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Thanksgiving and a Three-Language Baptism

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The season is saved! (ASU beat the UofA,  41-34 in the big rivalry game for the Territorial Cup.  This is always the most important game of the season – regardless of how either team has done during the year.)  I just didn’t know we were that close (again) to playing for the championship! That’s crazy!  A little sad when you think about it but oh well…. life will go on as it always does! And hope for next year continues! Baja Mexico… I’m glad you got the email of that picture! He’s our second counselor and he was so impressed with our thanksgiving dinner that we made that he was taking pictures putting them on Facebook and I guess sending them to you! But more on that latter…

Very special events happened this week. We met with A-Hin, the 18-year-old who has cancer and we got to know him more. We taught him a brief explanation of the Book of Mormon and our relationship with God then we jumped right into the Plan of Salvation and how he can be clean and strong again because of Heavenly Father’s Plan.  It was such a good lesson! He accepted a baptismal date for December 23rd. The only problem is that his dad is against the whole idea of him meeting with us so there isn’t much we can do except meet with his dad and try to continue to help his son! I wish more than anything else we can continue to help him fight through the things he’s dealing with!

Another Investigator, Kenneth, is really working towards baptism next month and he’s doing a great job of it too. Yesterday at church he took out his Book of Mormon that we gave to him a couple weeks ago and started taking notes about the lesson! Just right there on the page before the title page! It was so cool! He loves the environment and the people that he is meeting at church! It was such a cool experience because yesterday I didn’t have the chance to sit with any of our investigators that were there! They were all sitting with the members who are fired up right now! Probably because ASU won…but that’s just a guess. There was one point where sacrament was about to start and I was sitting next to an investigator and a member comes up to the bench looking awkwardly for a place to sit and then I just get up right away and he sits down next to the investigator and explains what the meeting is all about – all while I’m sitting by myself on the bench behind them! Who knew being lonely would feel so awesome! Kidding…its the worst. But you get what I mean…

So Thanksgiving was great! You can call me Master Chef because Elder Christensen and I made 2 full 20lb turkeys!!!! One for the missionary party that we had on Thursday and one for the ward Thanksgiving party on Sunday! Yes and they didn’t spread any plague that we know of!  At least not yet….but there’s always tomorrow! Missionaries were coming up to us and telling us that the turkey was better than their mom’s turkey (they obviously don’t have my mom as a mom) (Well played Kyle!) and that they wanted the recipe we used!  The ward members were also saying that they had never had such good “giant chicken” before ha-ha! I guess Chinese people don’t know exactly what turkey is! We were also in charge of the stuffing and that turned out pretty good as well! We even stuffed some of the stuffing into the turkey! Oh yes, it was a very good Thanksgiving!

The ward Thanksgiving party was hilarious! Chinese people just have never really heard of Thanksgiving or what we eat for it! So the relief society thought it would be best to help out with the food! But instead of bringing the usual thanksgiving stuff there were chicken feet, spaghetti, very weird noodles, and other interesting looking things. We were worried that the American food was going to be eaten really quickly. Nope! Right after the prayer they just rushed and rushed the Chinese food! And the turkey! But a lot of the cookies, the bread and stuffing were leftover at the end.   It made for a good after church snack! Ha-ha you should’ve seen them though…they were making faces like the stuffing was from Mars! I would say their faces looked at the stuffing were like mine looked at Octopus…I don’t want to relive that again so I don’t blame them! (Here is a picture one of the members sent to us showing Kyle waiting in line for his Thanksgiving dinner.  The church members there have been very kind to us – sending pictures and short emails expressing their gratitude for Kyle and his missionary service.)

Kyle's Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

Yesterday I got down into the water for the very first time ever! The sisters in the ward have a person who we taught but then they started teaching her but that’s beside the point…She got baptized yesterday!!! And I got to baptize her! I’ll have pictures next week but it was very cool for me to do that! She was born in Mainland so she likes the sound of her Mandarin name better than her Cantonese name (even though it’s the same characters, it’s pronounced differently!) So I said her name in Mandarin and then her English name “Jessie” at the end of her Mandarin name because that’s what her full legal name is! So i said her name in Mandarin then English then I said the prayer in Cantonese! Ha-ha!  A three-language baptism! But it was so cool! I’ll have pictures like I said! I love you all and be safe this week!! Go Stanford I guess?? (Referring to the Stanford v. Oregon game for the PAC-12 championship.)  I didn’t get any Christmas requests so you’ll have to make do with surprises! I love you all!

Elder Allen



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