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“Oh, What Joy Filled My Soul!”

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March 31, 2013

Well, Everyone Hello!!

So this week well…. I saw the sun today for the first time this week! That’s a bonus right?  This week has been pretty much rainy, rainy, days…. Monday was good! I told you that we were going to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha Tin and well…we did!  (The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is a fairly new museum, opened on December 16, 2000 featuring exhibits of art, history and culture.)  Surprise! Ha-ha! But it was nice and cool. I think that most exciting part was definitely the Easter Eggs…his name was like Faberge. Yes, that’s his name.  (It sounds like Kyle doesn’t even realize he has just seen the most famous collection of “Easter Eggs” in the world.)  Anyway his Easter Eggs aren’t even Easter Eggs…there are like millions of dollars worth of crystals and diamonds meant to hold an Easter Egg or something because they are just crazy!!!! Like come on. Who makes an Easter egg that looks like the Kremlin?  Ha-ha!  It was cool! But you couldn’t take a picture…that was the only bad thing… so you are called to look them up for yourselves.  (Tsar Alexander III presented the first of these famous eggs to his wife Empress Maria Fedorovna in 1885 to celebrate 20 years together.  Of the approximately 50 eggs made 42 have survived.  Since he wasn’t allowed to take pictures here are pictures of some of the eggs he may have seen.) 


It’s so weird… you’re a missionary and the things like looking at Easter eggs entertain you for hours. But the museum also had a lot of old stuff about Buddhists and stuff. This country loves their Buddhas! It makes for a good time though! It’s crazy to see how much Hong Kong has changed over the past like 30 years. It used to all be just small fishing towns and now they house hundreds of thousands of people! So cool!

Well then the rain continued all day and there was just no one at all to talk to! So we had some opportunities to serve this week! The mission is like buying new apartments for everybody so Tuesday we helped some sisters move from Tai Po to Fanling…. that took a long time! And then the very next day we found out we were moving!!!!! So I don’t live in mainland…I mean Fanling anymore! I live in the heart of Tai Po now!!! It’s right by the river and its 26 stories high so that’s cool! My view from the window is pretty cool! I see the ocean on one side and then all of downtown Tai Po on the other side! But its super small!!!!! Too bad I won’t be living there for a long time…. more on that later.

So nothing much happened that is too eventful until Sunday rolled around. We had like 7 investigators at church this week! We are trying to help Tai Po as much as we can and the Lord is blessing the area so much! When Sunday rolled around the ward asked us to teach the Gospel Essentials class…. that second hour class. We were pretty nervous since we only had an hour to prepare for it! And then it didn’t help that the Bishop and the Stake President both came in for the lesson!! It’s all good though! I loved teaching it! We shared about what the priesthood is and how its here on the Earth to serve other people. I think it was the smoothest Chinese I have ever spoken – it was really cool!! Good opportunity to teach it! But you just have to keep on moving along!

After church we had two really, really, awesome things happen to us! We taught two lessons to Cheuk Hau Ling and Patrick. I don’t know if I’ve told you about Cheuk Hau Ling yet but she is the niece of a Stake President here. We’ve been teaching her for like 3 or 4 weeks now and the whole time she just has been “at” the lessons but not really “in” the lessons if you know what I mean. She’s just a 15 year old sassy girl I guess but she is cool don’t get me wrong! Something changed with her this week and we’re not sure what it was exactly was but during the lesson she was just different. And when we got around to talking about baptism she was pretty excited for it. It was different from other lessons. She seemed more focused and paying attention to everything that was going on! We are really excited for her and can’t wait to see her get baptized!!! Her goal is in the middle of this month!!!! She has a lot of friends in the ward and even classmates so that’s all good! She just seemed so happy and alive after the lesson!

Patrick is also doing well. We talked with him Sunday to follow up with a lesson we had already taught this past week. In the lesson we wanted to really focus in on finding answers and really trying to search ponder and pray. On Sunday we asked him if he did these things and he said yes. And for the first time in all the times of meeting with Patrick he told us he knew he received an answer and he told us the story of how he found out.  It’s an amazing story it truly is. His testimony has grown a lot this week and all the members are doing really well with him. This week he went out to lunch with members and then on Saturday he spent the whole day with like 10+ members doing some charity thing! It’s so good! I love Patrick!!! We have taught him everything and he accepts it all! He just a little nervous for this month but he knows its all true! Search Ponder and Pray! It works every time! We had a feeling that he has gotten answers already but this was the first he came out and said it flat out! And oh, what joy filled my soul!

Now for the sad news… well yesterday President Hawks had an interview with Elder Goodrich and told him that he was going to train a new missionary after the next move. We weren’t expecting it at all since he goes home in 9 weeks but it was just disheartening. My gut just sank. And the worst part is that Patrick was there when I found out as well because he went to Kowloon Tong with us for a fireside and that is when Elder Goodrich told me about it. He seemed pretty sad too since I was the one the one who found him and it was just a sad time in general! I gave it more than I ever had these past 10 weeks in this place…for these people and I was just really sad to be hearing that I was going to be leaving. I thought I was safe and fine here for at least another 4 months but that’s not what the Lord wants I guess…

The ward is doing awesome. I will never forget this ward!!! I’m really so sad to be leaving it this week. Yesterday night I just couldn’t sleep at all. I was awake till at least 3 a.m. just looking out the window at the city just trying to fall asleep but I just couldn’t! But if it’s what the Lord wants then I will gladly follow and go to the next ward he wants me to serve. It will be difficult leaving this area though. Even though it’s been 2 and a half months I love this ward and the people that live in Tai Po. I can now go to my next area knowing that I tried my very best to help these people come closer to Christ. The Spirit has touched so many people’s lives here its so hard to put in words! I can’t wait to hear about the good things Elder Goodrich and his companion will do here!! A part of my heart and soul will always be here in Tai Po! It’s a little like death… it’s not the end! But it’s still bittersweet! I love these people!!! Off to a new magical place… kidding lets not get weird here.   So I’ll talk to you next week from a new place! I love you all!!! Keep up the awesome things you are doing!

Elder Au Yeung


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