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Football in Hong Kong – Unusual to Say the Least

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is in good spirits and everything! It is New Years Eve and all, plus the Devils destroyed Navy in their bowl game! Could anybody see that coming?…well…anyway…62 to 28 is pretty brutal. How are the rest of the bowl games this season going? I guess this means that the championship game will be like next week? And the crew is going to have to do the Fiesta Bowl this week or next week I’m guessing??  (Last year the Sun Devil Stadium crew – including Kyle – helped get the field ready for the Fiesta Bowl Game.) That’s so cool! Like I said I loved all packages you sent me and it saved me a bunch of money and that’s so good! A missionary fund is weird…you magically end up with almost nothing at the end of the month but you always seem to make it in the end. It’s just amazing.

This week was a pretty good week for us, especially at church. The people that we are focusing on with the closest baptismal dates all came to church and so did Brother Mok. He is the guy whose wife just passed away and everything. He is excited to talk to us but when we ask when he is available he always says that next week will be better, so we are going to try and schedule him more through his active daughter, who attends church with him and is over at his house everyday. We are excited to see the gospel and especially the Plan of Salvation affect his life. I am praying for as many opportunities to teach families as possible. We taught another full family this week. The Chan’s, a part member/less active family in the ward had us over for dinner on Christmas Eve. We only realized that the dad wasn’t a member when we got there, so we changed our lesson plan a little bit to focus more on families and the Book of Mormon, Heavenly Father’s gifts to us. It was a good lesson and we were excited to see every one at church on Sunday, except for the dad, but we’ll keep working with him to see what is keeping him from coming to church. I do know that he is very supportive though and encouraging both his son and his daughter to prepare for missions and that he’ll provide the money. I’m not sure why he isn’t a member, but we will make it a priority.

Our other investigators are doing well and progressing. George, 33, came to church for the first time. We were a little nervous for his church experience since he is a really shy person, but I was praying really hard that he’d feel the peace we promised him when he attended church. After church, he not only told us that he felt peace but that every lesson that was taught was an answer to a question he has had and had been praying for. It is really amazing to see the Lord’s hand in everybody’s prayers. Here he answered both my prayers and George’s.  We will work very hard with him to make sure he’ll be ready for January 20th. His boss even said that he doesn’t have to work Sundays because he is going to church. Such an amazing blessing, considering the fact that he’s only had that job for less than a month. The Lord’s work will move forward.

Our next investigator with a baptismal date, Ken, is doing well. He went to mainland for the week because he sometimes does business up there. He told me that he read the Book of Mormon everyday that he was there and he felt the Holy Ghost while reading it. He has trouble understanding it the first time but he takes the liberty himself to work through and read through it again. He came to church dressed in a full 3-piece suit and he said he felt more at home that way. He is participating in discussions and really enjoys reading the Book of Mormon. The only problem we have with him is that he smokes, so I’ve been praying really hard to be inspired and say what Heavenly Father wants me to say during the Word of Wisdom lesson we’re going to have with him this week.

The ward is wonderful. I love the Tseung Kwan O ward. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE! It is a beautiful place and I see growth everyday. The members are wonderful and always willing to help. The set a ward mission plan for next year. 15 baptisms. Then, they showed us how they are going to reach that goal. They are big on activities. So they decided on what activities have had success in the past and implemented those in their plan. I want to help them reach their goal and I pray the Lord will guide us missionaries serving them to strengthen their ward because they deserve every bit of it.

On Friday nights we have sports night and we brought the football.  (Santa put a football in one of Kyle’s Christmas packages.)  That was a true Christmas miracle.  But it was so weird…just playing and running routes and throwing it past defenders. It’s pretty funny to see Hong Kong people try and throw a football. We took it out and most of them didn’t even know what it was…they had never seen a football before?!!! They were throwing it every sort of ways. They are pretty inventive I’ll give them that. But there are 6 Elders at sports night and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Blessings come from doing what other people ask you to do. For instance, we teach a little kid’s English class every week. The attendance definitely lacks…and so we wanted to stop it like a month ago but the ward told us to keep going. On this particular Saturday only one person came (he’s the guy in all the pictures/videos…Howard) and right as we were finishing up one of the counselors came up to us thanked us that we are still doing this and then cheng-ed us out (which is the Chinese word for like inviting us over to dinner or buying us food) to a really nice all you can eat place!  Another reason why the ward is so great!

Always be willing to act and serve! And you show the greatest faith when you try and solve problems first. I read this this week…”go to prayer like everything depends on the Lord, then go out and work like everything depends on you”. This is just so true! Even though we screw up he’ll always pick us back up! I love you all! Have a good New Years celebration!!!!! I shall talk to you again in 2013!!! Go Devils.

Elder Allen

P.S. Hong Kong got like freezing cold all of the sudden!  It was nice but now the wind is constant and its just so cold!!!! And Chinese people are like scared of the cold ha-ha!


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