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Ten Days and Ten Nights of Rain!

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Hello Family!


Another week has flown by here in TKO. That’s good news. The work keeps moving along. This week…well nothing to major happened.  We are getting ready for a baptism on the 23rd. His name is Kenneth and he is doing really well actually! He comes to church every week despite being super busy in school! In Hong Kong they don’t call them grades like “I’m in 8th grade” but they call them forms. And the 18-year-old people are in form 6 and that’s where he is.  Form 6 is super stressful and super hard. You have a bunch of pre-tests to get ready for this giant test and they usually give these pre-tests on Sundays. But  he has decided to come to church instead of taking those tests! It amazing to see someone like him put his faith in the Lord and make the sacrifice to come to church and then do a bunch of studying the rest of the time. It’s really a miracle for something like that to happen in Hong Kong. Form 6 has been known to kill the people’s interest in learning the gospel BIG TIME. But fortunately that hasn’t happened with Kenneth.


What else is new…? Well this is something I am definitely not used to at all…. I haven’t seen the sun for at least a week probably…maybe more…actually come to think about it its been raining for a solid 10 or 11 days now.  You can imagine that this really slows down the work here.  Mostly because missionaries can’t go into buildings to talk to people – they have to meet them on the street and when there isn’t a single person out in the parks or on the streets that’s pretty difficult to do! And the ones that are out on the street don’t want to talk! After all they are freezing cold and being rained on! But I’m not complaining – I love the rain!!! It just never will get old to me I don’t think. (Most of us Arizonans feel that way – at least to some extent.)  Well let’s keep our fingers crossed on that otherwise it will be a long year and a half.  Oh gosh, I’m just rambling on right now! I guess now that there aren’t any more football games to talk about (besides the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl?!)  (As a result of their outstanding? season, ASU was invited to play against Navy in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco on December 29, 2012.  Not many of us had even heard of that particular bowl game prior to this.) I have time to answer questions so if anyone has questions I’ll gladly respond! I love questions! Especially since everything  over here is just so different!


Christmas is coming up soon! It’s hard to Christmas shop when you have no idea what to send everyone! But I think I did fine…well maybe…fine for boy standards let’s just say.  It’s a really exciting time of the year to think about our Savior and everything he’s done for us! We’ve been focusing on the Savior more on the street when meeting people and our relationship with Him. We’ve started a thing where every Sunday we go out finding with members just for 20 minutes to help them get a feeling what missions are like and it helps me out so much! I just need to get better at speaking Cantonese! I can’t help the people and teach them about the importance of the things we are teaching them (like Christmas) if I don’t know how to say it! Ha-ha!  But the members are so awesome! I’m sorry, I feel like this letter is really random and really short but that means there is room for improvement! I love you all and can see the Lord’s work in our lives. He is watching out for us because he loves us all! Thanks so much for every single thing you do for me and for each other! God answers our prayers through other people!


Elder Allen




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