Elder Kyle M. Allen in Hong Kong

Read all about Elder Allen's adventures as a full time missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints in Hong Kong

“The Gauntlet”

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Well sorry everybody this didn’t get to you sooner. (For the first time ever, Kyle’s letter did not come through on the day we expected it. We usually get it sometime during the night on Sunday because he writes them on Monday.   His letter finally came early Thursday morning when we found out that his P-day had been changed for the week.)  What happened was we found out last Tuesday that we were scheduled to go to the temple today (Thursday) so our P-Day this week is today and not on Monday. So sorry about that…but rest assured the Monday letter will be back next week. It sounds like everything is going good at home! Including ASU basketball (but they have plenty of time to reach the “normal” ASU basketball record. I’m still really impressed though.) That’s cool that Alabama won.  (Kyle is of course referring to NCAA National Championship game.)  I wasn’t sure who I wanted to win that game…on one hand its the SEC but on the other hand it’s Notre Dame.  I’m just glad I didn’t have to watch it.  Dad showed me the schedule for next season…. that’s rough!!! (Here Kyle is referring to ASU’s 2013 football schedule which includes playing three teams that played in BCS bowl games last year in their first five games; Wisconsin, Notre Dame and Stanford.)  That Notre Dame game will probably be one of those “coulda, woulda, shoulda” games. Ha-ha its like 9 months away and I already know the outcome. I just have no faith! Hong Kong is great! The weather is perfect right now! It reminds me of a lot like home actually! Chinese New Year is only like 3 or 4 weeks away so every single store has their decorations up! It’s just a giant party here now!

This week was a good and bad one at the same time. We taught a lot of lessons (the most I’ve taught) which was really good and we progressed the work in our area but when we called our investigator George (he is the one with the baptismal date for this Sunday) to confirm that he would come to church the next day he told us that know he doesn’t believe it anymore because he doesn’t agree with some of our doctrines. We know it’s not any of the commandments so we are pretty sure he got “antied” by someone probably about polygamy. It was pretty disheartening to hear him. His life has gotten so much happier since we met him but for now he doesn’t want to continue. We will keep trying to contact him and reschedule him for a time we can meet with him but so far we have been unsuccessful at doing so.

The good news is that Ken, our investigator with a baptismal date of January 27th is doing really well. I have the faith that Ken will enter into the waters of baptism. He takes time to read the scriptures everyday and he even takes his scriptures to work with him so he can read when he has any extra time. He told us a story about when he was at work the other day his co-workers asked him to go get coffee with them but he said no and when they asked why he explained them the whole Word of Wisdom. We are really excited about him and will do everything we can to help him not be scared or to turn down this invitation that Christ has put out to follow his example and be baptized. He has his baptismal interview next week so we’ll see how it ends up! Ken is such a cool guy who has really turned his life around. I’m so excited for him!

The other investigators are doing well; we just need to work on getting some new baptismal dates. Brother Mok is doing well and still comes to church every week. The only bad thing is that we can only meet with him on Sundays because of his work schedule and his house is being renovated right now. So that only leaves a teaching block of about 10 minutes right at the end of church with him. Patrick is the investigator who called the missionaries back after he got a flyer over a year ago. He really enjoys learning about the gospel, but just won’t make the commitment to come to church; we think he is nervous so we are slowly but surely helping him come to church. Those are the investigators that have significant updates this week.

My language I feel is getting better and better everyday. The Lord is truly blessing me in all aspects of being a missionary and I am so grateful for it. I just keep my mind focusing and study as hard as I can! I had such a cool experience this past Monday. Since it’s usually P-Day we had nothing scheduled on Monday so that meant going out and talking to people the whole day! But we didn’t want to just go out finding for the whole time and not have any goals. So what we did is we set up the Gauntlet. And what the Gauntlet is (this will be easier if you’re looking at a map right about now) is we started in Po Lam and we couldn’t go to Hang Hau until we taught a lesson in Po Lam. And then we did the same thing for or whole area. Po Lam to Hang Hau. Hang Hau to TKO. TKO to Tiu Keng Leng. and then if we did that we got to go to the bonus round called LOHAS Park. LOHAS Park is just like this green community that a bunch of celebrities sponsor and is really, really super small.  (I couldn’t find a map that had all of the places he mentions on it but this one has a few of them on it and gives you a rough idea what he is talking about.)


Anyway…. we start off and we have a goal to be out of Po Lam in a half of an hour. So, we set off and right away. We talk to Leo and Roger who actually come up to us. They are pastors from another church and want to see what other churches believe. So the whole time they were just asking us these questions and they knew so much already about what we believe. Down to some deep stuff. And this whole time they were sound recording us on the iPhone (it was secretly but we knew what they were doing) and it was such a cool experience. Even with my horrible Chinese I understood all the questions they were asking and they cooler thing was that I was speaking so well that they actually complimented on how clear the Chinese was which has never happened before. I mean maybe it doesn’t seem like a cool huge miracle to you all but it so was! It was one of the most powerful experiences I’ll ever have on my mission. (Read Jacob chapter 7) That’s how I felt..

After that, we went to Hang Hau and the first person we talked to wanted to talk with us again!!! That never happens!!! He is from Nepal and is very interested! I would go into detail but I have no time! And the same sort of situations went down with TKO and Tiu Keng Leng!!! It was such a miracle! And then we even taught a lesson at LOHAS Park which is like impossible!!! It was one of the coolest days ever and its bad that the time is so short otherwise I’d go into more detail! But if you set goals and do everything you can to work for those goals He will bless you!

I hope you have a good rest of the week everyone! Stay strong! I love you all and I’ll talk to again on Monday! But until then!!!

Elder Allen


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