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Christmas Miracles

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Well family and friends I am happy to say that I’m staying in TKO for at least another move! That will mean 6 months here at least in this beautiful place!  It’s cool to move and all but I love what we have going on in our area. This week seriously was a week of miracles for us. Well the weekend was…the week was just normal, but the weekend was cool! But first things first…. I got the Christmas packages so we’re all ready to go for Christmas! I can’t wait! I promise I haven’t even looked at what’s inside! And then I sent my packages last week! They said they won’t get there before Christmas but I don’t know…. maybe it was just a scheme to get me to buy the express delivery.  Don’t worry I’m too smart for them…or maybe you won’t actually get them before Christmas…whoops! (One of Kyle’s packages arrived a few days before Christmas and the other one came the day after.)  Oh well! There are two of them and one of them is like a tube and we had to squeeze the thing inside of it so…good luck getting it open!! You’ll probably just have to cut it or something! But don’t look at what’s in it!!! And as for Christmas next week I don’t know if I’m going to have the chance to email because it’s the mission’s Christmas party so if I don’t I’m going to call around 10:00 Hong Kong time so like what 6 or 7 pm Christmas Eve over there!   I’m going to call STACI”S phone so answer it the first time otherwise there’s less time to talk because every time I dial it takes a good chunk of the money on the card! I can’t wait to talk to you all! Especially Maddy and Bennett! I want to hear what they sound like!!!


So I guess this is normal in Hong Kong because I saw it twice this week and I hear that it’s not that uncommon to see. But anyway, Hong Kong doesn’t have public bathrooms…like very few places have a bathroom so when you’re away from home I guess you’re out of luck. Apparently those were the unfortunate circumstances of a girl last week and another one today. But one thing Hong Kong does have a lot of…drains. I mean the water has to go somewhere when the rain comes and I guess the drains have a couple of functions because they can also be used by some people as a bathroom! The mother and dad had no problem with it at all and they were just stopped in a whole crowd of people while their daughter did her business…. it was very, very, very awkward to say the least.  Especially since someone in a car almost ran into her. Sorry, that story was probably a little hard to understand. I just don’t know a better way to say it without being too strange…..ha-ha!  It’s pretty funny and definitely the strangest thing I’ve seen yet but like I said, the other missionaries say it’s not all that uncommon!!


So on to our good weekend! We have been really trying and working with our investigator Kenneth, who has a baptismal date for December 30th.  Two weeks ago was a rough week for us with him. He never answered the phone or came to English class or church so we were really worried. But then I called him up last Monday and he finally answered! Turns out he was in the hospital with a fever! So it was a relief that he was okay and he didn’t get like approached by the anti-Mormons or anything. He comes and loves church but then he always seems like there is something that is on his mind. So I fasted to try and find out what was going on with him. Well my prayers were answered and at our lesson he just really opened up and told us his only concern is that his parents religion is something like “traditional Chinese religion”…, which like isn’t Buddhist, but it’s different?? I don’t know I’ve never heard of it. Anyway, he doesn’t want to disappoint them. It’s a pretty big deal to him but at least now we know how to help him! It’s going to be hard helping him overcome it and helping him reach his baptismal date but I am confident the Lord wants to help me and Elder Christensen help him. When the Lord wants something to get done, it’s going to be done. Now that Hong Kong is on Christmas Holiday (since we are speaking the Queen’s English of course) I think he is a lot less stressed. It’s hard being a 20-year-old and not graduated from school yet, but his prayers are sincere and his desire to learn about the gospel is sincere. I just want to help him!


We’ve also been struggling to find new investigators and several miracles happened. First off, we were making calls to people we met on the street. And one person whose name is Patrick was just out walking because he was sad since he hasn’t worked for a long time. We met him, talked to him, gave him a short lesson and taught him to pray. In his prayer he asked Heavenly Father to help him try and find a job and be happy again. But after that his interest level just wasn’t there and he didn’t really want to schedule any more appointments. Anyways, we called him on the phone later to ask if he wanted to come to church and he said “I’ll come next week because I have training for my new job that I found the day after I prayed with you two!” That’s what I call a miracle!  We are meeting with him next this week because that has sparked an interest in him to learn more about our Heavenly Father. I would say that is an amazing experience!


Next, that same night we got a call from a man named Patrick. Now get this…. Patrick got a flyer from the missionaries over a year ago!!!! And just now decided to call back. He didn’t even give the missionaries his number at the time!  So he called us said he wanted to meet us and after finding him at the MTR station (finding him is a story for another time…it took like 30 minutes to do that) we took him to the church for a tour and taught him a lesson there.  Well, it just so happens a member was leaving just as we were getting to the church and he works in the same building where Patrick works!!!!! They hit it off really well and we have another meeting scheduled with him!!! No missionary effort is wasted. When they tell you that you will never see the results of 90% of your work it is so true! I’m so grateful for those missionaries who met him over a year ago!


Lastly, Ken. Short time but anyways…he grew up in America, worked in Mainland China and moved here. He benches over 300 pounds and we met him a month ago when he was still living on the mainland (he was on a vacation to Hong Kong.)  Anyways to make a long story short, he called us and wanted to come to church! So we went to church, taught him and all that and then later that night we went to a fireside! He is so cool too! More about him later!!!! I love you all! Merry Christmas! SingDaanFaailohk as they say here! Talk to you next week!


Elder Allen


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