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The End of the First Quarter

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Well family and friends I was debating whether or not to put because when you compare mission time to Sun Devil football games it seems like this is an eternity but oh well I’ll use it anyway…The 1st quarter is down and in the books! On Friday (I think) marks the quarter mark of my mission and I can’t believe that its already here! So much that I can’t even explain how crazy it seems! And just think after the U of Northern Mexico (more missionary appropriate) (Our family has many names for the state university located in Tucson, Arizona and this is by far one of the nicer ones.) I’ll only have one more season left. Whoot whoot! I’m trying to get at how fast this is going by but at the same time I don’t think I’ll be ready to leave…ever…this is just such a crazy place! And I can’t believe that Staci is coming to China! That’s so crazy! But I hear that mainland is very, very different from Hong Kong! What’s the city called anyway? I can’t wait to hear what her experiences are like! Even if it’s for just three weeks. They will just love her. The blonde hair and blue eyes will get her far – very far. They’ll probably name something after her especially if the city doesn’t have a lot of foreigners in it! That’s so cool! I can’t wait to hear what she’ll eat…I heard its nothing compared to Hong Kong food…and that’s saying something…well have fun!! (Staci was selected as one of four students from the Town of Gilbert to participate in the Gilbert Sister Cities Program.  Sometime late in June a student from Lashan, China will come to stay with us for three weeks and then Staci will travel back with her to spend three weeks at her home in Lashan.  We are especially excited that she gets to go to China even though the city is on the mainland and not really very close to Hong Kong.)


Speaking of eating foods get ready for the thing eaten of the week. Chicken Feet. Yes Chicken feet. Don’t worry I got a video of it all so you’ll all enjoy…its really not that bad….you just pop the sucker in your mouth knuckle by knuckle then spit the bone out. I’m going to send some to Katie – I know she just enjoyed the description so well! (Katie is the sister most likely to get sick just hearing about some of the things Kyle has eaten.)  Guess what Katie…it even had like the fingernails on it too! You don’t want that to scrape your mouth when you eat them so you have to be careful! They even sell them packaged here…so the only question that you need to answer is what flavor do you want? Speaking of specifics does anyone have anything specific for Christmas cause I’ve got all of your backs. Just tell me what you need and I’ll have it.  Everything is so cheap here it’s just crazy! So just tell me some specifics cause its almost Christmas time!


This week is Thanksgiving and we are having a Thanksgiving dinner at our chapel! When I say “we” I mean the zone.  It’s different this year cause usually it’s a whole mission activity but lots of changes, changes, and more changes happening with missionary work. Speaking of those changes President Hawks told us that the first two 18-year-old elders will be here in April. They enter the MTC in January and from now on all 12-week language programs are 9 weeks! That’s a big change!! So that’s cool! And he also told us that transfer weeks are being changed from 6 weeks to 9 weeks?!  We’re not sure if he said something wrong or if that’s right but if he is correct, that’s crazy! Nine weeks is a long time!!!  So it’s going to be interesting to see what continues to happen. But anyways, back to Thanksgiving, I’m so thankful to have everyone who reads this in my life! You all support me so much and I wish there was a better way for me to say how thankful I am but this is all you’re going to get so you had better like it! Ha-ha just always remember the things that you are thankful for…. like cereal for instance… I took that for granted… this week I bought cereal and milk for the first time here (that combo is SO EXPENSIVE. Cereal is a killer not a lifesaver!) and I just realized oh my…this is my first time eating cereal in about 5 months and I am so thankful for it. Don’t let the little things get overshadowed!


This week was an okay week. A lot of finding and a lot of walking…We were having a pretty good day with meeting our goals and stuff and just trying to reach them all and we were at this stop light waiting to cross at the (TKO sports ground) and I just decided to talk to this kid who looked about 14 maybe 15. So I started talking to him and his name is A-Hin and we had a lesson with him…we started teaching the restoration but shortly in he told us he has brain cancer and so immediately we switched to the Plan of Salvation and just did everything we could to help this 18 year old boy who is going to start treatments. He said he wanted to meet with us again but he was worried because when he got home he didn’t know if he was going to remember us. We prayed so hard and when we called him that night it turns out he did and he set up a time to meet with us again. That’s when it hit me that these numbers aren’t just numbers but they all are Heavenly Father’s children. A little boy pleading with us to pray for him because he didn’t know how to pray taught me that lesson. Help everyone out because we all are his children!


I love you all and am so grateful for the knowledge I have of this gospel and the ability to remember it all. Talk to you next week!!! Go Devils this is the week that makes or breaks the season!!! (The Sun Devils were about to play their last regular season game against the University of Arizona.)


Elder Allen


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