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Merry Christmas from Hong Kong!

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So first off thank you for everyone for making my Christmas!!! It was so good to hear from all of you and get to talk to you all! I loved every second of it! It’s so weird just hearing your voices and hearing all of you make jokes and laugh…it was a strange feeling! And the presents were definitely the best ever! I can use every single one of them!!! Well except that huge planner type thing…you already sent me one of those…but oh well! Everything was graciously accepted and like I said l loved everything!!! It was a really good Christmas Day! After that we just spent the day finding people to teach and then just had a lesson with one of our investigators Jack. After we had dinner at the Ng Family’s house. It was so good because we had homemade pizza! The best part…it was pepperoni! That’s only like my third time having pizza in Hong Kong and it was Americanized! It was fun! Even though Hong Kong people don’t celebrate Christmas at all it’s still fun to be around people during this time of the year. That’s another thing did you know that they don’t really celebrate Christmas here? It was just a normal day.  The stores opened on time and everyone was out and about. It was good though because everyone still loves saying Merry Christmas! So instead of the “I’ll pretend to not hear this white guy” we got a lot of “Merry Christmas” so the day was a success.


An Asian Santa Claus?

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts


Speaking of pizza, Chinese love putting 1000 island dressing on their pizzas. So really pizza is a hit or miss. You either get the standard tomato sauce or stuck with the 1000 island. So this week I tried an interesting combo of 1000 island dressing with salmon and corn…I’ll stick with my pepperoni – but that’s just me! And there are some other things to put on the list of weird things that shouldn’t go down a body but did. This weeks additions are dried sea snail, bamboo shoots, and what is only referred to as the “bubble of the fish.”  We think the “bubble of the fish” is a normal, edible thing but the jury is the still out.  Also I tried fried oysters this week. Oh no I definitely don’t have a thing for oysters…but I took them better than Elder Christensen who was allergic or something like that….it was funny…well not for him…but I mean it happens to every missionary here so when it happens to someone else you can laugh because everyone is in the same boat. But that night was pretty rough.  Oysters do not taste too good. We had to do everything we could to avoid them. I thought we won but a few days later at the Ward Christmas party (where all the 1000 Island pizza was) they saved half a pizza for the missionaries for afterwards because we helped them with the games and the set up and guess what…the oysters had their revenge….they were in the pizza!  Who puts oysters in a pizza?! After one bite I realized that it was oysters and like immediately I just got rid of it as fast as I could…oysters will always haunt me now.

So last P-Day we went to Monkey Mountain! Its just this mountain that has a lot of…yep you guessed it…fun loving adorable wild monkeys!!! Oh gosh, my feelings about on Monkeys are forever changed. They are the scariest animals I think I’ve ever been around. And they are so used to humans that if any person brings any kind of food with them they’ll attack them and take their food! I was like less than two feet from death because of monkeys. It’s so cool though. Monkeys actually do go swinging from tree to tree and just launch! Just don’t bring food with you and you’re fine! When we went there was like a feeding frenzy and all the monkeys were attacking each other!!! (Monkey Mountain, also known as Kam Shan, is in the northern part of Kowloon.  The online reference I used says it is known as monkey mountain because “as soon as you step off the bus upon arrival you will most likely be attacked, eaten and have your remains dragged back up to the mountaintop lair to be presented to the monkey king.”  This sounds a lot like Kyle described it and the article also mentioned being careful not to take food with you.  Over 70% of all the monkeys in Hong Kong live on Monkey Mountain.  They are thought to all have descended from some pet monkeys released there in the 1920s.)

That night we also had the mission Christmas Party that was so much fun! I saw some of my MTC friends there for the first time so that was good! I got sad news though that one of our sisters who was with us in the MTC went home.  That’s so sad to see.

The work is TKO is going really, really well! We are teaching a lot of new investigators and getting them baptism dates. We were a little bit bummed out because this Sunday our best investigator didn’t come to church for the first time which was bad because he’s supposed to get baptized this Sunday! But turns out he blocked our phone number so we just have to keep pushing forward and trying to reach him and see what happened and also to find new investigators. The Lord is really blessing this area and us. We have an investigator, Ken, who grew up in Arcadia California but speaks Cantonese. He took a flyer from other missionaries and was interested but was in a hurry because he had to go to Mainland to work. Well he came back called the missionaries back up and said he wanted to go to church! So he came with us and has come with us every week since (this is about 2 or 3 weeks ago). Just this last week he accepted a baptismal date and is really excited! He actually really enjoys reading the Book of Mormon and is doing really well! He is such a cool guy who just wants to change his life and not have to worry with how much money he has. He just wants to make everyone happy!

And then we’ve started teaching a man named Brother Mohk. Brother Mohk’s wife just passed away and its really sad but his wife and all his 5 children are all active members! So he’s been coming to church and really excited to talk and meet with us. We went caroling with the ward on Sunday to his house and he really did enjoy it! It so good to have a knowledge that through this gospel families don’t end at death but people like Brother Mohk can have peace and solace knowing that this isn’t the end! Those are our two investigator stories for the week! TKO is such a good area! We are working as hard as we can to bring these people closer to Christ!

I’ll talk to you next Monday! Maybe it will be a little boring but oh well…I’ll add some pictures here to make up for it…I’m so glad you all had a fun Christmas! I hope you liked my present! (Kyle sent us all the guys in the family new ties for Christmas and the girls got Hong Kong t-shirts.  He also sent some Chinese scrolls and some stuffed panda bears for the kids.  We loved everything!)  Like I said…there’s room for improvement! I love you all! Always be aware of your surroundings! Just notice the little things that help people out! The little things will make a huge difference!

Elder Allen


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