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A New Area and an Empty Apartment

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Wow! What an exciting week to talk to you all! I hope I can tell you everything I want to share in the time I have to talk because this has been such an eventful week!!! I guess we’ll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.  (I’m sure that this is a shout out to a song from my favorite movie “The Sound of Music.”  As you all know the song “Do Re Me” begins with Julie Andrews singing, “Let’s start at the very beginning.  A very good place to start.”  All that classic movie training is paying off!  Well-done Elder Kyle!) “  GO ASU. Ha-ha!  They seem to be doing well but like always ASU is ASU.   I’ll believe it when I see it in March.  Like if they are there or not (the NCAA Tournament)  They seem pretty good though!!! Like everyone needs to be on the ball every game and then they show up but hey as long as that happens, and CTG (Coach Todd Graham – the head football coach at ASU – for those of you that have managed to forget football season already) is in the stands, nothing can go wrong! I heard about the NHL strike but that’s good that the owner-less coyotes are back in action…I remember they were like the last thing I watched on TV before I left.  Ha-ha who would’ve thought?  Well anyway, now that that’s done with here’s the report from China…

Monday we went and hiked a mountain called Lion’s Rock that is just on the edge of Kowloon and stuff. It was a very cool place and yes… the monkeys were everywhere. China has so many monkeys in the mountains!!!! They are scary too! They have no fears!!!!! But take a look on Google or something for pictures of Lion’s rock…It is a very cool place to be around. (Here are some pictures I found when I looked up “Lion’s Rock” on the Wikipedia website.)


Oh and the other big news from TKO is that Ken got baptized yesterday! That is so good! I’m so happy for him. Ken Leui is his name. I can’t remember his exact Chinese name at the moment but he was just so excited the whole time! This is just a man who wanted to change is life and “luckily” ran into missionaries.  Ha-ha!  We all know better than to just call it luck!  He’s the man who despite the tattoos (very rare for people in Hong Kong) and his smoking addiction, changed his life! All because he committed himself to read the Book of Mormon! He’s committed to changing his life so much that he has started sharing what he’s been learning with his co-workers.  He has also told us that when his wife comes back to Hong Kong from America next year, he wants her and his kid to meet the missionaries! And we didn’t even have to ask him he just told us that randomly!  I have pictures on my camera so you’ll get to see him soon! The Book of Mormon has so much power in it!!! The power to act and to change!

The other news from TKO is that I’m not in it!! Sad day I know but it was time for me to move on.  Ha-ha!  So dramatic!  I’m kidding of course, but on Tuesday I found out that I was going to… wait for it… Tai Po!!!   (Tai Po is one of the eighteen districts of Hong Kong.  Located in the north, it is one of the most unpolluted areas and has one of the lowest population densities of all the districts.  It has, in fact, many old, small towns and villages located in the mountains.)




And not only that but I’m opening up a new area with my companion! His name is Elder Li. He’s from Singapore actually but is perfectly fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English so he’s just amazing!  He doesn’t even have a weird accent or anything. Actually he told me (I think) that his brother was Tyler Sharp’ companion…Sarah’s friend!  He is such a good missionary it’s unbelievable! The only sad thing is that this is his last transfer! After these 6 weeks he goes home! President Hawks told me to learn everything I can from him because after these 6 weeks are up…he’s gone and somebody is going to have to take care of Tai Po.  He is just an amazing missionary!

Opening a new area/companionship is super hard (who would’ve thought). We have no records, no books telling about people who missionaries met with before, no member lists… no nothing! It’s so crazy!  Oh and most important of all, no investigators!  Basically all we can do is go out there and just start finding people to talk to and teach, all day everyday, trying to help the Tai Po Ward out anyway we can! This is a pretty hard area I’ve heard all throughout my mission.  Even before I got here.  The ward hasn’t had a baptism in well over 3 years!!!! So we have a lot of work to do! We thought we could get to know the ward yesterday but it was just crazy! (The chapel is in Tai Po by the way! Look it up) It turns out yesterday was a three ward conference! So 3 wards were there…and they split all the wards!!!! It is lucky that I had Elder Li there because I would have been so lost.  I never would have known what’s in my area and what’s not! Even he was a bit confused but we talked to the new bishop and we think we have a solid idea of what’s our area and what’s not.  Stay tuned for more of that because it’s just crazy right now. The old bishop got ordained to the office of the stake patriarch.  And in old records and stuff it says he’s a member of the Quorum of the Seventies too?!  I’m not sure about that but the area is super small! You can pretty much walk around the whole area in about half an hour tops… it’s so small! But it’s beautiful! It has this river that divides Tai Po in half and it is so cool and just so Chinese! It’s a big responsibility we have upon our shoulders but we know we can do all things with the Lord’s help.

We opened a new apartment too! And it’s only us living in it right now! It’s supposed to have 6 missionaries in it but right now it’s just us two.  It will be like that for about 3-4 weeks. It is in Fanling an area north of here and it’s in the ward called Sheung Shui which touches the border of mainland…oh wait Fanling area switched wards yesterday….but you get the picture (side note: it was Sheung Shui’s ward conference yesterday too!!!! So along with the combined wards, split wards, that was on top! I’m telling you it was crazy yesterday!) But anyway… it’s in Fanling on the 22nd floor!!!! You can definitely see mainland from our windows.  Every time I look at it I just imagine Frodo and Sam looking at the gates of Mount Doom and Mordor for the first time!  (I think this is a reference to “The Lord of the Rings” but believe me I am much more familiar with “The Sound of Music.”) Pretty funny!  But since it’s a new apartment and the mission got the keys like last week to it we don’t have anything!!!! No food, no beds, no tables!!! Not even water to drink!!! So we have to go to the church in Tai Po for water!!  It’s pretty hardcore right now and I am so hungry!!! Ha-ha so like the birthday package…..those chocolates like the ones you get in your stockings for Christmas… that’s heaven right about now!!! Stay tuned for more on the apartment situation. Maybe this week we’ll get more to work with in the kitchen…all we got is a fridge, two bowls, chopsticks and a pot…oh and a nice addition of two spoons we acquired from the missionaries living in the apartment close by.

Well family,  we’re are just shooting first and then aiming right now. Not knowing what to do except go out and find people who need the gospel! Help this Tai Po Ward get a baptism! You have the ability to change your circumstances and your attitude affects your faith… oh boy does it ever!  I’m glad I have this opportunity to go out and serve the people of Tai Po (Oh I heard Elder Sharp served here as well when he was here???)  Elder Li and I are just rolling and running with it and we’ve already started to see the miracles! I love you very much family! It’s time to go back to the hostel – aka apartment. Ha-ha!  Talk to you next week! Thanks for your support and prayers.

Elder Au Yeung


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