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“Sister Kitchen”

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Well family and friends I wish I had a lot to talk about this week but there isn’t anything too spectacular so…talk to you next week!!


I’m kidding of course…bet you couldn’t have seen that one coming…cause I didn’t. Sounds like an up and down week over there but definitely the ups are way better than the downs. Being a new uncle wipes away an unexpected presidential election but being an uncle times 2 wipes away everything!  (Kyle’s sister Sarah had a baby girl she and her husband Chase named Hadley Jo on Thursday November 8 and his sister Julie had a baby boy on Saturday, November 10 that she and Chris named Zachary Adam.  Both babies and both mothers did very well!)  Including the ASU loss! Oh such a good September/October! But life will go on! And in April we will all be glad for the start of a new year! This week has been good…not much to report on, just a lot of finding and talking to people trying to get them to open their hearts up to the gospel of Jesus Christ! This week we contacted the most people in the zone and had the second most lessons taught so we are really working hard! We usually just walk from one MTR stop to the next just talking with everyone that we can! I would say that I’ve probably averaged at least 10 miles of finding this week! Just doing everything I can! Elder Christensen helps out a bunch! Including his red hair. If you have a mission call to Hong Kong you should change your hair color to red because it helps us out so much! For example, we were just walking and we saw this group of 8 friends just walking down the street and in Hong Kong that usually means they are just going to laugh at you and whatever but – no! They ran up to us and talked to us first! And it turns out they want to learn English and the boys like sports!! Whoot whoot!  So this week all of them are coming to English class so we can start teaching them! They were just so amazed with his red hair and they wanted pictures of it and stuff…a little weird but whatever! I’ll take getting more people to our classes anyway possible!

Speaking of that we’ve been doing really good with getting people to activities! Every Saturday the TKO sisters have what they call a “Sister Kitchen” where they show everyone how to make food and then they get to eat it! Well out of the 10 investigators that showed up (which is like the highest number I’ve seen yet) 7 were ours.  It was such a good activity! They showed how to make stuffing and mashed potatoes since Thanksgiving is coming up.  And speaking of Thanksgiving the ward is going to have one. And President and Sister Hawks are going to come so it’s going to be a really fun activity!! It’s just really weird since no one knows what Thanksgiving is here! It’s going to be a fun time! But anyways back to the main point, “Sister Kitchen” is a good activity (in more ways than one). (“Sister Kitchen” must feature mostly American food and after it is over – well, someone has to eat it!) Ha-ha! We brought a potential investigator to it and then taught him the restoration of the gospel and he loved it! It’s so good! And he even came to church the next day! That’s a strong indicator of an investigator’s actual interest level. He even arrived on time – which has seldom happened since I got here.  Even the members get there 10 minutes late. People are prepared everywhere you go! You just have to have the patience and time to find them!

No strange things eaten this week…except the members heard about me eating 10,000 year egg at the other member’s house and so tonight we are going over to another member’s house to eat dinner…and she told me when she invited us that there were plenty of century eggs for us to eat…come on people…whatever happened to scrambled eggs?? The ones that Oscar makes and Staci says I ruin them with my Tabasco sauce?   Give me some of those!!! Yellow beats Black when it comes to eggs!  (When we are at Disneyland, we like to eat breakfast at the Carnation Café on Main Street.  Oscar is the chef there – although I think he may have retired since Kyle left on his mission.  The breakfast Kyle orders is called “Oscar’s choice and features scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage and fried potatoes.  It is delicious!)

Speaking of eating I, yes I, made dinner for the whole apartment yesterday!! After I cleaned the whole house on Friday! I’m surprised about that myself! And to my knowledge no one is sick yet! I made curry with fried chicken, potatoes, onions, cabbage, rice and stuff like that! It was a good feeling be able to serve everyone. If you’re having a bad day go and cheer up someone else’s day then you will feel so much better I promise you!!! (I feel exactly the same way!)  We all know its true! And it’s what Jesus told us to do! “Without charity ye are nothing”, or “above all have charity which is the bond of perfectness” I think that’s something his apostles said although I’m not really a scriptorian.  Have a good week! Whenever you are bored or have a few minutes just do something that will help somebody’s day and in turn your day will be better and it will be helped out from our loving Heavenly Father! Have a good week! Go Devils! I can’t wait to see you Baby Zachary and Baby Hadley!! (Here are the pictures we sent him.)

Hadley Jo Wheeler

Hadley Jo Wheeler

Zachary Adam Boyster

Zachary Adam Boyster


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