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Who Gets the Fish Head?

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Yep my loving family and friends…can you believe that THIS WEDNESDAY marks me being out 8 FULL MONTHS?  That’s just ridiculous to me! I thought about it just yesterday! The months come and go here and it’s amazingly fast and sad! Ha-ha! I just realized how cliché that last sentence was…so forget I ever said it.  But don’t forget the facts!  Eight months is a long time!

 Mom is actually learning Chinese?? (I started taking a class in Mandarin Chinese at MCC this semester.)  That’s hilarious and so good! Now you can know some of what I’ve been learning… well… you get what I mean… but who knows… a college class can do wonders! I’m predicting fluency by May. (That is very optimistic – even for Kyle.  I sit in class wondering if the professor will ever say a word I recognize.)  I mean she even bought another textbook to help her practice? And sounds and tones???!  Ha-ha, that’s dedication!! The Allen is family is just turning Chinese! All you have to do is just for Sunday dinner cook a truck full of rice and make about 7 different side dishes (2 obviously being 2 different kinds of fish…the whole fish) and you’re good! Just don’t fight over who gets the fish head like they do here… it always goes to whoever the head of the house decides.  So Dad let Katie eat the fish head!!!! (Katie is the one in our family who can’t even look at a fish without gagging.)  It’s not good…I mean usually the head of the house will give the fish head to guests and who are the guests…. well…. that’s us – the missionaries of course!  Anyway don’t fight over it otherwise someone might end up dead!

 Speaking of dead I heard Nicholas Cage died this week? What a sad day! National Treasure will always be in my heart.  None of his other stuff but NT and NT2 brings back memories. (Kyle was apparently the victim of the rumor that Nicholas Cage had died.)  Oh also I heard that Lance Armstrong (finally) got stripped of all his awards?! I’m amazed he made it this far.  I’m not sure about the validity of these rumors.  I mean;  A) I’m a half hemisphere away and B) the people who tell me these things are like trying to speak “Chinglish” and it’s just really weird and I usually have to guess the person’s name they are talking about because they have a different Chinese name…it’s all very confusing…so if Nicholas Cage is still alive then long live NT!

 It has been a good short week since I last reported to you. I’m happy to say that Ken is still committed to his baptismal date this coming Sunday. I have the faith he will pass his baptismal interview and enter into the waters of baptism this Sunday. He is an excellent person and is so eager to follow the example of his Savior Jesus Christ. He had to make a lot of changes in his life, the biggest one quitting smoking, but I am convinced that through reading the scriptures daily and by praying daily he was able to overcome this habit. I will do everything I can to make sure he is not nervous, scared or doubting because he is ready. 

 Brother Mok came to church again, which was really good. We had a lesson with him after church and we talked about the Plan of Salvation and brought up baptism as a necessary thing we need to do in this life to prepare for the next life. I think he was a little shocked and confused about our invitation to prepare for baptism. I think he thought that we wanted him to get baptized right then but after clearing things up he was very willing to pray and read the scriptures daily to find out the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I think things are progressing well with him.

 This week I decided I need to be more bold in finding people to teach… not just around the edges.  I’m finally getting the hang of talking to people in a different language so I just need to care more about them and be more bold!!! So that’s pretty much what’s going on this week.  Oh and one more thing…this is my last email from TKO!!!! Sad, sad, day.  It really is! President Hawks called us yesterday and told Elder Christensen that he is going to be training a new missionary next move so there is a 95 percent chance I’m leaving and like a 5% chance he leaves and opens a new area! I’m going to miss TKO so much! It has a special place in my heart! It was weird because somehow all the members knew before I did that this was my last week there. (I have no idea how they knew the transfer cycles) but they were like giving me presents and food and stuff and it was so sad to see church end! But oh well.  The work moves forward!!! So next week I shall be hailing from a different area! I will always love TKO!!!

 Sorry this email is shorter than usual.  I wanted to mix in pictures to from my IPod but a crazy thing happened! Some Elder screwed up or something and did something bad because all the IPods are taken away!!!!! Forever! Ha-ha!  It was such a useful language tool since the dictionary uses a bunch of old words and it’s hard to look up words that you hear in Chinese but don’t know the meaning of in English but… oh well.  Life will definitely go on! I guess it’s time to get familiar with every scripture story in the scriptures because now I can’t look up the key phrases on Gospel Library! Oh well…it’s obvious we didn’t deserve them!!! Ha-ha! So I’ll get pictures ASAP! I love you all! Thanks so much for the support and encouragement you give me!!!

 Elder Allen


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