Elder Kyle M. Allen in Hong Kong

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Mother’s Day Just Keeps on Getting Better

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Some of you will remember that last Mother’s Day  Elder Allen gave his farewell talk in Sacrament Meeting as he prepared to leave on his mission.  While I was very anxious and shed quite a few tears on that particular day, I came to know that his message was one of the best Mother’s Day gifts I had ever received.  I even thought that it might make 2012 the best Mother’s Day of my life.  These feelings changed as Staci’s phone rang just as we were about to say a blessing on this year’s Mother’s Day meal.  Staci answered the phone and yes, it was Elder Kyle.  Calling from halfway around the world but sounding as though he were next door.  Struggling at first to come up with the correct words in English and unsure about being the center of attention on the speakerphone, it was , unmistakeably, my little boy.  The son who used to accompany me everywhere I went so that I wouldn’t be alone and so that I would be protected but to whom I hadn’t spoken since Christmas.  The baby boy I had wanted so badly and was so grateful for.  The elementary school kid who played with, put up with and worried about his sisters all of the time.  The teenager who came close but never really cared for getting into trouble.  There he was (his voice at least) still the same yet very different.  More grown up, definitely wiser and now 20 years old.  His timing was such that we asked him to say the blessing on our food, over the speaker on our phone and in Chinese.  Despite my feeble attempt at learning some Mandarin Chinese this last semester at school, I can’t say I understood any of the words really.  But I can tell you that I recognized and felt the Spirit.  I was humbled by the knowledge that God recognized and understood what he was saying and that he had most likely not only blessed our food but had asked a blessing on our family as well.  I will forever remember and be grateful for that experience.  We each took a turn and talked to him individually – yes I think that was very magnanimous of me since it was Mother’s Day and all – laughing, discussing and expressing our love and gratitude for each other.  Just when I was sure Mother’s Day couldn’t get any better – it did.  I can’t wait to see what next year has in store…


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