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No Explanation but the Priesthood

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April 28, 2013

 Time is just going by!  April is already over that’s so weird! Is ASU out soon?  Probably within like a week or something right?  It’s weird that I haven’t gone to school in a full year…sometimes I just feel like I’m losing all education, which is probably true! But oh well!!  Everything will be all right.  It seems like everything is going okay over there!  Grandma told me it was 113 degrees when they got in their car after church?!  That’s just crazy! It’s weird to say but I just miss the pure heat where you can feel the sun hitting directly on you!  Here you go outside and it’s muggy and a little bit a cramped if you know what I mean.  But it’s all good.   The work goes on!

 And it did go on!  We had a very successful week!  We saw a lot of things happen this week!  Including Cheuk Hau Ling getting baptized yesterday!!!!!  Tai Po’s first baptism in over 3 years!!!!  And then despite his parents not really accepting him anymore Patrick Au Yeung was filled with the Spirit and just decided to go for it and get baptized too!  But his is next week!  It was supposed to be this week but because of the family problems he wasn’t sure about what to do.  I got the chance to talk to him this week and what a good example he is!  I just can’t imagine having to make a decision like that!  And now I’ve seen it twice – both on my mission and before it!  The faith that some people have is just incredible.

 Things are going good over here.  Elder Kwan is a funny guy.  He learned and practiced a lot of his English using the Book of Mormon so some of the words he uses in daily conversation are just hilarious. The other day he told me he was having trouble staying awake because he took this medicine to help his leg get better and that the medicine “caused much afflictions on his body!”  Ha-ha!  Afflictions and burdens are two of his favorite words.  But he is a good worker.  He wants to go out and do the work so that’s the most important attitude to have I think.  And the fact that he speaks perfect Chinese helps us out too!  

 Right now we’re just trying to help this ward get back to a normal size!  We’ve been meeting with some people that haven’t come to church for a very long time and yesterday we had at least 5 of them show up that we know of!  We were very excited to see all of them come and they all seemed to remember Sacrament Meeting and its importance this week. The Lord blessed us with some amazing experiences at church this week! 

 So remember how last week I was talking about all the people I’ve been meeting from around the world?  Well I met more this week!  We were in Wan Chai last week playing some basketball and then when we were getting lunch these two guys came up two us and said that they were members!  They both have connections to Arizona too so the world gets smaller and smaller every week!  In fact one of them lived in Gilbert for quite a while a couple of years ago like 3 or 4 miles away from us so that’s interesting!!!  He also said during his mission in Chicago the mission president was big into going to sporting events so he told me about all the games he went to!  He was there when Michael Jordan scored 63 points. The only game that their president said they couldn’t go to was the Super Bowl!  Their ward actually gave them tickets to the Super Bowl!!!!!  Ha-ha! How the mission field changes! 

 This week was a good one however. A-Keung came to church and loved it so he is back on track for his baptismal date. He really does have a good relationship with the Young Men and goes to every activity they have.  I can see him being a great member of the quorum in the near future. The only problem A-Keung still has is waking up for church.  Yesterday he woke up with a little help and came to church.  It’s a hard situation with him every Sunday. He doesn’t have a cell phone and his home phone automatically turns off at night so it’s hard to contact him. The ward is very supportive of him though and I can see good things happening with him. This week we will keep building his faith and his desire to come to church. He is doing really well with reading then scriptures. He is reading more frequently and understanding more than I ever did at his age. 

 We saw a big miracle this week with one of our members.  Brother Luk went into the hospital because he has severe diabetes.  When he got there, the doctors told him that his leg would have to be cut off because all the muscles from his calf down were not responding and completely dead.  He has already lost parts of his legs for more or less the same reason.  Well he called us and we went in there and gave him a Priesthood blessing. The spirit was very strong in the room.  I could feel the power of the Lord with us and with those in the hospital room, including his personal doctor who we’ve been teaching.  The ward was told about his condition and they prayed and fasted for him.  When we called his son 2 days later to see how he was doing, he said that it was nothing but a miracle. The doctors had said that the muscles “came back to life” and they have no explanation for it.  When we saw him the first time his whole foot looked dead – completely black and skin peeling off everywhere – but then when we visited him on Friday only one of his toes was black and then the rest of the foot was just a light purple color.  He told us that the muscles were still responding and hurting a lot which is a good sign.  He was on the brink of losing his second leg and then on Friday he was back at home (because the doctors can’t do anything for it.)  No one has any explanation.  It was a great, great faith builder and just a sweet experience all around.  He’s not out of the woods yet but he has definitely shown good improvement.

 We also taught our first full family lesson since I’ve been here!  The Chan’s have 2 kids and they seem very willing to listen to missionaries.  We had the chance to visit them twice this week because they are pretty available. Thursday was a pretty crazy lesson because the bishop cancelled at the last minute for fellowshipping and we were able to find another member really quickly and on short notice, which is a miracle by itself.  Then when we went in the dad told us that he’s been praying and has read The Proclamation to the World already and he felt really good about it.  The mom, A-Yu, is Buddhist but she supports her husband’s desire to learn. The problem is when she tried to learn about Christianity before, the people teaching her just wanted her money so she doesn’t quite trust Christians yet.  Anyway, on Thursday the children were running around being crazy and the parents were trying to control them but to no avail. Every time we tried to share something spiritual the 1 1/2 year old would scream or take something away from us and just go crazy.  But it really showed me how much God is willing to help us when we teach His families.  They felt the Spirit and A-Yu opened up to us at the end of the lesson.  It was an eye-opening experience just to be able to see how much Heavenly Father will help us teach families.  They were very willing to come to church but then on Saturday night the wife got a call saying she had to fill in at work on Sunday so…  Still it was a very cool experience at their house on Thursday night. I love teaching full families. Such a great challenge and responsibility the Lord has blessed us with!

 I love you all! Thank you so much for your example and your letters! Your prayers and thoughts are definitely appreciated. No words can describe how lucky I am to have you all in my life! Have a good week!

 Elder Au Yeung



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