mormons are right outside.  They come up to us and ask the standard where you from things and then one lady says, “My grandson Isaac Turley lives in Gilbert, Arizona!” What the freak?!  Turns out that the grandpa on Sunday and the grandma on Tuesday were divorced and then each remarried!!!  They were in Hong Kong for totally different reasons too!  Crazy stuff!!  But then one person came up and asked me, “Do you know an Elder Allen here?” and since our name tags don’t have English names on them anymore I told her it was I!!  And she said my grandparents were going to come on the trip to Hong Kong but they got sick at the last second.  And that didn’t sound right so I asked her where they live and she said, “In the Pioneer Ward on Greenfield and Guadalupe.  They said they had a grandson serving a mission here.”   (So Kyle has grandparents that live in Arizona but they live in the Red Mountain area – not near Greenfield and Guadalupe.)  Does anyone know what these people are talking about?!  Help a brother out!  I’m still confused!  How did she know us?!  She also said my grandma had a pacemaker put in last week… that came as a shock to me! (Neither one of Kyle’s grandmothers had a pacemaker put in last week or at anytime to my knowledge!)  Ha-ha but like I said… some additional info would be helpful.  It turns out the group was being led by that church historian who did the Joseph Smith Papers!  That’s pretty interesting!

I also had this cool experience where I met this couple that got sealed on Wednesday!  The girl was the first one to be baptized in Mongolia from her like whole region in Mongolia…, which I can imagine is a pretty big area! And the guy… well he’s white… but it was so cool just meeting them and hearing their story about everything that happened and the trials they went through!  And then later we met this whole family from India who are getting sealed together this week!  They have some crazy wicked stories as well!  In the past 3 weeks or so I’ve really seen so many people from all over Asia flock here and sacrifice just to get the blessings of the temple!  I’m so lucky to be here seeing it all!!!

I love you all!  Sorry this letter is so random… but I’ll write to you again on Monday!  I’ve decided you should ask more questions if you want!  Just ask away and I’ll answer as best I can!!!  I love you all!!!!

Elder Allen


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