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A Birthday and a Baptism

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March 11, 2013

 Hello Everyone!!!! Thank you to all the birthday wishes! They really made my day today! (Kyle’s birthday is March 10.  We wrote to him on the 10th but because of the time difference he received most of our gifts and greetings on the 11th.   He turned 20 – not even a teenager anymore!)  I would say something about me feeling different but it doesn’t really…not at all…ha-ha just another day in Tai Po! The ward is really great right now. If only all wards could be doing missionary work like this ward does!  I’m sure all missionaries say the same thing but this time…it’s actually true! They even bought me a birthday cake for after correlation meeting! The only problem is, well… the cake label wasn’t in Chinese or even English. It turns out the people who bought the cake didn’t know what Tiramisu cake is made out of. (I’m sure most of you know but Tiramisu cake is often made with coffee and coffee flavored liqueur.)  Oh well… it’s the thought that counts right?  I’m not even sure all of them have coffee in them but well… we learn something new everyday! My ankle… well is a little bit better.  My foot isn’t completely bruised anymore but it’s still swollen.  We’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out! (If you read his letter from last week, Kyle described how he twisted his ankle pretty badly playing basketball with his companion.)  But nevertheless, all in all it was a really good day! Patrick (one of their investigators) even remembered my birthday and gave me a card that was really nice!!! President Hawks called me so that was nice too! I hear there is a package coming this way – I haven’t got it yet but no worries at all about that!

 So this round of transfers has ended! And this will be the last 6-week transfer period ever here in China!!! This week starts a 4-week transfer schedule and then from there on out we’re starting 9-week transfers! So that’s something different! I mean if you have no clue what that means – oh well (I have no clue what that means.)  That’s the change going on around here.  I’m not sure exactly why they are doing it.  I heard it was like an experiment or something like that but I don’t have a lot of details.  Elder Li’s amazing missionary career ended this week and here is a cool story about what happened.

On Wednesday we went down to the Wan Chai chapel because Elder Li had to go to a “career workshop” thing… a.k.a. “how to adjust back to the real world from being a missionary” training.  Ha-ha! Well anyway, while he was doing that I got to be companions with the International Elders for the whole day.  I don’t know if you know this but the International Elders are the ones that have church everyday (except Monday) and teach the Philippine people who work in Hong Kong.  While I was with them they told me they were having a baptism that day and well… I was the one who was going to baptize her!  Surprise!  I got to baptize this week!  It’s a pretty interesting story I guess! But people from the Philippines speak like half English and half Tagalog so try listening to a baptism meeting in half English and half Tagalog.  That’s crazy stuff.  That was my adventure for the week! And then on Thursday I got a new companion! Elder Goodrich is from Pleasantview, Utah! I lived with him for 2 moves already while I was in TKO and I really like him! He actually knows the Holleys (oh boy I hope that’s how you spell their names) but yes – Dad’s old mission companion.  I live with two other people that are from that area too so it’s a small world I guess! We are both really excited about the area! Even though it must be absolutely one of the smallest areas in Asia and maybe in the world, we both are just ready to go out and do the work! Honestly it’s because of the ward! So now it’s Elder Goodrich and I! I’ll probably be his last companion too! He goes home pretty soon as well.

 I heard an absolutely cool story about the guy I helped baptize in TKO named Ken Leui.  If you remember me talking about him…well it turns out he went to America a couple of weeks ago to be with his family for a short time. (He lives in Hong Kong to work and his mom, dad, wife and his daughter all live in Arcadia, CA.) While he was there he introduced the Book of Mormon to his wife and kids and they were amazed by it all! So cool! And so they are starting to read the Book of Mormon too! But that’s not the really crazy part.  When he went to introduce his mom to the Book of Mormon and the Restoration it turns out she already knew it! They both found missionaries and started meeting with missionaries at the EXACT SAME TIME without even knowing it!!! If that just isn’t a testimony to the divinity of the Lord’s work then I don’t know what is. That is so cool! Well, he came back and went to the mainland for work for the weekend. While there he lost his wallet at a restaurant with all his money, his passport, and all the forms of identification he needed. He freaked out and looked for it at the restaurant and everywhere but couldn’t find it at all.  That’s when he decided to pray!  When he did he just got the inspiration that he just needed to go home and go to bed and everything would be okay…so he did! And the next day he got a telephone call from a co-worker saying somebody found his wallet and wanted to give it back to him and this was their number. The crazy thing is was that the people who found his wallet called a number they found which turned out to be another co-worker who lives in Hong Kong who couldn’t call him since he was in Hong Kong so that guy had to call his boss and then his boss calls his (the boss’s) brother in America to have him call Ken because he had a phone that could communicate with the phone that Ken uses in mainland but then he couldn’t get him so the boss went to another co-worker who also knew how to reach Ken and that’s how it finally worked. I’m confused myself…but that’s the story! Sorry if parts don’t make sense. It’s hard to type! But just get the picture! It’s crazy what happened to him!

 The work is still going here in Tai Po! I miss you and love you all! Thanks for the birthday wishes! You are all the best! I can’t wait to talk to you next week!!! Go Devils! 

 Elder Au Yeung





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