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The Chinese “Hot Pot”

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Wow, it’s amazing!  This week I passed both 10 months and 300 days of being a missionary?!!!! That’s crazy!! I can’t believe it! I sometimes wonder about how I’ve changed in the past 10 months.  I mean I can’t really notice any difference…so I hope there is one!  I’m even the same weight.  Ha-ha!  The mission hasn’t affected me totally yet, I guess. But it still has another 14 months to take its toll. It’s just crazy! And this week Carson Schaub got home?!!  What the?!!  My friends are starting to come home!!!  Ah.  Oh well…time just keeps moving on I guess.

Thanks for the birthday packages! I got them this week finally! Ha-ha, big joke sending me all the first aid stuff, right?  (I sent him an Ace bandage and a little ice pack with the rest of his birthday gifts.  If you haven’t read his last few letters, Kyle sprained-we hope- his ankle playing basketball a few weeks ago.) I’m not sure if my ankle is doing better yet…there isn’t any pain so I guess that’s all that matters right?  But thanks for everything!  Anytime a missionary gets American things it’s a good day. It’s too bad that Phyl is home now…. really sad!  I now how much he wants to be out here serving the Lord.  ONE thing that is good about him being home is that he knows what news the missionaries do and don’t get and he can keep me informed (get the hint Phyl?)

And by the way, THERE ARE SO MANY MISSION CALLS!  Holy cow!  What happened?  That’s insane!  What are the numbers looking like for every mission? I know that here we usually have 100 missionaries but I guess like in the next few months there is going to be around 130 missionaries?? That’s not that big but its still like a 30% increase!! So many mission calls…the world is going to be different…

The only bad news I’m hearing from home right now is that U of A is still in the tournament.  (This was written before they lost to Ohio State!  Go Buckeyes!) Well…that’s a pretty big bad but still…you have to have faith and hope for some things. Let’s just take this as a trial of our faith…I heard the Miami Heat has won like 25 straight?! That’s pretty crazy too! It’s just a different world than over here in the missionary world! But I like the missionary world right now.

This week wasn’t too bad! Hong Kong is starting to show its true summer colors though…the first half of the week it was just raining non-stop and it comes in like bursts so you can’t prepare for it! Needless to say the suits this week have become more like scuba gear because I just got soaked the first half of the week, and then the second half of the week it was hot and humid so everything just stayed wet and felt hot. Doesn’t it sound like your kind of adventure!  But hey… you get over it! I don’t know if I’ve told you this before but Chinese people seriously think the rain is like an evil demon or something. Whenever it rains the crowded streets turn desolate! Honestly!!! And everyone just wants to go home and hot pot. If you don’t know what hot potting is well look it up…its like their favorite type of food here!  (I took the challenge and looked it up.  The “Hot Pot” appears to be something like a fondue pot.  It is a big pot filled with broth placed in the center of the table.  While the “hot pot” simmers ingredients like thinly sliced meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, seafood and egg dumplings are placed in the pot to cook.  After a short time they are removed and often eaten with a dipping sauce.  Here is a picture of a traditional Chinese “hot pot.”)


Compared to some of the things Kyle has eaten and lived to tell about, this stuff looks pretty good!

 Ha-ha! I was thinking…maybe that’s why Disneyland is such an empty place when it’s raining… kidding… everyone is guilty of that too!  But seriously…. ponder that fact.  So long story of rambling turned short, missionaries don’t like the rain here! And then the heat/humidity is a killer in suits…but you know what. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This week wasn’t a bad week at all for us in the end!  We had good people show up to church this week, which is always crucial.  Sundays literally are game day!  Ha-ha!  We try to just have faith and try our hardest and everything will work out.  It’s so simple and yet it takes a really long time to figure out.  So the good news is this week Sandra came to church!  She is doing really well right now!  At Sacrament meeting however one of the speakers just went off and started talking about the Word of Wisdom and Sandra hadn’t heard it yet.  Needless to say she was pretty dazzled about everything and the poor member who was sitting with her was trying to help her but it was just a weird situation. Luckily though, God knows what His children need and after Sacrament meeting we talked about it with her and she thought it made total sense. So the crisis was diverted and it turned out good in the end.  It became a really faith increasing experience not just for her but for me as well.  It’s funny. The Lord doesn’t lie and when he says you’ll be blessed for coming to church… he means it! It was no different with Sandra this week. I saw a mighty change with her and even though she is like addicted to tea she is putting her faith and trust in the Lord. What a great example!

I love you all! Sorry for a pretty short letter. We got to the computer place late today so we don’t have the whole time…only about half.  If there are open computers I will try and write more because Patrick is doing good as well! Happy Easter! Today we are showing the world that missionaries can be classy as well and we are going to check out some Russian emperor’s Easter Egg collection. I know right? That’s the in thing now…LOVE YOU ALL! Keep me updated!

Elder Au Yeung 


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