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“Put Your Trust in God”

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February 3, 2013

Oh yes family and friends, I have a new item to put on the list of things I’ve eaten over here. So last Tuesday we went over to a member’s house for dinner, our first one in the area. And well…she cooked us a delicacy of sorts…. the main course for the night…all night…COW TONGUE!!!! Fried and chewy and every other word you can use to describe food!!!!! Oh man…. I bet you didn’t have that at your Super Bowl party did you? Well you all missed out. While you were having your guacamole, chips and cookies, I had the inside of a cow! Ha-ha it wasn’t too bad actually.  Once you got over the fact that it was the part of the cow that licks dirt and grass and then you know get past the chewiness.  I’m surprised actually.  Human tongue and cow tongue have the same chewiness…. ha-ha. So bite your tongue right now and… that’s what I had for dinner this week!

A full week in Tai Po is down and it was long but we saw much success.  The whole week was spent trying to find people to listen to the gospel and it was long but we are getting the hang of it. The apartment…well…still is as bare as can be, but oh well, we manage just fine! Tai Po is a very beautiful place – right on the bay so you can see the ocean and its just a nice place to be walking around! I was about to say city but Hong Kong is the city.  The weather in China right now is pretty good! It’s getting semi-hot but please – nothing like Arizona. And it’s windy here because of the ocean so there is always a nice breeze. Everyone likes Tai Po’s food and I agree! Unlike Po Lam and TKO there are so many different choices.  Ha-ha!!  I’m feeling like a tour guide right now…They actually have a huge park here full of REAL GRASS! It’s the first real grass I’ve since I left Utah! You don’t believe me but it really is!!!!  We went there this the weekend to check it out some more and find people to teach but oh man… it was just a flock of white people! It was like we were in Hyde Park or something.  I was lost for a little bit. It just didn’t feel right seeing real grass!  But… oh well! I have to survive, right? (That was sarcastic). Tai Po also attracts a lot of tourists from mainland! We talk to people on the streets and I go up and say something but they don’t understand. Of course I think it’s just bad Chinese, but then Elder Li asks them in well, perfect Chinese and they just have the most confused look on their faces.  So Tai Po is a nice place to be!

This week we started teaching a man named Brother Lo who we are really excited about.  The story of how we found Brother Lo is pretty cool.  We were out finding one day and contacting people and asking them for referrals. We stopped this one teenage girl who said she didn’t have any interest but when we asked if she knew anyone that would be interested she gave us her dad’s phone number and said to call him. Well we found out later that the girl’s mom is a less active member because of some mental problems she deals with and the dad is not a member! We called him and he was willing to talk with us in his home. So on Thursday we went over there with our ward coordinator and taught him the whole message of the Restoration. He had many questions but Elder Li did a good job following the spirit to ask the right questions and make him think. We have kept in contact with him this week and he says he has been reading so that’s good but he hasn’t prayed yet, so that is going to be a main focus of ours when we see them tomorrow. He didn’t come to church because of some other thing (I think work maybe?), but we committed him to come to church this week so we are excited that we’ll have someone interested at church over Chinese New Year!!!!! It’s pretty hard to get people to meet with you over Chinese New Year! Everyone here just leaves to go to mainland!

This week we are also scheduled to see a man named Patrick, whose wife is a less active member and they just got married. She just moved to Tai Po from Tsuen Wan so the ward doesn’t know her.  Last week she showed up to church and we had a good long conversation with her and she seemed happy. The only problem is she is a flight attendant for Cathay Pacific Airlines and has to work a lot during the week but we finally scheduled them for this Friday. We are excited for them to hear about the blessings of the gospel and having an eternal family. We are can’t wait to work with them.

Other than that, we are really trying to focus on getting referrals and contacting them, even in finding. Yesterday at church we introduced ourselves to as many members as possible and they greeted us with a warm reception. I think it was good timing since the new ward met for the first time yesterday so we fit right in along with half the people. We have seen the benefits of our hard and long hours of finding. We have already received 3 referrals just from finding and two new investigators as well so we will keep focusing on using that technique. We have seen many miracles.  Being in the right place at the right time is always a miracle to me. I look at every person we sit down and talk to as a miracle because if we had turned the other direction or decided to go somewhere else to find we wouldn’t have found this person.  I am truly grateful and thankful for every opportunity I have to meet someone new and willing to listen to the important message we are so eager to share.

The companionship is getting better and better each day. It’s been a rocky start since we aren’t used to each other but that will all come. Elder Li demands and expects perfection and is always willing to give advice on how I can improve.  Of course he always does it in a loving way. It’s hard to meet all of his expectations but I was reading in the Book of Alma yesterday when Alma is talking to his three sons, and more than once he tells them “put your trust in God and he will deliver you.”  So that’s what I have decided to do. I have always tried to do it but I just need to improve.  With Elder Li and the Lord helping me I know that I’ll get there and succeed. I’m being diligent and obedient and the blessings are clear as the day. I want to become the best missionary I can be, and I want to help Elder Li out so I take everything he says with an open mind. I’m surely not the best teacher or the best at finding people to teach but I really have been learning to just go for it.  Follow the Spirit and he will provide. He will put the things I need to say in my mouth. I feel like my language listening skills are good but I have been so worried recently about making a speaking mistake that I don’t say all that I want to say.  I have decided this week I am just going to say whatever the Spirit puts into my heart. I can feel myself growing, changing and improving everyday. Thank you for this opportunity to serve here in Tai Po. I know that with the Lord on our side we will find these prepared people and he will help know what questions to ask and what to say and we will find people to teach!

Oh that reminds me.  Next week is Chinese New Year so my P-day will be on Tuesday not Monday just a heads up!!! It’s just a big celebration right now so I hope when it is all over that I will have many stories for you all!  Have fun this week! That’s cool that the Ravens won… I was probably for the 49ers though…. oh well.  Work hard and do everything with a purpose! I love you all! Keep on going!

Elder Allen


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