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Everything Will Turn Out Fine

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May 5, 2013

 Hello everybody! It’s been a pretty crazy week here. A lot of things have happened and time just keeps on going by!  I can’t believe how far I’ve come already!  Oh and before I get too far let it be known that I did not forget dad’s birthday!!!  I just didn’t know that it came so fast!  And then all of the sudden it was May 2nd I was just so shocked and sorry that I didn’t email him something more last week!  (Mark’s birthday is May 2)  But it’s okay I’m a missionary.  I get let out of these things for free right?  Ha-ha!  And talk about missionaries!!!  Mom is basically one!  Does everyone know her two stories about the missionary work she’s been doing??!!  Well make her tell you because they are super awesome!!!  (I shared a couple of missionary experiences I had at school this week with Kyle.  i don’t want to take away from his experience by including them here but ask and I will be happy to share them with you too!)

 This week was not bad for us…just not that good either.  A lot of good things happened but then a lot of people just went out of country for the week and I don’t know why!  That meant they weren’t able to make it to church but then we had some other investigators show up that have good potential too!  It’s crazy how the Lord equals out the work and makes everything turn out all right.  It’s a peaceful feeling.  Well, maybe not peaceful…. but I guess more like calming and it just makes you always remember you’re doing someone’s else work.

 On another note Patrick didn’t get baptized on Sunday.  He showed up to church and everything but then just wouldn’t commit.  So they still have work to be done in Tai Po!  (Kyle and his companion were working with Patrick in Tai Po before Kyle left for his current assignment.)  But luckily they have another investigator this week named Roy if you remember him!  Elders Goodrich and Townsend are two awesome missionaries.  I trust them a lot!!

 Nothing too out of the ordinary happened this week. It’s just weird every time you see someone talking their grandchild around and dropping their pants for them and them having them pee right their on the sidewalk…I’m starting to get used to that now…. very weird but I think Hong Kong is getting to me… but don’t count on me trying it… yet… ( Hold on Kyle… I taught you better than that!)

 This week was an interesting week for us.  Disappointing in the end but we are still in okay shape.  Some things have to happen in the next couple of weeks but if they do then we will have 3 baptisms soon.  It was a rough Sunday for us because the family that we scheduled didn’t show up and then 3 of our investigators with baptismal dates were out of town for most of the week.  It will all turn out okay in the end I know it will, it will be for the best, as long as we want and are willing to work for the Lord’s blessings.

 Carolyn’s lesson was good. We talked very straightforwardly with her about coming to church as a lifelong thing after she gets baptized.  It’s a weird situation we’re in because every meeting she expounds on her Book of Mormon reading, asks good questions, and expresses her desire to get baptized with her family there but she is just not willing to show her faith and come to church.  I think it is probably because her mom thinks its bad for her.  She had to go Vietnam this week to take care of her ailing dad but she’ll be back next week.  Her baptismal date is for the last week of this month, but since she hasn’t been coming to church recently, it will be have to be pushed back till the 1st or 2nd week in June.  Her faith is there but at the same time we are struggling with her!  We’ll see how much she reads in the Book of Mormon while she is away.  Right now she is Mosiah 3 so we challenged her to read all of Mosiah by the time she gets back.  Actually she told us that was her goal anyway so we’ll she how she does. 

 A-Keung also had to go out of town this week.  He went to go pick up his Grandma in mainland. We weren’t able to teach him this week which slowed us down because he was gone unexpectedly but we talked with him yesterday and he is doing great still. His date is for the 19th and he should be able to make that.  The ward really loves him too.  We had a lot of questions directed our way about his whereabouts so that’s a good signal the ward cares for him.  He is very stable.

 We also had a baptismal date with another investigator named Hazel.   I’m not sure if you have  heard about Hazel yet but she was another companionship’s investigator but then the day of her baptismal interview we found out she is actually in our ward. She said it wouldn’t be a problem.  And then on Saturday night she heard about tithing not in a lesson or anything like that so she got scared from everything that was going on and decided not to come to church yesterday.  Very disappointing and we still haven’t really had good communication with her or set up a time to meet with her, but I trust everything will turn out all right.  I have the faith that everything will turn out all right after all this is his work right?  I like Hazel a lot even though I’ve only talked to her at English classes, I really want her to help her see the blessings of tithing.  We’ll be sure to keep a calm presence and just show our love for her and the Savior’s love for her when we meet her next. We are thinking for May 26th as a baptismal date but right now nothing is set.

 The Chan Family is doing well.  Both the wife and the husband have been praying and feel that prayer has use, but they aren’t exactly praying for specific things.  Our lesson with them this week was okay.  The baby was screaming and running around while the cat meowed so it was very hard to control the situation.  We explained the Book of Mormon to them but I think they didn’t see the importance of reading it.  However they were very committed to coming to church but when the time came that fell through. It’s okay though… everything will turn out fine.  This seems to be a reoccurring message this week.

 I love you all. Thank you for the encouragement you give me and all that.  Whenever I want to be lazy out here (let me tell you it’s easy when it’s pouring rain here and all you have to do is go out on the streets) I just think about the hard things other people do like you all go through and just make myself keep up with the pace.  I don’t ever want to fall behind!  Especially while I’m doing something so much better than anything else I could be doing at this time of my life.  It’s a big motivator for me.  You all are my motivators!  Sorry this week was a little bit bland.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention, we went and visited Brother Luk this week, the guy whose leg was almost cut off and he’s doing good at home.  His big toe will have to be cut off though probably.  It is honestly the grossest thing I have ever seen in my life.  Like all the skin is almost gone, just his leg bone and a little bit of his foot bone are visible.  It’s super disgusting. Anyway… I’ll talk to you all this week! Add oil!

 Elder Au Yeung

 P.S. Elder Andersen is coming to Hong Kong in two weeks!!!!


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