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A Letter From President Hawks

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Sometime in April, Mark and I received this nice letter from President Val Hawks, Kyle’s mission president.  It is the kind of letter you hope to receive as the parent of a missionary and are very grateful for when you do.  Thank you President Hawks!

April 4, 2013

Dear Brother and Sister Mark George Allen,

It is with great pleasure that I write about the call of your son Elder Kyle Mark Allen to be a district leader and a senior companion in our mission.  He has been an outstanding missionary and has earned the love and respect of his companions, missionary associates and the members.  I feel that he exemplifies the qualities of being a Preach My Gospel missionary and that he is well prepared to serve in this new assignment in the China Hong Kong Mission.

District leaders fulfill a fundamental role in the success of the mission and of the missionaries.  The elder assigned as a district leader, among other things, has the following responsibilities:

  • Sets an example for the missionaries in his district
  • Carries a full proselyting load
  • Supervises, teaches, and inspires missionaries in his district
  • Plans and conducts weekly district meetings
  • Conducts companion exchanges
  • Interviews baptismal candidates
  • Looks after the well-being of the missionaries
  • Follows-up with missionaries on referrals

Senior companions are involved in helping their companions in the following areas:

  • Gospel study
  • Language study
  • Missionary skills such as finding and teaching
  • Daily and weekly planning sessions
  • Overall well-being and success as a missionary

I love and appreciate Elder Allen and have great confidence in him.  He loves the Lord and I know the Lord loves him.  Thank you for raising such a fine son, and helping him prepare so well for serving as a full-time missionary.  May the Lord bless you and your family.


Val D. Hawks, President


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